Thursday, April 18, 2019

"If the Democrats get their way, America will be over."

Kurt Schlichter writes in Town Hall about the three new Democratic members of Congress who are dominating the Party. of the two major American parties have fallen into these people’s hands. That’s a bad thing, and indicative of the utter moral and intellectual bankruptcy at the core of modern liberalism. We should celebrate it because the 2020 election is coming and it will be really hard for the Democrats keep a hold on the few remaining normal Americans who support the party out of habit when the collective face of the party is these three banshees cruising around cable TV and the Internet always screaming nonsense.

Can you see their planning session for last week? “I have an idea about how to appeal to normal Americans! Let’s minimize 9/11, diss a Navy SEAL who got his eye blown up by a jihadi bomb, and then pretend criticizing our idiocy is encouraging people to murder us. Oh, and let’s hate on the Jews!”

Of course, that never happened. Their plan never was, never has been, and never will be, to appeal to normal Americans. They have no interest in us, except as slaves or, more likely, as a vaguely troubling memory of a problem solved long ago. Guess how they would solve us? Not sure? Well, there’s this thing called “history,” and you can look up leftism’s track record regarding unapproved people like us unless Google is hiding the results for that too.

...Free Spirit Dancing Girl pretty much said that not agreeing with her pal was like the Holocaust; oddly, she was not roundly laughed at by our awesome elite. Chris Hayes nearly soiled himself over the threat posed by criticizing his allies. Bernie the Jolly Stalinist, sucked up. Big Chief Spewing Bull tried to get on the Commie Bachelorette Party’s good side and jumped in to chide President Trump for pointing out that maybe it’s not cool to mock 9/11. Perfectly Normal Beer-Liking Liz says that by criticizing the Democrat leadership Trump is encouraging violence against these endlessly yakking pinkos, which is weird because he didn’t send anyone to a softball field.

...This “criticizing me puts me at risk” ploy is imported from colleges where SJWs literally shake at the threat posed by ideas they dislike. The answer is, of course, for us to exponentially increase the criticism they object to. Unlike the terrified Democrats who see these knuckleheads ruining the 2020 ruse by spilling the beans and telling everyone what the party really thinks, we will continue to say whatever we please. We’ll roll the dice and take the risk.

Of course, Rep. One Who May Have Married Her Bro considers the NRA the real terrorist gang. Not Hamas, not Hezbollah – why, those are just caring folk working together for a better tomorrow. No, the terrorists are you – you just happen to be really bad at it since NRA members haven’t actually committed any terrorist acts. Whatever. Anyway, the bottom line, as if you couldn’t guess, is that she thinks that you need to be disarmed, which would probably not work out so well for you considering who she thinks should still have guns. Expect the Democrats to follow their leaders on this idea too.

But don’t expect us to.
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