Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Criminalizaton of Allergy Sufferers

Outside The Beltway links to this article on a new danger to allergy sufferers. I am one who suffers and who finds relief with one Claritin D tablet each day. When the new law was passed requiring people to give i.d., and address, and have that information written down by the pharmacists, I found it to be an invasion of privacy, not to mention the hassle of waiting in long lines at pharmacies, even though I do hope it has some effect in closing down meth labs.

In the last local election the Republican running for the state legislature attacked the Democrat for not supporting similar legislation on the state level. I think if I were a legislator I would be inclined to vote against such legislation, unless someone could show me conclusive proof that the law is really cutting into the meth trade. Anyway, this article is scary to me. The allergist wanted me to come in daily for expensive shots, but the Claritin D gives me the relief I need. Is anyone else freaked out by this law?

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