Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Does Jimmy Carter Understand the Difference Between the Desire to Murder and the Desire to Avoid Being Murdered?

Jimmy Carter hugs an Hamas leader and places a wreath on the grave of dead terrorist Yassir Arafat. Carter says he is just trying to understand "different opinons." John at Powerline has this to say:
"Hamas proclaims that it wants to destroy the state of Israel and kill the Jews who live there. Israelis want to preserve their country and don't want to be murdered. These are not "different opinions." The desire to murder and the desire to avoid being murdered are not on an equal footing, and cannot be reconciled through talk or through understanding."

Jimmy does understand one thing: how to keep Arab money flowing in to his pet projects.


Jeffro said...

I think he's just an Anti-Semite.

Dionne said...

No, because Jimmy Carter is an idiot!!