Saturday, September 19, 2020

Some interesting tweets today

Marisa tweeted,
Democrats' push for mail-in voting and ballot harvesting will necessitate the Supreme Court deciding the 2020 election. Dems have forced Trump's hand. Senate MUST fill the supreme Court vacancy to save our country from a constitutional crisis. THIS IS ON YOU SEN COLLINS!!
Ian Miles Cheong tweeted,
When I see Trump supporters I see nothing but smiles. People who dare to be happy. Liberals are a miserable bunch, yelling and screaming and shrieking and behaving violently or issuing death threats.
Denlesks tweeted,
Trump would be smart to nominate a conservative woman for the Supreme Court. Her past sexual activities would be off limits in her confirmation hearing. That’s just the way it works with female candidates. Ask Kamala.
M3thods tweeted,
POTUS on the Supreme Court nomination... "I think the choice will be next week"
Dan Bongino tweeted,
Lemme get this straight: the same Democrats who weaponized the intelligence community, & spied on Trump’s campaign, are now concerned about “precedent”? Really? Get lost. Take your “precedent” & shove it. “Precedent” is meaningless if it only applies to one side.

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