Friday, June 02, 2017

We're back in the 80s again, Trump dumps over the punch bowl of the beltway elites and globalists, Georgia Congressional race, Trump actually intends to make the US economically independent!

We're back in the 80s again, with attacks on our president similar to the attacks suffered by President Reagan. So it was fitting that Laura Ingraham had former Reagan advisor Pat Buchanan on as a guest on today's program.

Pat points out that in the Paris Climate Accord China and India were allowed to continue pouring out CO2 "to their heart's content." Pat says Donald Trump is creating a new world order in which countries are free to work in their own self-interest. Both Pat and Laura praised the political courage of Donald Trump in rejecting the Paris accord. Trump actually intends to make America economically independent! Under the previous "New World Order" supported by the Clintons and Bushes and Obama, nations were supposed to disappear in a global utopia.

Both Laura and Pat emphasized that, like Reagan, there are powerful groups and individuals who are out to bring Trump down. Pat points out that Nixon was also hated by the same Leftist groups and individuals, thereby giving him little margin of error. The same is true for Trump. JFK got away with women parading into and out of his office, LBJ made a huge personal fortune, Teddy Kennedy got away with Chappaquiddick. For some reason the Left and neoconservatives want us to have bad relations with Russia.

Joe Scarborough and Mika sucked up to Trump during the primaries for ratings, now they oppose him for ratings. Either they were wrong in the primaries, or they are wrong now. Joe is also trying to play Steve Bannon against Trump, using the term "President Bannon."

Trump has pulled back the curtain, showing how close the Bushes and Clintons are.

Millions of dollars are pouring into Georgia in the special election. Early voting is happening now. Karen Handel is the Republican candidate. John Ossoff is the Democratic candidate. There is a debate there at 8 pm EST on June 6. Karen Handel was a guest on Laura's program, and she talked about the vicious tactics of the Left, the "Resistance." She is a former County Commissioner and Secretary of State. Her 30-year-old opponent has no comparable experience, and does not even live in the district!

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