Tuesday, June 27, 2017

The Russians run the White House and they want you to die!.

That headline supposedly summarizes this week's fake news.,

Laura Ingraham has been studying the Senate version of the new health care bill, and she sees the fingerprints of lobbyists from big pharma, hospitals, and insurance companies all over it.

After yesterday's Supreme Court activity, Laura is prouder than ever for having clerked for Justice Thomas. He and Gorsuch opposed the law-making provisions of the travel ban, in which the Court ruled that persons from the six countries could still come to America if they have family or business connections. Laura says Andy McCarthy weighs in on this today over at National Review.

Senator James Risch of Idaho, the man who asked Comey if anyone has ever been criminally charged for hoping something, was a guest. I thought Risch did the best job of questioning Comey, so I was glad he was on Laura's program today. He is a member of the Senate Intelligence Committee, and also Foreign Relations. He says obstruction of justice and collusion are both off the table now. Laura told him that Mueller and Comey have in the past called each other "brothers in arms."

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