Thursday, March 26, 2020

Better start planning for the divorce

Dov Fischer writes in part in Spectator,
...We all knew that we save a few bucks on every iPhone, on every pair of Kaepernick-endorsed and LeBron-hustled Nikes we buy, because these Left-Democrat companies all evade labor unions and the American worker to get dirt-cheap labor from bat-eaters. As Americans, we all contributed, with willing suspension of knowledge, to this game. Along the way, we became a country Made in China. One industry after another moved there, to get away from mandatory union contracts and from paying for American-required “entitlements” so we could employ bat-eaters on the cheap. We thought we are safe forever, so we can move even our aluminum factories to China, our steel production, almost our national security. We even moved our pharmaceuticals to China.

...The list of filthy-food incidents with China is huge. But we all wanted to save a buck on our iPhones, on our underwear, and on the toys we buy for birthdays and Christmas presents.

...We all have known all along that they cheat. They steal our intellectual property — over $200 billion worth of American business and technology secrets every year. They dumped cheap steel in England to drive British competitors out of the market. They dumped so much cheap steel into America that our industry had to lay off 13,500 workers four years ago during Obama’s last year. Yet any of our businesses that want to operate there have to agree that China nationals get majority ownership. We all have gone along with this manifest evil to save a few bucks on batteries, light bulbs, and string lights.

...President Trump’s tariffs have forced trade concessions from China, but not nearly enough. After November, he will have only four years left to win the trade war with China. And especially to get our aluminum, steel, and pharmaceuticals — all critical to national security — made here.

...Just as he has inspired millions to believe in a great America again, the President will have a brief window to create a national consciousness that Americans with a conscience gladly pay the extra cost, if any, for products made just as cheaply outside of China. Thus, for example, if Nike is to remain invested in Colin Kaepernick and in China, then at least half the country needs to be inspired to a consciousness that proud Americans do not wear Nike and should be ashamed to wear anything with that logo.

...Yes, tomorrow and the day after we still will need to focus on coronavirus and on restarting our economy. But the day will come soon enough when that is behind us. We then will have a very narrow and fleeting moment — with cash flowing back into Americans’ pockets and with a nation ready to pay a bit extra for products not “Made in China” — to go full gangbusters and divorce. Better start planning now.
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