Sunday, September 20, 2020

Lin Wood tweeted,
Some pertinent working definitions: RINO = Deep State Deep State = Beholden to any combination of Military-Industrial Complex, Big Pharma, Hi-Tech, George Soros & Clinton Foundation. Mainstream & Social Media = Propaganda Arm of Deep State. First Rule of War = Identify Enemy.
Jeremy Wayne Tate tweeted,
Amy Coney Barrett graduated first in her class from Notre Dame Law. When she returned as a professor, she was awarded distinguished professor of the year 3 times. But Senator Feinstein would have you believe Barrett is unqualified because she takes her Catholic Faith seriously.
Scott Adams tweeted,
What do Democrats mean by "Nothing is off the table?" I mean, they already tried a coup attempt. Are they going to start mailing ricin to . . . wait, what?

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