Friday, June 02, 2017

The end of life on planet earth!

Who better than Mark Steyn to host open lines Friday climate apocalypse edition of the Rush Limbaugh Show the day after President Trump ended life on planet Earth?

It is also International Sex Workers Day and International Doughnut Day, in case you were wondering. Of course, the earth will soon look like a doughnut, because it will be so hot that the core will melt a hole in the middle. Kinda reminds one of the hole in the ozone layer. Remember that?

Dan Rather appeared somewhere and announced that Trump will be punished by history. How? If there is no earth, how can there be history?

Leaders of the developed world have been driving the global economy off a cliff in order to save the planet.

All the 7 billion people on earth are now going to be suing Donald Trump. You know they will have no difficulty finding a judge to hear their case and rule in their favor!

In other news, the DNC is furious at Hillary Clinton for her remarks yesterday. They didn't mind when she was blaming the Russians, sexists, deplorables, Scott Walker and Macedonian content farmers.

Hillary wasn't the only one mad at the DNC. Maxine Waters is mad that the DNC wants to reach out to old white guys. She believes they had it right in seeing as their Democratic base transgenders, intersectionalists, Muslims, illegals, blacks, and single moms on welfare.

Climate change has been such a goldmine for the global government cronyist alliance. It is a serious threat to them when someone like Donald Trump causes it to all come crashing down. Climate change is the perfect pretext for big government. It is easier to save the planet than Chicago.

Mark reports that Germany subsidizes green jobs a quarter million dollars per job, Spain $800,000 per green job, and Barack Obama $4,851,904.09 per green job created by the Obama administration!

Donald Trump understands the difference between actually accomplishing something and striking a pose, an attitude. Macron is welcoming American climate refugees, just as Angela Merkel is welcoming Syrian jihadists! Macron is one of those who is skilled in pointless attitudinal posing!

The Left is stunned, predicting the end of the world. Trump is saving the world from One World Order global government.

Human ingenuity, capitalism is the way to a better life.

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