Tuesday, June 27, 2017

"That moment when you convince yourself that the monsters under your bed are real!"

Here is tonight's Tucker Carlson Show.

The first part of the program is devoted to the news about CNN's fake news. I have an idea: how about not using anything from sources that wish to remain anonymous?

MRC did a study. Since May 17 there have been 353 minutes on evening newscasts about Russia or Comey. 29 minutes have been devoted to terrorism. 5 minutes on the economy. 5 minutes on trade!

Chris Murphy, a Democratic Senator from Connecticut, takes the bus home. He talks to his constituents. He says wages, education, and public safety are the three subjects people on the bus talk to him about most.

Charles Murray says what he would have liked to talk about at Middlebury College is how the new elites are screwing America's working class. He says the majority of students are cowed, especially those in the social sciences and humanities.

Raheel Raza is a Muslim American who I wish could be heard by a larger audience. Maybe a job with the Trump Administration? She said Trump's travel ban is about region, not religion. She notes that five of the six countries are failed states.

Kevin Jackson is a black radio talk show host who says that any black who speaks out against violence and other problems in black communities "catches a lot of grief."

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