Friday, November 09, 2018

"stupid violent pampered criminal goons"

Mark Steyn has this to say about the goons who surrounded Tucker Carlson's house, broke an oak door, and shouted,
"Tucker Carlson, we will fight.
We know where you sleep at night."
On Wednesday night Tucker Carlson was subject to an outrageous thug assault on his home by pampered decadent "anti-fascists" and "anti-racists" who have no idea what those words mean - and that, when you're battering on a front door and forcing the woman inside to hide in the pantry in terror, you're the fascist. Tucker is one of the sharpest and most perceptive analysts of the real underlying ailments in our society, which is why the mob would just as soon shut him up. I'm privileged to make a small contribution to his show, and to have lent a hand to his recent book launch, and to have hosted him when he's broadcast his show for the full hour from our North Country studio. There would be a big hole in American public discourse if he were to be forced from the scene. So, of course, stupid violent pampered criminal goons who wouldn't last two minutes with him in a debate instead threaten his wife - and his brother, and his college room-mate. And you know they're serious and that this is a strategic choice because they have their latest crappy witless jingle all ready:

Tucker Carlson, we will fight.
We know where you sleep at night.

This is an appalling reflection on where our politics is headed. In recent years I've seen enough friends in Europe forced out of public life and into hiding by Islamic fanatics in the cause of their lunatic caliphate. To see the same template adopted by 28-year-old Navel-Gazing Studies resistance poseurs is pathetic but disturbing nevertheless. Did they mean to assault him and his family? Or were they just mouthing off? Well, they broke an oak door. But, in any case, that's not a calculation that should be forced on even as decayed a public discourse as ours. These are not the poor and downtrodden: The poseur resistance is largely what Americans call "upper middle-class", for whom identification, arrest, trial and conviction would have serious consequences. We will see whether the District of Columbia has the will to do that - or, as in other US cities, whether they're content to cede the streets to the paramilitary wing of Media Matters.

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