Monday, June 26, 2017

The criminalization of political differences

Another really good Laura Ingraham Show today.

Trump has learned that Obama was briefed by the CIA that Russia was attempting to meddle in our election. Trump wants to know why Obama did nothing!

Is there a reason the health insurance and pharmaceutical companies stocks all went up after the Senate bill on health care was announced?

Laura goes after Ohio Governor Kasich, who says, "Neither party cares about poor people." Kasich is a globalist who favors policies that help China's poor people while hurting America's poor and creating a $360 billion trade deficit. Republicans and Democrats have spent over 6 trillion dollars to help poor people since the beginning of the Great Society programs in the sixties. Kasich is all for giving amnesty to low-wage illegal immigrants, thereby hurting low-wage Americans. Kasich was also one of the Lehman Brothers brass. When he was with Lehman Brothers, did he care about poor people?

Laura is critical of Republicans' messaging on health care reform. They need to fan out across the country and talk about premiums coming down, prescription drug costs coming down, choosing plans across state lines, and cutting regulations.

Liberal former Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz is against the criminalization of political differences.

Andy McCarthy has a new piece out that Laura talked about. In it he argues that Trump demanded the exposure of a false narrative.

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