Friday, June 23, 2017

The problems with Islam, Leftists hate racism almost as much as they hate Jews! Is someone trying to prepare us for a post-human world?

Here are the last two Andrew Klavan Shows (Wednesday and Thursday). Here are some of the ideas I thought were highlights. You will just have to listen to both to find out which one I am remembering!

The problems with Islam boil down to two, in Andrew's estimation. One, the words in the Koran are supposedly written by God (Allah), so change will not be easily forthcoming. And secondly, the Islam is a state religion. Jesus told us never to have a theocracy ("My kingdom is not of this world!") During the time of Constantine, Christianity had become very popular, so Constantine made it the state religion. that did not work out well. Saudia Arabia is planning to modernize under their new Crown Prince, but Islam will still be the state religion.

Andrew played a clip of a recent interview Sean Hannity conducted with Camille Paglia. Though she is and intends to remain a Democrat, she is very critical of the Democratic Party and the press. Democrats nowadays believe in nothing but fantasy, words, hallucinations, and Hollywood. Then she asks, what has happened to journalism? "My party has destroyed journalism. Journalists have turned themselves over to their childish fraternity and buffoonish behavior! It will take decades to recover! Camille is a professor of media studies, as well as being a professor of humanities.

Ted Cruz is trying to help get a good healthcare bill. Although Trump treated him badly in the primaries, he praises many things Trump has done, especially the appointment of Gorsuch and a conservative Cabinet. Trump, too, has been a better person in office than he was as a candidate. Let him learn! Give him a chance!

Every summer the blockbuster movies are either Marvel or DC Comicbook characters. When do we put aside childish things? Are we being prepared for a post-human world? Must you insist that I lie when you tell me you are a woman but your DNA says you are a man?

Andrew notices that Leftists hate racism almost as much as they hate Jews! Leftists hate racism almost as much as they hate Jews

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