Friday, March 05, 2021

The hidden hand of the Obama control agents at work

In the Last Refuge, Sundance gives us his perspective on what is happening.
Kamala Harris is the key to seeing the hidden hand of the Obama control agents at work. Harris’s associations are Obama’s associations. Harris’s crew is Obama’s crew. Anyone who is not Harris; and who carries a perspective of potential political influence; is now a thorn in the agenda.
New York Governor Andrew Cuomo was rising in influence, as a result he must be eliminated in order to retain the exclusive position of Kamala Harris as heir to the radical agenda.
Watch over the next several weeks, months and years and you will see prominent Democrats left with a decision…. Support Harris (meaning those behind her) and the RevCom agenda, OR be targeted for removal by the new radical system that includes a willing media taking targeting orders from the club.
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