Monday, October 18, 2021

Priorities in Covid policy

Anthony Matoria writes,
One of the discoverers of ivermectin, Satoshi Omura, who was awarded a Nobel Prize for his accomplishment, reportedly approached Merck about conducting a large, rigorous trial of ivermectin in the treatment of COVID in Japan. Merck declined. Governments are spending billions on COVID-related interventions, yet they show no interest in even a preliminary study of ivermectin.
The response to the COVID pandemic has produced a number of distressing and questionable policies: mandates, lockdowns, threatening people's jobs, and contributing to the psychological effects of uncertainty and increasing authoritarianism. The response to COVID has been associated with its own detriments, even if one wishes to assume that these were unavoidable or, on balance, necessary. Given these costs, however, the dismissal of potential therapies on grounds of "no evidence," coupled with a refusal to investigate such evidence, suggests that the priorities in COVID policy do not begin with public health.
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