Sunday, September 26, 2021

Should the F.B.I. be destroyed?

Roger L. Simon writes,
One doesn’t have to go much further than last week’s revelation the FBI looked the other way for years on multiple cases of sexual abuse of our very young female Olympic gymnasts to know the organization is not only corrupt, it’s morally repellent.
As Jon Gabriel notes in “Larry Nassar got his due punishment. When will his FBI enablers get theirs?” “the FBI was busy chasing imaginary crimes instead of ending the serial abuse these national heroes suffered.”
The FBI must be destroyed.
In The American Mind the estimable Angelo Codevilla advocates reforming it, but it is too late, not just because of its recent activities, but because of its history that has consistently, since the days of J. Edgar Hoover, devoted far too much attention to domestic spying on so-called “enemies within” (actually political enemies for one reason or another) and far too little to serious crimes like the Olympic gymnast scandal.
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