Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Can you see the strategic move now?

Sundance writes,
Earlier today New York City Mayor De Blasio announced mandated vaccinations for all 340,000 city employees.
Hours later Joe Biden announced mandatory vaccinations for all 115,000 front-line employees of The Veterans Affairs department.
Immediately thereafter, California Governor Gavin Newsom announced all state employees and healthcare providers will be forced to vaccinate. None of these events are disconnected.
Keep in mind just a few days ago the Federal CDC announced all U.S. healthcare providers must switch to new rapid response tests for COVID-19. The reasoning? The current PCR test does not differentiate between COVID and the flu. The new tests will distinguish between the flu virus and the COVID virus.
The new CDC approved rapid response test will cull the flu cases from false positives; that approach will automatically drop the number of new COVID cases identified. The Biden regime will then say the drop in new COVID cases is because of the forced vaccinations in major populations (VA, NYC and CA). As a result, everyone must get vaccinated because the added vaccinations are lowering the COVID cases, and the statistics will prove it.
This false assertion, driven by organized manipulation of events, will then increase pressure on the remaining public to get vaccinated.
If we thought the pressure to vaccinate is bad now, we haven’t seen anything yet. It is going to get ugly, with threats of federal reimbursement dollars (medicare, medicaid, food and housing) withheld from states as leverage against Red State governors who do not mandate vaccinations. Vaccination passports are a guarantee in this approach; possibly even federally mandated in order to “safely vote” in the 2022 mid-term election; and the unvaccinated fear will guarantee mail-in ballots again.
Services will be determined by vaccination status, and as we have seen in the election reform and voting integrity debate – corporate America will line-up to support mandatory vaccinations for retail entry or use of their products (shopping, restaurants, etc.).
On a federal level – just like the VA beta-test rolled out today, a vaccination status will be weaponized by federal regulatory agencies like OSHA, Dept of Labor, USDA, HHS, HUD, Dept of Agriculture, Dept of Education, etc.
All of this will be politically pressurized for a Vaxxed -vs- Non Vaxxed mid term election in 2022.
Read more here: https://theconservativetreehouse.com/blog/2021/07/26/the-alinsky-play-is-clear-california-state-joins-new-york-city-and-veterans-administration-in-mandating-vaccination-shots-for-employees-simultaneous-to-cdc-changing-covid-test/#more-214541

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