Thursday, January 30, 2014

Analysis of our income inequality crisis

Have you heard? We have an income inequality crisis in America. What should we do about it? Manhattan Infidel, as always, has the answer. First, he gives some historical background:
During our Civil War it was the South, not the North that had moral superiority on their side. After all, slavery is a perfect socialist system. The plantation owners used their excess income to provide food and shelter for their beloved and well-treated slaves. It was the capitalistic north, led by the money-grubbing pig Abraham Lincoln that invaded the sacred soil of the South and destroyed their perfect economic system.

Next, he addresses the present crisis:
Never in the history of America has there been a wider gap between the haves and the have nots. *****

The rich are getting richer. And unless it’s Steve Jobs (who was cool) or our favorite athletes or rap stars the pursuit of riches is evil.

And so with morality and social justice on my side I now present my ideas on how to solve the Income Inequality Crisis™ Which is Threatening to Tear America Apart.

Finally, he gives us the solution:
As I see it the way to solve income inequality it to punish individual initiative (which we all know is racist.)

Read much more at the above link.

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