Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Why Schiff is dangerous

Adam Mill writes in American Greatness,
Adam Schiff Better Have a Warrant.
It’s time to stop mocking the House Intelligence Committee chairman as some harmless tin pot. He’s dangerous—and Republicans had better wake up to his authoritarian tendencies while there is still time.

As chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, U.S. Representative Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) is supposed to be the lawmaker in charge of protecting Americans from the government snooping on our phone records. He’s not supposed to be using his position to snoop around in the phone records of Americans. We have no oversight committee to protect Americans from Schiff’s spying.

...By publishing Nunes’ phone records, Schiff has now made it less likely that sources will cooperate with Nunes to turn over information relevant to legislative purposes. Nunes used his position to uncover invaluable information about public corruption. Journalist Lee Smith recently penned an entire book cataloging how Nunes led the team that exposed Clinton’s funding of the dossier used to frame Trump (just one example of the many revelations uncovered thanks to Nunes).

Now that the world knows that Schiff has no problem spying on his ranking member, potential witnesses have reason to fear Schiff will dox them for talking to Nunes. This, of course, was exactly the point of revealing the information. It’s a gross infringement upon the rights of the minority to gather relevant information.

This is a big deal. By closing off fact-gathering, Schiff is attempting to blind the minority and force it to accept the distorted facts Schiff presents. Bad facts make bad laws and lead to bad legislative acts-like this flimsy impeachment.

...John Solomon is the undisputed king of investigative journalism. He has exploded hoax after hoax with unshakable investigative journalism. His freedom to use confidential sourcing is essential to our freedom from a tyrannical government. By letting the world know that Schiff is monitoring Solomon’s phone calls, there is the potential to discourage sources from cooperating with him.

Under some applications of federal law, Schiff might have been required to give Solomon notice and the opportunity to challenge the search and release of records of his phone calls. Solomon has been a thorn in Schiff’s side throughout the Russia collusion hoax and now during the Ukraine farce. It’s highly disturbing that Schiff would use his position as the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee to interfere with Solomon’s guarantee of confidentiality to sources. Solomon can’t expose the truth if Schiff intimidates sources who want to remain anonymous.

Schiff is out of control. He should be reining in the gross abuses of American civil liberties that are being perpetrated by the intelligence community, not joining in the effort. Obviously, there’s no hope that he will protect our constitutional rights if he cannot resist the temptation to use his own power to spy on Americans.
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