Thursday, August 15, 2019

All of Hillary's emails captured by a Chinese front company

Ace reports,
Oh: Intelligence Community Inspector General Tells Congress That All of Hillary Clinton's Emails Were Sent to a "Live Dropbox" Account Maintained by a Chinese Front Company
—Ace of Spades
You may remember that the original report on Hillary's emails said something like "they were almost certainly captured by a hostile foreign nation or hostile foreign nations," but then Comey and Strzok worked that language out to say the emails "may" have been accessed by another country.

And now: Oh no big deal, her system seems to have had a virus implanted into it that sent each and every email, including the top secret classified ones, to a drop box controlled by a Chinese company.

The system had been infected so that every email was sent to this address of a Chinese company, no matter who you actually intended to send it to, or not send it to.

And she did all of this because she didn't want to turn over any records to anyone -- no watchdogs with legitimate FOIA requests, no disclosure in response to a subpoena.

She decided she didn't want any Americans to have her emails.

But a Chinese front company? Sure, let's roll the dice on that one.

No intent. No intent no intent no intent no intent.
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