Monday, March 22, 2021

"Outcomes of an ideological doctrine sprinkled with financial graft."

In the Last Refuge, Sundance reminds us,
The Obama foreign policy doctrine was fraught with ideological hypocrisy as a feature not a flaw. Claim a desire for mid-east peace, set the middle-east on fire with the Arab Spring (Obama Cairo speech). Claim a desire for middle-class workers, yet facilitate corporate offshoring. Claim a desire for Israeli security yet attack Egyptian President Fattah al-Sisi for creating Israeli security. Accept a Nobel Peace Prize, set Libya on fire and kill thousands. Accept a Nobel Peace Prize, then attack Syria. Hypocrisy, hypocrisy, hypocrisy.
Champion women’s’ causes on stage, yet embrace Turkey and the Muslim Brotherhood who devalue women. Claim to support democratic elections, then undermine the majority election outcome of the British vote in Brexit. Everything, every – single – thing, about the Obama foreign policy was an exercise in hypocrisy. There were ZERO foreign policy successes, NONE. What we are seeing now is the same thing with Biden, because it is an extension of Obama’s third term. Hence, JoeBama.
Obama entered into a political agreement with Hillary Clinton to appoint her as Secretary of State. That appointment was purposefully made so that Clinton could graft for the Clinton Foundation and enrich themselves beyond imagining… that was the Clinton carrot. The agreement also contained guard rails, Clinton could graft to her hearts desire but she must maintain an ideological alignment with Obama’s team mission of diminishing the U.S. on the global scale.
Barack Obama undermined the U.S with his two year long apology tour, while Secretary Clinton enriched herself (and family), kept her mouth shut, followed orders and maintained the ideological undermining. Eventually the hypocrisy blew up in their faces and we saw outcomes like the rise of ISIS and the death of Ambassador Chris Stevens in Benghazi. Outcomes of an ideological doctrine sprinkled with financial graft.
Obama stood in Cairo, Egypt, and told the Islamic extremists the U.S. had a new policy and would not interfere if they turned violent; the Arab Spring started – Islamic extremists took over. The same type of messaging was done domestically in Ferguson, Missouri, and Black Lives Matter “burn this place down” started.
Eventually in Ferguson the head of local law enforcement, District Attorney Robert McCulloch, refused to bring a prosecution for a fraudulent narrative. Black Lives Matter was angry. • Eventually in Egypt the head of the military, General al-Sisi, drove his tanks into Tahir square and took over, restoring peace. The White House was angry. There is a commonality amid the anger games initiated by Barack Obama and his ideological tribe.
Fast forward to President Trump and you can see how he was able to cut through the ideology by focusing on the economics underneath governmental policy.
North Korea was stabilized by confronting China. Afghanistan was stabilized by confronting Pakistan. The mid-east, writ large, was stabilized by confronting the Muslim Brotherhood. Syria was stabilized by confronting Turkey.
Everything in the Trump Doctrine was focused on the economic root-causes of destabilization. NATO was stabilized by focusing on accountability for financing.
By stabilizing the economic incentives, the underlying extremism and/or threat was removed by peer pressure from the support network of the bad behavior. Trump avoided conflict by focusing on the right adversary, the true root of the problem.
One of the reasons President Trump was able to take this approach is specifically because he was beholden to no outside influence himself.
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