Thursday, June 22, 2017

Liberal boycotts backfire

Don Surber writes,
On Wednesday night, President Trump held a rally in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

CNN and MSNBC boycotted the news.

Only Fox News carried it live.

Guess who viewers watched.

From TV Newser, the results:
8 PM Fox News 3,298,000, CNN 821,000, MSNBC 1,534,000
9 PM Fox News 3,362,000, CNN 963,000, MSNBC 2,337,000
For two hours, it was like the old days, with Fox News gathering as many eyeballs as CNN and MSNBC combined.

Oh, and in the demo -- those 25-54 -- Fox News was No. 1 in both hours.

What have I been saying? From Chick-Fil-A to Ivanka, liberal boycotts backfire.

Conservative boycotts hurt. Ask the Susan Komen breast cancer foundation. Revenues down 40 percent since conservatives discovered six years ago it helped fund Planned Parenthood.

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