Friday, April 09, 2021

Let's boycott the boycotters!

Glenn Beaton writes in Aspen beat. He is pleading with his Colorado readers to boycott the All Star game which major league baseball moved from Atlanta to Denver because of some new voting laws recently passed in Georgia.
What Biden lied about this time was the Georgia voting law. He said it was a Jim Crow law. He said it closed the polls at 5 pm, right as people got off work, and he objected to the requirement for a photo ID. He said it discriminates against black voters, as if white voters don’t work till 5 pm and black voters don’t have ID’s.
It was all a lie. The law doesn’t close the polls at 5 pm at all. In fact, it codifies what was earlier just an informal and inconsistent tradition of keeping them open till 7 pm in most counties. As for photo ID’s, that requirement has consistently been upheld by the Supreme Court even back in the days that the Court leaned left. In any event, studies show that photo ID requirements do not in fact impact blacks disproportionately.
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