Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Time for the GOP Congress to produce

Democrats spent $30 million dollars on their losing effort in Georgia's Sixth District yesterday. Their candidate mouthed platitudes about how government needs to become more compassionate. He blamed his girlfriend for why he didn't live in the District he ran to represent.

Now it is Ryan and Mcconnell's turn to produce! Trump needs to barnstorm the country. Today he goes to Iowa to talk about the great deal he just reached with China, which has had a monopoly on beef, but Trump has now broken that monopoly and opened up the Chinese market to American ranchers.

Today Tillerson and Mattis are meeting with their Chinese counterparts in Washington DC.

Hothead Eric Holder wants to get in politics and shame us all about race.

Mike Lee and Mitch Mcconnell are not on the same page on health care.

What do we need? We need economic prosperity. We need a happy country. Wage increases!

What do we have in Congress? A lot of speech-givers!

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