Monday, March 29, 2021

Did he go full-jihad?

In FrontPage Magazine, Don Feder shares with us his theory about the Boulder shooter's motivations.
Alissa is a refugee from Syria, one of the most anti-Semitic countries in a region notorious for Jew-hatred. Online, he described himself as a faithful Muslim. He believed Islamophobia is ubiquitous. He thought America was a racist, Islamophobic country. If only we treated religion-of-peaceniks as well as Christians are treated in Muslim countries. LOL. He despised Donald Trump. He drove 32 miles from his home in Arvada to a supermarket in Boulder for his shooting spree. The market where the murders took place (King Soopers) is part of a chain that advertises a large selection of kosher food. This particular market is favored by Boulder’s Jewish community. It happened five days before the beginning of Passover. Be assured that any anti-Semitic rants have been purged from his Face Book and Twitter accounts, which were taken down immediately after the murders.
Still, other than a synagogue (which, in many cases, are well-guarded, given the culture we’re in) what better place to go full-jihad than in a market with a wide array of kosher food, favored by local Jews, less than a week before Passover?
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