Friday, January 25, 2019

Commentors at the Conservative Treehouse have their say on Stone arrest

Clarence Smith says,
It highlights how people on our side are big mouths and dumb. All idiot Stone had to do was take the 5th and keep his mouth shut. Its what the other side has done for years. But nope! Ole Roger loves the camera and can't keep his cakehole closed. So he opens himself up to 7 counts of gibberish.

Mark says,
It’s a hard choice but, let’s face it, this is bigger than Trump’s friends and associates being smeared by the media. I’m sure POTUS is furious and hurt that the Deep State is doing this to those he cares for but he’s focused on the MAGA agenda and not revenge.

I have to admit I wouldn’t want to be connected to Donald J. Trump these days.

Soaplady wrote,
On another thread on CTH, it is mentioned the CNN reporter at Stone’s house this morning is Josh Campbell…former FBI worked for Comey.
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