Monday, July 31, 2017

Think outside your box; try something, even if you have no experience in that particular endeavor!

Scott was having a busy day on Twitter today, with many people telling him not to quit his day job as a successful cartoonist, not to think outside the box. But, of course, thinking outside the box is who Scott Adams is!

He has been successful as a cartoonist, despite not having taking drawing classes. He has been successful as a book author, despite having no previous experience in writing books. He has been the most accurate predictor of the 2016 election, despite having no experience as a statistician or pundit. He gets paid big bucks to give speeches, despite having no training in giving speeches.

Scott's advice to those of us who are his fans is to pick the right thing to fail at! Don't win small with your day job. Win "bigly" by thinking outside of the box! People who are trying new things are more likely to succeed than people who follow Homer Simpson's model of "If you can't win, don't try!" Think of Henry Ford, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Zuckerberg, Bezos. Did they have experience in that thing that they succeeded at? No!

How sanctuary cities refuse to protect their citizens

Have you been reading about the man in Oregon who has been deported 13 times, but returned to commit a brutal sexual assault on a woman in Portland last week? Will Racke has details at The Daily Caller here.

Jesse Watters also did a good job of covering the story on Watters' World Saturday evening.

Scaramucci out as Communications Director

At the request of his new Chief of Staff, John Kelly, President Donald Trump has fired his new Communications Director, Anthony Scaramucci. Got that? Barnini Chakraborty reports at Fox News,
President Trump’s headline-grabbing communications director Anthony Scaramucci was shown the door Monday after just 11 days on the job – as retired Gen. John Kelly took command of the White House staff, moving swiftly to impose order on a West Wing gripped for weeks by infighting.

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders would not confirm reports that Kelly personally requested Scaramucci's removal -- but she made clear that the former Homeland Security secretary now has full control of the staff.

“General Kelly has the full authority to operate in the White House, and all staff will report to him,” Sanders said, adding there are no other anticipated staff shake-ups in the works.
Read more here.

Sunday, July 30, 2017


Is the Greg Gutfeld Show the wittiest show on television?

As usual, the show covered all the major stories in the week. Greg expressed hope that the appointment of General Kelly as white House Chief of Staff will cure the media of its "milliphobia," which is the assumption that the military is composed only of evil fascists.

The media ignored key wins for the country last week.
1. Where is the ISIS caliphate? It is not in Iraq!
2. A six-week operation by law enforcement netted 1,378 arrests. 1,095 were gang members. 445 were foreign nationals from 21 different countries.
3. The economy grew by 2.6%, higher than expected.

Nobody wants to admit their ex is doing great. Donald Trump is the media's ex! When accomplishments are being made in fighting terror, improving security and growing the economy, the media barely mentions it, but they have unlimited energy to cover benign chaos at the White House.

Turning a blind eye

Breitbart UK editor Raheem Kassam has written a book entitled No Go Zones: How Sharia Law Is Coming to a Neighborhood Near You.
From Amazon's PR on the book:
No Go Zones. That's what they're called. And while the politically correct try to deny their existence, the shocking reality of these "No Go Zones"—where Sharia law can prevail and local police stay away—can be attested to by its many victims.

Now Raheem Kassam, a courageous reporter and editor at, takes us where few journalists have dared to tread—inside the No Go Zones, revealing areas that Western governments, including the United States, don't want to admit exist within their own borders.

With compelling reporting, Kassam takes you into Islamic areas you might not even know existed—communities, neighborhoods, and whole city districts from San Bernardino, California, (a No Go Zone of the mind) to Hamtramck, Michigan (essentially an Islamic colony in the Midwest); from Malmö, Sweden, to the heart of London, England—where infidels are unwelcome, Islamic law is king, and extremism grows.

In No Go Zones, Kassam reveals:
How in No Go Zones a blind eye is being turned to polygamy, female genital mutilation, sexual assault, segregation, and even honor killings
Why Muslim ghettos in the West aren't the equivalent of Little Italy or Chinatown, but a serious cultural and political threat
How the welfare state actually funds and supports a Muslim subculture of resentment
How to identify extremist mosques
A matter of numbers: how mass migration could transform Europe into a Muslim-dominated continent within our own lifetimes
The alarming speed at which No Go Zones are coming to America

Compelling in its reporting, shocking in its detail, Raheem Kassam's No Go Zones is one of the most frightening true stories you will read this year.

"This one-armed veteran has a business to run. Unlike Iran, the country that took my arm, Obama didn't pay me millions."

At Ace of Spades, Open Blogger CDR brings us a tweetstorm from a Wounded Warrior. Think about this in terms of President Trump's ban on transgenders.
I served in Iraq in 2006. For the first five months, I was on a 12-man firebase out in the middle of nowhere in the desert.

Every day was Groundhog Day. Wake up and do the same patrols, the same shifts, every single day. It was so damn hot. 150° in the gun trucks.

Tracer fire would go overhead occasionally at night. IED's on the road were a daily threat. We got resupplied food every 8 days.

QRF was an hour away. After they made the minimum three gun truck rule after the guys got kidnapped, life got harder.

The stress of being out there and doing the same job every single day eats away at you. The younger guys had problems with that over time.

Any tiny little personal issue they had suddenly became a mountain. And that shit came out on that fire base. And they snapped mentally.

After stepping on each other's nuts living in the same can for five months, guys were at each other's throats. The stress made it worse.

Guys would literally snap over a dear John letter. Their personal issues came out and they were instantly combat-ineffective.

Now take someone confused about whether they are a man/woman. Take those psychological and emotional issues and put them in that environment

Take someone who is right off the bat not uniform or part of the same team. Give them special treatment because of their identity.

Take that person, put them in that stressful war environment and watch what happens. It's a fucking ticking time bomb.

You have to be incredibly tough mentally, physically and emotionally. War is not a fucking video game. It tests every ounce of your being.

You can't teach someone to be a fearless warrior in a fucking PowerPoint. You either have it or you don't. You can hack it or you can't.

We had guys who couldn't. When faced with combat situations they crumbled. They had mental and emotional issues. They were a liability.

To be successful at war, you have to become a warrior mentally, physically, and emotionally. You can't fake it and go through the motions.

In war if it comes down to kill or be killed, and you hesitate, you're dead. It's a simple as that. It's not a fucking video game.

War is no place for people who are mentally, emotionally, or physically confused or in turmoil. You have your shit together, or you don't.

And if you don't, you'll just get people needlessly killed. Political correctness has absolutely no place in the military.

Enough for now. This one-armed veteran has a business to run. Unlike Iran, the country that took my arm, Obama didn't pay me millions.

A wink and a nod foreign policy

Scott Adams loves to think outside the box, and often with good humor. Apparently, he comes on YouTube daily and just talks with hundreds of people about solving problems. Today he started off talking about how we could solve the North Korean problem. He suggests Trump do a "wink" approach. Tell North Korea we give up, and pull out all our assets that they find threatening. We then tell North Korea and China that since China helped you build up your military, we now consider you part of China, and we are going to have our defense policy be to consider you and China the same. We would just call them the Chinese North Koreans.

We pull out our assets, thereby saving huge sums of money. China and the US are not going to war with each other, because we are so dependent on trade with each other. Walmart would have to close down their huge men and women clothing sections if there were no trade with China.

We could also tell them we are for the reunification of North and South Korea as a goal to achieve in 100 years.


hat tip Bob Vulfov, who wants to know, "Who the hell is Jeff?"

Learning to create

Okay, I admit it. I have been visiting Twitter from time to time. Here is something a guy tweeted. His kids made this using only the laws of physics and some Pringles.

hat tip Elliot Blake

"Don't win small, when you can win bigly!"

So says Scott Adams in this YouTube video. Between Scott and Andrew Klavan, I seem to have a thing for bald guys on YouTube.

Scott recently has been on the receiving end of anti-Trumpers sarcasm, and says, "When the anti-Trumpers resort to pure sarcasm, that usually means it is November 7 and something good can happen tomorrow!"

Scott grew up in upstate New York and has a feel for how New Yorkers talk. "Go f**k yourself" in New York would be stated "Well, I see we have a serious disagreement" in California. Scaramucci made a "serious rookie error" in not telling Ryan Lizza that the conversation was off the record. And regarding Lizza, he clearly knew it was meant to be off the record. "Nobody in the Trump administration should ever talk to that guy again!"

So, why did Trump pick Scaramucci? Because he is not going to take any prisoners. He is passionate and a fighter.

Scott likes the transparency of the whole thing.

Scott says Joel Pollack has written a good piece on health care at Breitbart. Scott said, "The best day would be the day Congress failed to enact health care legislation!" Oh, wait, that is what happened last week! The day an alcoholic hits bottom is not a bad day. It is a good day because that's a turning point day!

So why can't Congress pass health care legislation? They are trying to balance too many variables! Lobbyists from big pharma, hospitals, insurance companies funded Congress critters' political campaigns, and the critters cannot piss off those donors. Us? We don't have those variables. It is up to us to tell them what we want. If we are talking about the nation's defense, we defer to our president. If we are talking about domestic policy, the president is dependent on us, the voters! Was it really a failure not to pass legislation that wasn't going to help improve health care? Now all of the options are opening up to the public for debate.

Scott asks, "Has the news ever been this entertaining? It is like a reality show. Scaramucci trashes co-workers he has to walk past every day at the White House. Trump trashes Sessions.

Scott wonders if we are the original species. He concludes we are not. We are one of many software simulations! Can we rewrite our own script? Maybe we should try it!

The Russian conspiracy thing died when Trump went on offense against his Attorney General.

Confirmation bias: You think something means a lot, then you learn more and realize what you thought turns out to be nothing.

You would not be in New Mexico's high country if...

What if there were no sunshine?
What if there were no colors?
What if there were no aspen trees?
What if there were no gentle breezes to move those aspen leaves and branches?
What if there were no clouds to give momentary respite from the summer heat?
What if no rain came down to fill up the canyons?
What if there were no birds circling above?
What if there were no trees, rocks, and hills?

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Lies, Lies, Lies!

Guest post
by Suzann Darnall

This will be quite short and not so sweet. I am angry. Exceedingly angry. I am fed up with the constant stream of lies that inundate me from far too many sides. If it is not another politician lying or “misspeaking”, it is the media lying about what some politician did or did not “misspeak” about.

Is it really that hard to just say the truth? I don’t think so. But, apparently too many people in the public eye find it pert near impossible. If we are to judge by the neverending story lines of falsehood after falsehood that streams across our computers, tablets, and smartphones, it is a national epidemic of fibbing that has swept across our country . . . possibly even the world.

To those who would continue to mislead us, I say, “Just step to the plate, live up to your commitments, honor your oaths, dig deep for some integrity, respect your obligations, and tell the d@mn truth!!!” I am not completely certain when so many Americans stopped valuing the truth, but I am surely sad to see that deception is now just an everyday event for far too many.

I expect honesty from my family, friends, and the companies with which I do business. I am honest in my dealings with others. Why should I not expect the same from my government and media??? Just stop with all the lies!

Unfortunately, most of these lying lowlifes will continue to be re-elected or employed, even if they tell the truth. But, at least it is some small measure of improvement if they are truthful lowlifes for a change. I know they are useless, but I’d still prefer they are not lying to me on top of being worthless pieces of crap.

And, don’t even get me started on the lying, lowlife celebrities!!!

Trump and Sessions

Here is a YouTube video Scott Adams made on Thursday. I was only able to watch or listen for the first 14 minutes. In it, Scott gives his take on Trump's public criticisms of Jeff Sessions. Scott said Trump had three options. One would be to fire Sessions, but the political fallout would be severe (even though the Democrats have not shown any love for Sessions). A second would have been to privately discuss with Jeff his unhappiness. But Sessions was already aware of what the president wanted. He had his own reasons for recusing himself, and those reasons would not have changed if they were in a room together. The third option for the president was to complain to his bosses: us! Parenthetically, I thought it was interesting that Scott admitted here that he did not vote!

Will Jeff Sessions behave differently now that he has been publicly humiliated by the president? I think there is evidence that he will. He has ramped up his efforts to deport the MS-13 gang members, highlighted by a trip this week to El Salvador, and he has continued to take a strong public stand against sanctuary cities.

One of Tucker's best shows yet!

Tucker Carlson continues to build a show worth watching. He has no interest in political correctness or in deceiving viewers, unlike many other national media programs.

He explores with Charles Krauthammer the question of whether Trump's new Chief of Staff, General Kelly, will be able to impose order. Krauthammer says that mostly depends on Donald Trump. For example, will Scaramucci report directly to the president, or will he be required to go through General Kelly? If it is the former, then we will have parallel governments and chaos, says Krauthammer. If it's the latter, there will be something resembling order and chain of command.

Then there is the question of Jared Kushner and Ivanka. Will they have to go through Kelly? Krauthammer says in retrospect we elected a royal family!

Tucker sarcastically observed, "Comey got Martha Stewart sent off to prison because she was a threat to the republic, but Hillary Clinton? That's not even an investigation, said the former head of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. That was just a "matter!" Of course, that is the term he was instructed by his boss Loretta Lynch to use.

The Obama administration made hundreds of unmasking requests in the months leading up to and immediately following the election. Tucker asks, "What was the intelligence value of the unmasking? Unmasking means they requested the names of some Americans be left in intel reports. That is not supposed to happen unless the American is suspected of doing something illegal, as I understand it. American names are supposed to be protected, so as not to have their reputations smeared by politics.

Tucker just arrived back from El Salvador, which has the world's highest murder rate, largely because of the presence there of the MS-13 gang. There are suspected to be ten thousand MS-13 members living all across America. They are murderous thugs who prefer their victims to die slowly because it is more painful than merely shooting someone. Tucker had a guest on who refused to recognize Tucker's point that the MS-13 gang members prey on young immigrants who have recently come to America. The guest thought Trump was the problem, for wanting to deport the criminals.

Next, Tucker took a look at the controversy about transgenders serving in the military. He had a guest named Elizabeth Harrington of the Washington Free Beacon. She has been studying the issue, and believes Trump made the right decision. she points out that the military has long had a policy of excluding people for medical conditions. Transgender surgeries paid for by taxpayer dollars out of our military budget would cost $1.3 billion dollars over ten years, and that doesn't include hormone replacement, which would be $1200 per month. Recovery from the surgery averages 238 days, so no overseas deployment until recovered from surgery.

Lastly, Tucker has Scott Adams as a guest. As you know from reading my links to his blog, he loves to look at the psychology of persuasion involved in a news story. He explains why the Russia collusion story has lasted this long despite lacking proof of collusion. It has everything you need in a good mystery, except credibility! North Korea, on the other hand, is about one character, and he's in hiding! He recommends that we read a blogger named Scott Alexander. He concluded with this observation: The less true a story is, the more energy it has because there are strong differences of opinion on both sides and people develop competing theories.

Here is Sean Hannity's interview with Reince Priebus.

If Priebus is not a classy individual, I don't know who is! He describes President Trump as being carefully deliberate in big decisions, decent, genuine, caring, good-hearted, funny, and incredibly hard-working. He also has nothing but good things to say about his replacement as Chief of Staff, General Kelly. He thinks Trump was wise to hit the reset button at this time. He believes Trump will be reelected in 2020. No other politician on the planet can draw the enthusiastic crowds Trump does.

Priebus points to Trump's successes such as the rising GDP, jobs, workforce production and eliminating fifteen or sixteen regulations for every new one. The Democrats have held up approval on hundreds of nominees.

Priebus talks about how the media narratives get set in stone, reported as fact, when there is little or no truth or facts in the narratives.

Priebus wishes more people could see the human side of Trump, whom Priebus regards as his friend.

Friday, July 28, 2017

The Awan brothers

Luke Rosiak is an investigative reporter for The Daily Caller. He filed this story on April 30, but now these brothers are creeping into the news.
A former congressional information technology (IT) aide allegedly threatened to have his stepmother’s Pakistani relatives kidnapped if she talked to U.S. law enforcement authorities, according to court documents obtained by The Daily Caller News Foundation’s (TheDCNF) Investigative Group.

“Imran Awan threatened that he is very powerful and if I ever call the police again, [he] will … kidnap my family members back in Pakistan,” Awan’s stepmother, Samina Gilani, claimed in the documents filed April 14 in Fairfax County, Va., in the case of Americo Financial Life and Annuity Insurance Company v. Abid A. Awan and Samina Ashraf Gilani.

Imran Awan and his brothers Abid and Jamal are under criminal investigation by U.S. Capitol Police on suspicion they abused their administrator-level access to sensitive congressional data, as reported Feb. 4 by TheDCNF.

“Imran Awan did admit to me that my phone is tapped and there are devices installed in my house,” including one Gilani claimed in the court filing to have seen “behind the printer.” She also claimed Imran Awan represents himself in Pakistan as a powerful person in Congress and is given police escorts when he spends time in the country.

Gilani has said she was left homeless after Abid Imran forced her to leave the house she previously shared with her husband. Fairfax County land records show Abid owns two residences.

The three brothers, plus two of their wives, were employed on a shared basis by dozens of Democratic members of the House of Representatives, including members of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs and Committee on Homeland Security.

The Awans’ IT jobs gave them access to congressional computer networks, including members’ email accounts. They were also linked with an Iraqi politician who is a fugitive from U.S. authorities and who has been linked to the Hezbollah terrorist group in the Middle East.

Authorities terminated the three brothers’ access to House IT systems Feb. 2. Politico reported March 1 that Florida Democratic Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz and New York Democratic Rep. Gregory Meeks declined to fire Imran, and that both members have a “friendly personal relationship with Awan and his wife, according to multiple sources.”

Americo said Muhammad Shah took out a $50,000 life insurance policy in 2012, naming Gilani as beneficiary. But on Nov. 16, as Shah lay on his deathbed, Americo received an Ownership Change Request form to allow Abid to be in charge of future administrative decisions.

Then on Jan. 11, Awan used his newly gained status to make himself the beneficiary of the policy instead of his stepmother. The form’s required witness signature was blank, and it was rejected. A week later, Abid re-submitted it but with a notary’s seal.

A police report shows that in January 2017, Gilani called Fairfax police claiming her stepsons refused to let her see her dying husband in his final moments. Police said Abid angrily waved an unsigned power-of-attorney document at an officer and refused to give Shah’s location.

Shah died of cancer Jan. 16 and Americo received a claim on Feb. 2 for the $50,000 to be paid to Abid. Americo told the court it also received a letter from Gilani contending the “beneficiary changes to the policy were procured through fraud.”
Read more here.

Good intentions

hat tip Ninety Miles From Tyranny

She gave him her iPad!

Sweeping under the rug!

Read more here.

Priebus out, Kelly in.

Score this as one for Scaramucci. After Scaramucci's profanity-laced tirade to Ryan Lizza of the New Yorker yesterday, Reince Priebus resigned. He has been replaced as Chief of Staff by General John Kelly, who has been running Homeland Security. At least Kelly's name is easier to spell.

The media's favorite oppo shop

Ace reports,
Sarah Huckabee Sanders had an amusing moment yesterday. Closing the news conference, she noted that the media usually has dozens and dozens of questions about Russia.

But on a day when someone testified that the media's favorite Oppo Shop, Fusion GPS, was behind the Pee Pee Party Dossier, the media strangely had no Russia questions whatsoever.

Big jump in GDP announced

Sundance explains at The Conservative Treehouse what is happening with today's announcement of an increase in GDP.
The current growth in GDP is primarily driven by growth in trade. This is the big ‘jump’ between the two quarters. In addition to forcing open markets for U.S. suppliers (see China/Beef and EU/coal), the view of energy as an export commodity is specifically Trumpian MAGAnomics in size, scale and scope.

Until Trump all economic energy conversation ended at the point of “energy independence”. However, with Trumpian MAGAnomics we blow through the goalposts of ‘energy independence’ and begin looking at energy as an export/trade commodity.

...Multinational corporations and multinational banks will continue paying Washington DC politicians to support efforts to keep the U.S. economy down; it is in their best interests to do so. It’s always about the money – There are trillions of dollars at stake.
Read more here.

Another stabbing by a Palestinian Islamist

Philip Oltermann is the Guardian's Berlin bureau chief. He reports that the person who charged today into a Hamburg, Germany supermarket shouting Alluah Akbar and stabbing people, was a Palestinian Islamist. Read more here.

North Korea launched an intercontinental ballistic missile Friday

USA Today reports,
For the second time this month, North Korea launched an intercontinental ballistic missile Friday, sending the projectile 600 miles into the Sea of Japan.
Read more here.

Iran successfully tested a rocket that can deliver satellites into orbit

Reuters reports,
Iran successfully tested a rocket that can deliver satellites into orbit, state television reported on Thursday, an action the United States said breaches a U.N. Security Council resolution because of its potential use in ballistic missile development.
Read more here.

Charlie Gard dies

Ace remarks: Striking that this happens the day the GOP made its final stand in support of Socialized Medicine

"His death must occur on the day he arrives at the hospice, for insurance reasons!"

Lowering nicotine levels? Who would have thunk it?

Kevin Loria reports at Business Insider,
The FDA hopes to make smoking non-addictive, according to a new regulatory plan announced July 28.

As part of a series of new regulatory efforts to try to limit the harmful effects of tobacco, the agency plans to try to cut nicotine levels in cigarettes significantly.

In a press release, the FDA stated:

"The FDA plans to begin a public dialogue about lowering nicotine levels in combustible cigarettes to non-addictive levels through achievable product standards. The agency intends to issue an Advance Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (ANPRM) to seek input on the potential public health benefits and any possible adverse effects of lowering nicotine in cigarettes."

Mostly because of cigarette smoking, tobacco use is the leading cause of preventable death in the US and around the world. Tobacco kills more than 480,000 people a year in the US and costs society almost $300 billion annually in medical costs and lost productivity.

Almost 90% of people begin smoking before they turn 18, and the long-term use that comes with their addiction kills half of those life-long users.

Nicotine isn't the only cause of the diseases that come from smoking, but it is the chemical that hooks users because of the effects that it has on the brain. It's naturally found in tobacco leaves, though cigarette companies add chemicals that force tobacco to deliver more nicotine when burned.

Researchers have long speculated that cutting nicotine levels could make it far easier for smokers to quit and to avoid getting hooked in the first place. This isn't the first time the FDA has discussed this idea, but moving forward with a plan to limit nicotine would be a major step towards that goal.

There are obstacles to the plan, however, including figuring out to deal with the people currently addicted to nicotine and finding the best ways to prevent people from smoking far more cigarettes in order to get the psychoactive effects of nicotine that they crave. A "safe level" of nicotine would need to be established.

The FDA also announced plans to issue new regulations for products like cigars, pipe tobacco, and e-cigarettes.

It's likely that tobacco companies will fight the effort. Tobacco company shares plunged after the FDA announced the proposal.

“The overwhelming amount of death and disease attributable to tobacco is caused by addiction to cigarettes – the only legal consumer product that, when used as intended, will kill half of all long-term users,” said FDA Commissioner Dr. Scott Gottlieb in a statement.


Sundance reports at The Conservative Treehouse,
According to a report from The Hill, structured around the leaking of a letter sent by House Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes to the FBI, “The letter was provided to The Hill from a source in the intelligence community“, outlines a massive amount of unmasking done by Obama officials in 2016.

(Via The Hill) […] “We have found evidence that current and former government officials had easy access to U.S. person information and that it is possible that they used this information to achieve partisan political purposes, including the selective, anonymous leaking of such information,” Nunes wrote in the letter to Coats.

[…] In Thursday’s letter, Nunes said the total requests for Americans’ names by Obama political aides numbered in the hundreds during Obama’s last year in office and often lacked a specific intelligence community justification. He called the lack of proper justifications a “serious deficiency.”

His letter noted requests from senior government officials, unlike career intelligence analysts, “made remarkably few individualized justifications for access” to the U.S. names.

“The committee has learned that one official, whose position had no apparent intelligence related function, made hundreds of unmasking requests during the final year of the Obama administration,” Nunes wrote. “Of those requests, only one offered a justification that was not boilerplate.”

Sources familiar with the Nunes letter identified the official as then-U.N. Ambassador Samantha Power.

Power did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Nunes also wrote that “Obama-era officials sought the identities of Trump transition officials within intelligence reports.”

"Collusion between Russia and the FBI, via James Comey!"

Sundance reports at The Conservative Treehouse,
In congressional testimony today William Browder, CEO of Hermitage Capital, was testifying about the “Foreign Agents Registration Act” (FARA).

During Mr. Browder’s testimony the origin of the Fusion GPS ‘Russian Dossier’ was discussed. Browder stated the Russian government actually paid Fusion GPS to create the Steele propaganda dossier on candidate Donald Trump. That same dossier was used by the FBI in June/July 2016 to generate the FISA surveillance warrants against the Trump campaign.

...Yes, that actually means FBI Director James Comey was using propaganda commissioned by Russia to attack Trump, as the framework to launch his FBI investigation into candidate Donald Trump and Russian collusion.

Expanding the reality. This means the Russian collusion narrative the U.S. media has been running with for a year to attack Trump, was actually factual collusion between Russia and the U.S. FBI, via James Comey.
Read more here.

Bailing out insurance companies? Single payer? What do the Democrats want?

Sundance reports at The Conservative Treehouse,
John McCain Casts Legacy Vote Against American People – Votes To Continue ObamaCare…

At 1:45am on July 28th 2017, Republican Senator John McCain together with Lisa Murkowski and Susan Collins voted against the ObamaCare repeal in the Senate; ensuring the failing ObamaCare health care takeover and economic drag continues.

This should not come as a surprise. McCain has a legacy of voting against the American people to the benefit of his corrupt legislative corporate handlers. Yet, the vote was still blood-boiling in ramification and consequence.

Additionally, it should be noted for an accurate record that Nevada Republican Senator Dean Heller delayed his own roll call vote, skipped his name when called, until he was able to see that McCain cast the vote against America.

When Heller was safe – as in: able to hide his malicious intent and vote “aye” at the conclusion of the roll- he gave the appearance of support. A very typical albeit Machiavellian maneuver, customarily subtle and historically utilized by Senator Ted Cruz with few paying attention.

Senator McCain’s vote holds much larger ramifications than just the continuance of ObamaCare. Inherent within the retention is a reality that any tax reform, tax cuts to benefit the middle-class, will also necessarily be diminished.

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Scaramucci's efforts to stop leaks

Here is the report in the New Yorker by Ryan Lizza about his conversation with Anthony Scarramucci. As if the New Yorker is not far enough Left, please note at the bottom of the article that Lizza is also an on-air contributor for CNN. Lizza says Scaramucci called him because Lizza had tweeted citing a senior White House official about the President, Melania, Sean Hannity, Scaramucci, and the former Fox News executive Bill Shine having dinner at the White House. Scaramucci wanted to know who leaked it to Lizza.

How wise is it to speak to Leftist reporters?

Tucker interviews Jeff Sessions

Tucker Carlson followed Attorney General Sessions down to El Salvadore for an interview today. Sessions handled himself well, saying he recused himself from the Russian investigation in order to uphold the rule of law. Sessions is in El Salvadore for strategy meetings on how to stop the MS-13 gang.

Sessions is enthusiastic about some of the DOJ accomplishments, particularly in stopping illegal immigration and prosecuting criminals with guns.

Laura Ingraham hosts the remainder of the show, and interviews Newt Gingrich about the chaos in the White House.

Scaramucci's vulgarities, health care Vota Rama tonight, China, North Korea, Iran

Bret's Special Report tonight leads off with the story of Anthony Scaramucci's vulgar remarks about Reins Priebus and Steve Bannon.

Tonight is a health care Vota Rama in the US Senate.

Monday Chinese jets buzzed a US spy plane.

Tuesday a US Navy ship fired warning shots at an Iranian boat.

Wednesday North Korea was expected to launch another missile on the anniversary of Armistice Day, but it was delayed by weather.

Trump wants to step up policing of Iran's nuclear deal with the US.

An atheist's step too far, Sex Au Naturel

Andrew Klavan's opening monolog is as witty as usual. It includes many comments on the national news of the day.

A Berkeley radio or t.v station has canceled an interview with atheist Richard Dawkins, because he said something that offended Muslims. Dawkins has been saying offensive things about Christians for years, but that wasn't a reason for the Berkley station to avoid setting up an interview with him.

Andrew says, "What could be more tolerant than to be tolerant of complete intolerance?"

Andrew interviews the author of Sex Au Naturel, Patrick Coffin. Patrick is a Catholic who has a talk show.

"Turning journalism into a sewer!"

Feminists going to protest in Saudi Arabia

hat tip 90 Miles from Tyranny

Repeal and replace

W. James Antle III writes in the Washington Examiner,
...The Tea Party came to repeal and replace Obamacare. They ended up getting repealed and replaced themselves.
Read more here.

Where a special counsel is clearly needed

Roger L. Simon writes at PJ Media that we need a special counsel to investigate the crimes of the Pakistani IT employees of top Democrat officials.
Further, unlike Russiagate, this is an investigation that already has a crime (Awan will be arraigned August 21). It isn't in search of one. It's just trying to find out its extent wherever it leads. That's what special counsels do. And in this case, Sessions should make sure that, unlike Mueller, the new special counsel picks associates on both sides of the aisle. Unlike the biased Russia investigation, this should be even-handed. We want to believe its conclusions in the end.

There are a lot of shoelaces to be tied up here. Among them:

Why did Debbie Wasserman Schultz keep this man in her employ right up until he was arrested Tuesday night when he has been under suspicion for months. Does he have something on her or other people?

Why did Nancy Pelosi lie when she said she never heard of Awan? Email revealed by Wikileaks says Awan had access to Pelosi's iPad. (Wiklileaks has never been shown to be inaccurate.)

What is on the smashed hard drives Awan is trying to retrieve from the FBI? (Oh, those Democrats and their hard drives.)

Why is Awan suddenly being legally represented at the highest level by Clinton ultra-loyalist Chris Gowan -- a fact-checker for Bill Clinton's memoir of all things? (They are already using the same right-wing conspiracy baloney they used in the Lewinski case.) Does this make sense if Awan's just a low-life fraudster? Why not let him dangle?

Just what is the relationship, if any, between the Awan case and the unsolved Seth Rich murder? Is it entirely an accident that Debbie Wasserman Schultz's brother Steven is accused of blocking the investigation? Denials from Debbie aren't worth much anymore.
Where did the Wikileaks come from anyway? Was it really Russia?
Read more here.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017


What crimes is the president suspected of committing?

Andrew McCarthy writes at National Review,
...Sessions recused himself from the Russia counterintelligence investigation, and then Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein handed that counterintelligence investigation over to special counsel Robert Mueller. Consider how improper this is. Not only is Mueller invited to conduct a fishing expedition, with no specified crimes limiting his investigative jurisdiction, but counterintelligence probes are classified. Consequently, Mueller’s investigation proceeds in total secrecy: no boundaries on what may be examined, and no disclosures about what the special counsel is examining and why.

...Instead of badgering his attorney general on Twitter, perhaps the president could, you know, act like a president and instruct his Justice Department to comply with federal regulations. Sessions could be directed to consider whether his recusal complies with the regulation that limits disqualification to criminal investigations as to which there is a conflict. To the extent it does not, he should amend the recusal to conform to the regulation. Rosenstein could be directed to consider whether his appointment of a special counsel complies with the regulations that limit such appointments to criminal investigations or prosecutions as to which the Justice Department is conflicted. He could further be directed to specify exactly what potential crimes the special counsel is authorized to investigate.

Finally, after Rosenstein specifies the crimes, Mueller could be invited to seek an expansion of his jurisdiction if he can demonstrate that he has legitimately found evidence of other crimes. If this were done, if the regulations were followed, all of us, including the president, would know what crimes the president is suspected of committing . . . if there are any.
Read more here.

Fusion GPS in another smear campaign

Brooke Singman reports at Fox News,
Senate Democrats used a parliamentary maneuver Wednesday to cut short a high-profile hearing, where a key witness was set to testify on Russia's misdeeds and also raise fresh allegations against the company behind the infamous anti-Trump dossier.

Bill Browder, the CEO and co-founder of Hermitage Capital, was set to tell the Senate Judiciary Committee that the co-founder of the firm Fusion GPS was hired to conduct a "smear campaign" against him. Further, he planned to testify the campaign was orchestrated by Natalia Veselnitskaya -- the Russian attorney who sought the highly scrutinized Trump Tower meeting with Donald Trump Jr., Jared Kushner, and then-campaign chairman Paul Manafort in June 2016.

Browder released written testimony ahead of the hearing but his public remarks were delayed when Democrats invoked the "two-hour rule" to protest Republican efforts to repeal ObamaCare. The seldom-used rule bars committees from meeting more than two hours after the full Senate begins a session.
Read more here.

Media blackout of this story continues

Ace headlines this post, "Total CNN and MSNBC Blackout of Arrest of IT Guy Continues; Print Media Mentions the Story -- with Hilarious Understatement
Total blackout for facts which a non-corrupt media would find worth a mention:
In a media environment obsessed with the DNC hack, it turns out five individuals were abusing their access to the DNC email system while -- possibly -- committing an assortment of crimes.

* Imran Awan's wife (herself one of the IT 5) already fled to Pakistan, carrying $12,000 in cash with her.

* Imran Awan man himself wired $280,000 to Pakistan, then attempted to flee there.

* Debbie Wassman-Schultz has threatened "consequences" against the Capitol Police unless they return her hard drives before the police are done using them as evidence in a case they're investigating against the IT 5. Almost as if she has something to hide.

* Despite the IT 5 taking all sorts of liberties with the DNC email and passwords while the DNC freaks out about an email hack, and despite them doing shady shit on the side (Imran Awan was arrested for bank fraud), they somehow manage to land a big attorney with deep DNC/Clinton connections.

* The Daily Caller reported that stolen hard drives were recovered from Imran Awan "smashed" by hammers. (His new Friend of Bill lawyer denies this.)

* Despite all these goings-on, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz actually kept Imran Awan on the payroll for reasons unknown, even as he was subject of a Capitol Hill police probe. She only (finally!) fired him after his arrest, then refused comment.
Read more here.

Deals, Trump's temper, the voice of many people, what keeps us from turning to God's Love and Forviveness

Thriller writer Andrew Klavan imagines Chuck Schumer coming up with a deal to win over voters the Dems have lost. "The deal is, we'll pretend not to hate you, and you'll vote for us and then we'll hate you again!"

Andrew also talks about John McCain's incessant campaign to win over the New York Times, even though it is a dead newspaper.

Klavan is not happy about Trump losing his temper with Jeff Sessions.

Salena Zito of the New York Post traveled to Youngstown, Ohio yesterday to cover the Trump rally. Trump got a hero's welcome. He is the voice of so many people.

Andrew admonishes Trump: "Don't alienate your supporters. You are on the eve of great success!

Today is the day Andrew answers questions from listeners and viewers. One person asked about Satan. Andrew said Satan is the Accuser who tries to keep us from turning to the Love and Forgiveness of God.

They're not buyers of information, they're sellers! Guns for hire!

Comm shops-for-hire like Fusion GPS have assumed the role that the American press used to occupy. So writes LeeSmith at Medium.
You see, the Russian lawyer—often carelessly presented as a “Russian government lawyer” with “close ties to Putin”—Natalia Veselnitskaya, who met with Trump, also worked recently with a Washington, D.C. “commercial research and strategic intelligence firm” that is also believed to have lobbied against the Magnitsky Act. That firm, which also doubles as an opposition research shop, is called Fusion GPS—famous for producing the Russia dossier distributed under the byline of Christopher Steele, a former British intelligence agent for hire.

...As the founders of Fusion GPS surely understand, flexibility is a key recipe for success—and the more room you can occupy in the news cycle, the bigger the brand. After all, they’re former journalists—and good ones. Fusion GPS is the story of a few journalists who decided to stop being suckers. They’re not buyers of information, they’re sellers.

Fusion GPS was founded in 2009—before the social media wave destroyed most of the remaining structures of 20th-century American journalism—by two Wall Street Journal reporters, Glenn Simpson and Peter Fritsch. They picked up former colleagues from the Journal, Tom Catan, and Neil King, Jr., who were also well-respected by their peers. When the social media wave hit two years later, print media’s last hopes for profitability vanished, and Facebook became the actual publisher of most of the news that Americans consumed. Opposition research and comms shops like Fusion GPS became the news-rooms—with investigative teams and foreign bureaus—that newspapers could no longer afford.

...“they’re guns for hire. They were hired to dig up dirt on donors to Mitt Romney’s campaign, they were hired by Planned Parenthood after a video exposing some of the organization’s controversial practices.”

...Yet it is rare to read stories about comms shops like Fusion GPS because traditional news organizations are reluctant to bite the hands that feed them. But they are the news behind the news—well known to every D.C. beat reporter as the sources who set the table and provide the sources for their big “scoops.” The ongoing transformation of foundering, profitless news organizations into dueling proxies for partisan comms operatives is bad news for American readers, and for our democracy. But it is having a particularly outsized effect on reporting in the area of foreign policy, where expert opinion is prized—and easily bought—and most reporters and readers are only shallowly informed.

...Given the financial exigencies of a media whose business model had been broken by the internet, mismanagement, and the rise of social media as the dominant information platform, the prestige press sacrificed its independence for access to power.

Ironically, the seeds of the moral and physical collapse of the American press were planted at the moment of its greatest popular triumph—All the President’s Men. Not the book by Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein, but the 1976 film lionizing the work of journalists whose big story about the Watergate break-in and cover-up was based on information provided by a government official, who steered their reporting until he brought down the President of the United States. Oh sure, have it your way, Mark Felt—aka “Deep Throat”—was a whistleblower, a man of conscience serving the people he protected for decades as a federal agent. But he was also a man who wanted to become Director of the FBI, and became furious at Nixon for snubbing him for the top job. In other words, the hero of this epic tale was an embittered law enforcement official who instead of going public with what he knew about a crime, manipulated a vital American institution, the free press, to pay back his boss, while the reporters manfully withheld that information from their readers.

This is to take nothing away from the sedulous and detailed reporting of Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein. But the lesson of Watergate has been imprinted on two generations of journalists, and it was only a matter of time before it was raised to the level of a virtue in the Obama years—if you want to break real news, you need to ingratiate yourself with the mid to high-level officials who are in position to leak it to you. And then, the bottom fell out of the news business.

...The news media is dead broke. Print advertising is washed up and all the digital advertising that was supposed to replace lost revenue from print ads and subscribers has been swallowed up by Facebook and Google. But the good news is that people will still pay for stories, and it’s an awful lot easier to bill one customer than invoicing the 1,500 readers of your blog. The top customers for these stories are political operations.

...Most journalists lean to the left, and so do the majority of career officials who staff the federal government. There are more sounding boards on the left, and more sources. It’s not ideological, it’s business.

...the narrative has led the news, print and broadcast, nearly every day for seven months. The Great Kremlin Conspiracy has fueled the energies of the anti-Trump resistance and turned obscure twitter feeds into folk heroes. More importantly, it has helped obstruct the legislative and political agenda of an administration that has had no shortage of big problems of its own making without also being the target of what has turned out to be most innovative and successful campaign of political warfare in recent memory.
Read more here.

Is this pathetic?

Scientists building DNA from scratch

Malcom Ritter reports at,
...Some scientists look further into the future and see things like trees that purify water supplies and plants that detect explosives at airports and shopping malls.

Also on the horizon is redesigning human DNA. That's not to make genetically altered people, scientists stress. Instead, the synthetic DNA would be put into cells, to make them better at pumping out pharmaceutical proteins, for example, or perhaps to engineer stem cells as a safer source of lab-grown tissue and organs for transplanting into patients.

...Rewritten DNA has already been put to work in viruses and bacteria. Australian scientists recently announced that they'd built the genome of the Zika virus in a lab, for example, to better understand it and get clues for new treatments.

At Harvard University, Jeffrey Way and Pamela Silver are working toward developing a harmless strain of salmonella to use as a vaccine against food poisoning from salmonella and E. coli, as well as the diarrhea-causing disease called shigella.

A key goal is to prevent the strain from turning harmful as a result of picking up DNA from other bacteria. That requires changing its genome in 30,000 places.

"The only practical way to do that," Way says, "is to synthesize it from scratch."
The cutting edge for redesigning a genome, though, is yeast. Its genome is bigger and more complex than the viral and bacterial codes altered so far. But it's well-understood and yeast will readily swap man-made DNA for its own.
Read more here.

Can aging be slowed, or even reversed?

The UK Express reports,
To discover if adding stem cells to the hypothalamus counteract ageing, the researchers injected hypothalamic stem cells into the brains of middle-aged mice whose stem cells had been destroyed as well as into the brains of normal old mice.

In both groups of animals, the treatment slowed or reversed various measures of aging.

...hypothalamic stem cells appear to exert their anti-ageing effects by releasing molecules called microRNAs (miRNAs).

They are not involved in protein synthesis but instead play key roles in regulating gene expression.

The miRNAs are packaged inside tiny particles called exosomes, which hypothalamic stem cells release into the cerebrospinal fluid of mice.

The researchers extracted miRNA-containing exosomes from hypothalamic stem cells and injected them into the cerebrospinal fluid of two groups of mice - middle-aged mice whose hypothalamic stem cells had been destroyed and normal middle-aged mice.

The treatment "significantly slowed" ageing in both groups of animals as measured by tissue analysis and behavioural testing that involved assessing changes in the animals' muscle endurance, coordination, social behavior and cognitive ability.

Now the researchers are trying to identify the particular populations of miRNAs and perhaps other factors secreted by the stem cells that are responsible for the anti-ageing effects - a first step toward possibly slowing the ageing process and treating age-related diseases.

The ageing study was published online by the journal Nature.
Read more here.

Trump against allowing transgender individuals in the military

Mark Moore reports in the New York Post,
President Trump tweeted on Wednesday that “transgender individuals” should not be allowed to serve in “any capacity” in the US military.

“After consultation with my Generals and military experts, please be advised that the United States Government will not accept or allow​ …,” he wrote on Twitter.

“Transgender individuals to serve in any capacity in the U.S. Military. Our military must be focused on decisive and overwhelming …​”​

He finished up by writing: “victory and cannot be burdened with the tremendous medical costs and disruption that transgender in the military would entail. Thank you.”
Read more here.

Oregon Muse says it looks like CNN may have something right for once!

Read more here.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

"Yes, but!"

Mark Steyn opens up the mail bag today. Not surprisingly, the questions are all about demography. Mark for years has emphasized the importance of demographics.

One person asked him about moderate Muslims. Mark said we have been in pursuit of moderate Muslims since 9-11. Moderate Muslims have fertility rates similar to Europeans. Sharia Orthodox Muslims have much higher fertility rates.

In 1923 there were 14 million Turks living in secular Turkey. Today in Erdogan's Sharia Islam Turkey there are 80 million!

58% of British Pakistanis are married to their first cousin. Because of self-segregation 75% of Bradford, England Pakistanis are married to their first cousin! No assimilation.

Mark says, "A diminished fertility rate is a structural defect that cannot be corrected through immigration."

In 1860 the populations of France and Germany were almost the same. 50 years later Germany had 25 million more people than France.

His prediction for Sweden? Bicultural societies are inherently unstable. Sharia is the ascendant culture in Sweden.

Sessions, Tillerson, Gowdy, Kushner, Trump

McCain returns to the Senate to help the Republicans get a one vote majority in today's health care vote.

Trey Gowdy says Jeff Sessions doesn't work for the president. He works for the blindfolded woman holding a set of scales! He further characterized today's hearing in his committee as the Democrats cramming five minutes of questioning into 3 hours of questioning. Gowdy gave thumbs up to Jared Kushner's answers.

The US Navy fired warning shots at an Iranian vessel.

Trump is really unhappy with Jeff Sessions, who was one of the first politicians to support him. Trump questions even that, saying that Sessions saw 40,000 Alabamans showing up for a Trump rally, then jumped on the Trump train.

Tillerson is also taking a few days off at State, after some Trump criticism.

How Trump can fire Mueller

At Town Hall, Kurt Schlichter offers President Trump a way to lay the ground work for getting rid of Special Counsel Mueller and his team. Read it here.

Monday, July 24, 2017

Are you ready to have a microchip implanted in your hand?

Valerie Edwards reports at Daily Mail,
A Wisconsin company announced this week that it plans to install microchips in employees, but they are insisting there will be 'no GPS tracking'.

Three Square Market, a company that designs software for break room markets, is about to become the first in the US to offer microchip implants to its employees.

According to their press release, the program will be optional for employees and the company will begin implementation on August 1.
The implanted Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) chip will allow workers to make purchases in their break room micro market, open doors, login to computers, use the copy machine, among other things.

...Employees will have the chip implanted between the thumb and forefinger underneath the skin.
Read more here.

Bear chases over 200 sheep over a cliff

A brown bear in the French Pyrenees. The predators have been reintroduced to region after being wiped out by hunters. Photograph: Alamy
Sam Jones reports at The Guardian
More than 200 sheep have plunged to their deaths in the Pyrenees while apparently trying to escape a brown bear. The bears have been reintroduced to the mountain region over the past three decades after being wiped out by hunters.

The sheep, which belonged to a farmer in Couflens, south-west France, are thought to have taken fright when the bear appeared in the area last Sunday.

After the predator attacked one of the sheep, 209 others in the flock panicked and hurled themselves off a 200 metre-high cliff on the border between France and Spain. The bodies of 169 sheep were found the next day at the foot of the cliff in the Spanish village of Lladorre. The other dead animals were found in France.
Read more here.

"an immigrant-smuggling attempt gone tragically awry."

Frank Bajak and Nomann Merchant report for the Associated Press,
The tractor-trailer was pitch-black inside, crammed with maybe 90 immigrants or more, and already hot when it left the Texas border town of Laredo for the 150-mile trip north to San Antonio.

It wasn't long before the passengers, sweating profusely in the rising oven-like heat, started crying and pleading for water. Children whimpered. People took turns breathing through a single hole in the wall. They pounded on the sides of the truck and yelled to try to get the driver's attention. Then they began passing out.
By the time the driver stopped at a Walmart in San Antonio on Saturday night and opened the door, as many as eight passengers were dead and two more would soon die in an immigrant-smuggling attempt gone tragically awry.
The details of the journey were recounted Monday by a survivor who spoke to The Associated Press and in a federal criminal complaint against the driver, James Matthew Bradley, who could face the death penalty over the 10 lives lost.
Read more here.

Media credibility, integrity of our elections, the Somali-American cop, Victor Davis Hanson

John Hinderaker of PowerLine put together an excellent program today on his last day of subbing for Laura.

Thursday evening the Washington Post posted a story on the internet about Trump talking with his staff about his pardoning powers. Just as happens at the Post and/or the New York Times every day, it was a story based on anonymous sources, this time from within the White House itself. In their vendetta against Trump these two papers, along with all of the t.v. media except for Fox, shouldn't these outlets begin to lose credibility? I hope (and believe) that Scaramucci will ferret out these White House leakers. John Dowd, a Trump White House lawyer, called the Post on Friday and told them the story was bogus. But then on Saturday Trump tweeted about it, which just revived the original story!

Did Obama wire the entire White House to spy on Trump? That was a question asked by a caller to the show, and I think it is a good question. Related: can Trump have a private conversation with anyone?

Chris Kobach, the Kansas Secretary of State who is also the Vice Chair of the President's Election Integrity Commission, was a guest on the program. One expert estimated that there may be over 98,000 illegal aliens on the voter rolls of the state of Kansas alone! Did you know that for a small fee any one of us can go and get a copy of our state's voter rolls? Did you also know that the federal government has a list of names and addresses of people who have visas or green cards. That information has heretofore never been made available to any of the states! 30 states are cooperating in a consortium to prevent people from voting in more than one state in an election. Pew Research estimates that there are 1.8 million deceased people still on voter rolls. Minnesota Senator Al Frankin was elected by 385 votes, and at least 900 felons voted illegally in that election. Voter fraud is now part of the strategy in some local elections.

John also had an excellent segment on the case of the Australian woman shot in Minneapolis by a Somali-American cop. John closed the show with an interview of one of my favorite people, Victor Davis Hanson.

"Don't buy it!"

Carol Swain, Professor of Law and Political Science at Vanderbilt University asks, "Did the Republican and Democratic Parties just switch narratives in the 1960s?" The Republican Party had been the party of Lincoln, the party that emancipated African Americans from slavery and advocated for racial integration. The Democratic Party had been the party of Jim Crow and slavery. But suddenly this all flipped in the 1960s and 70s, a myth fabricated by Left-leaning journalists and elites. Three myths wrapped into one false narrative.

Myth #1 In order to be competitive in the South, Republicans started to pander to white racists in the 1960s. Fact: Republican in-roads into the South had been happening since Ike won 6 Southern states in 1956, after enforcing integration of the public schools.

Myth #2 Democratic Senators switched parties after passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Fact: only one Senator switched sides. The other 20 seats remained Democrats for the next two decades.

Myth #3 The majority of Congressional seats became Republican after Nixon implemented the Southern Strategy. Fact: not until 1994, 30 years after the Civil Rights Act.

Why is the South now solidly Republican? Because its values are pro-life, pro-gun, and pro-small government, not pro-racism! Blacks have moved back to the South from northern cities like Chicago and Detroit.

Southern whites are far more likely to vote for a conservative black, like Senator Tim Scott from South Carolina than a white liberal.

The myth of the Southern Strategy is just the Democrat's excuse for losing the South, and another reason to use the "racism" smear!

Run for office, Ms. Swain!

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Fox News Sunday

New White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci says he is going to be missile-locked on President Trump's agenda. I am impressed with him.

Why did Trump give an interview with the New York Times? I hope Scaramucci can dissuade Trump from doing that in the future.

Greg Gutfeld Show

President Trump wants a transparent border wall. If there are spaces where you can see someone throwing a bag of drugs over the wall, you can avoid being hit by the bag. I am not kidding. Tyrus thinks it is going to be a great attraction. People will come from all over to see this wall.

Tom Shillue ("Mean Dads") hosts the program as Greg Gutfeld gets a week off. I missed Greg.

News and humor from a conservative perspective

Watters World airs on Saturday nights. He has a lot of fun, and is as biased to the conservative side as all the other media is biased to the Left.

One segment showed how the race card is used by the media.

Another segment showed how the Minneapolis airport continues to fail TSA security checks.

Food stamps usage is at the lowest level in seven years.

CIA Director Mike Pompeo blasted the New York Times for revealing the name of the undercover officer in charge of CIA operations in Iran.

San Francisco is banning chocolate milk from school lunches.

"There is no level of derangement that is too far to go!"

What happens when an independent president hijacks the Republican party by winning over 17 candidates, takes the White House, and then finds that Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell somehow don't seem to be able to advance his policies in Congress!"

She never left!

I Am A Woman!

Guest post by Suzann Darnall

I am getting very tired of the Left, the so-called feminists, and political correctness devaluing women, girls, females, femininity, womanhood, motherhood, and just about anything that seems to have to do with being a bearer of the XX chromosome. There is constant babble about a war on women and it is true, there is a war on women. But, contrary to the lies being spread by the Left, the majority of the media, the so-called feminists, and the politically correct, that war is being waged not from the Right, not by the Conservatives, and most assuredly not by the majority of Christians. It is all about the so-called Progressives and their social engineering justice goals.

Women and girls are being forced to accept that biological males, who still have their masculine genitalia, will be sharing their bathrooms, showers, locker rooms, barracks, and competing against them on female sports teams. The females are being told they must adapt to the “transgender” male intruders, rather than these male intruders being told they must adapt to sharing their biologically correct spaces with non-transgender males.

The so-called feminists seem to be all about vaginas and breasts. They want to wear their little pink pussy-hats and go topless while protesting that women are seen only as sex objects and treated as second class citizens. They are constantly turning the conversation to their “lady parts”, yet are offended that someone else might actually mention lady parts or look at them someplace other than straight in the eyes. Well, guess what? If you constantly show that you care about nothing more than vaginas and breasts, how do you expect anyone else to see you as anything more than a life support system for those self-same lady parts???

I am very proud of being a woman. I have given birth to two daughters and have six granddaughters (as well as one grandson). Equality and rights for women are important to me. Very important. But, a bunch of man-hating feminists going topless, wearing pink pussy-hats, and leaving a ton of trash behind them after a senseless protest march is doing absolutely nothing to secure a single right for women that we do not already possess.

If these women are really worried about the rights of women, they should be protesting that biologically female athletes are now being forced to compete at a disadvantage against biologically male athletes who have decided they are actually girls. Or, maybe they should be raising heck about female genital mutilation being practiced in the United States, despite being a horrific practice that serves no purpose beyond de-humanizing the females who undergo this vile butchering. Perhaps they should be concerned about the number of female college students and female college graduates who have been so brainwashed by the false ideas of rape culture and white male privilege that they cannot function as normal, contributing members of a truly free society. There are very real problems that women in America face. There are even more real problems faced by women all around the world. But, they are not the problems being focused on by the very unfocused useful idiots of the Left and those who would use them for their own purposes.

American women have the right to vote, the right to bear arms, the right to free speech, in short, all the rights that American men possess. They have the right to medical care, including abortion, and the right to use birth control. They can gather for protests and speak out against tyranny, real or perceived. They have the right to marry as they wish or not marry as they wish. They can raise children, just adopt pets, or live life as a reclusive hermit. They can worship or not worship as they choose. They can work outside the home, work from home, or be a homemaker, wife, and/or mother.

But, even some of these rights are actually being challenged by those Leftist, so-called feminists. Women who choose to be stay-home wives and mothers have been under attack by feminists since the 1970s and they only get more hateful about it as the decades go by. Feminists are all about choice . . . so long as you choose as they specify. They want the right to spew any hateful vitriol they choose, yet they wish to deny others the same right to free speech. They are not only trying to limit the rights of women who do not agree with them, there are many who wish to curtail the rights and freedoms of men, just ‘cause they are male.

Well, I am here to say that they most assuredly do not speak for me! I like being a woman. I like men. I like children. I like being a stay-home wife. I like dressing up pretty and having my husband notice. I like being feminine, when I am not out doing septic maintenance, furniture building, fence repair, horse capturing, or something else a little less than prissy on our few acres here in Texas. I have cowboy boots for mucking and cowboy boots for dancing. I like when my husband takes me dancing and I don’t mind when I need to help him with mucking. I just like enough time to change into the proper boots.

Maybe if more Leftists, feminists, media-types, and the politically correct had to do some actual muck-raking they would realize that the crap they keep griping about is actually a great big pile of nothing. And, it might help if they went dancing once in a while to a really good Texas band in some small town after a rodeo. Just be sure to change out of the muck boots and into the dance boots, ‘cause horse manure makes for an unpleasant mess on the dance floor!

What's for dinner?

A little excitement to start the day. Colleen took out the trash. Under one of the trash cans appeared a five-foot long rattlesnake. Colleen tried to get it to just leave, but it kept coming back to the trash cans area. So Colleen got out the shovel and the snake started spewing venom everywhere. Colleen prevailed, as I could have warned the snake, except I was sound asleep.

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Nobody likes to lose fifty dollars!

This Florida man thought someone had stolen fifty dollars from his car. He called the police and gave them an address where his car was parked. Oh, and he also told them he is a drug dealer, and some cocaine had also been taken from the car. The deputy responded and found the cocaine, but not the fifty dollars. Read more here.

Little girl probably saved the lives of her father, herself, and who knows how many others!

Ginger Adams Otis reports in the New York Daily News an incredible story about a seven-year-old girl unbuckling her seat belt in the back seat of her father's Lexus, jumping into her father's lap, and driving the car. Dad was passed out on opioids, as the car was driving in rush hour traffic. An ambulance was right behind them and saw the whole thing. The EMT crew drove the ambulance just in front of the little girl and she bumped into the ambulance, thereby coming to a stop. Read more here.

A fast talking truth-teller!

Milo Yianopoluos says that this interview with NPR has resulted in
Broadcast deadlines have repeatedly come and gone and it has become obvious they have no intention of ever broadcasting it.
So, he publishes it himself on YouTube. Milo says he represents the younger end of American conservatism (thanks, Milo, that's the first time anyone has called me young in a long time!)

Milo says the average age of Fox viewers is in their 70s! Do you think that is true? I don't!

He said many gay organizations are now run by lesbians who do not care about AIDS, since they are not at risk.

Stop the hate? No, stop radical Islam!

"Undercutting our ability to do our job!"

How an anonymous leak to the New York Times undercut our military.

Having a protest on live national t.v.

Jesse Watters thinks we are going back to Trump-The-Campaigner. Juan Williams thinks the Scaramucci appointment signals that the Trump team is going to do battle with special Counsel Mueller.

Do you want to get praised to the heavens? Be a Police Chief in Minneapolis who has just tendered your resignation to the Mayor. But then, a man in a crowd of protesters starts yelling at the Mayor! He is not satisfied with just the resignation of the police chief; he and fellow protesters want the mayor to go, too! To back up his persuasive appeal, he wears a shirt that exclaims, "I AM A MAN!" The protesters also claim to be "TAXPAYERS!" They refer to themselves as activists and organizers fighting for their freedom!

One of the Five, a Democratic consultant named Chris, notes that there is a process for redress. It is called holding elections, and he wonders how many of the protesters actually vote.

For many days, the police department said nothing about the shooting of the pajama-clad woman who called 911.

Jesse Watters notices that most of the successful people in the Trump administration have business, rather than political backgrounds.

Too many cooks in the kitchen, we are governed mostly by unelected bureaucrats, the Russian meal ticket, an obsession with white women

Sean Spicer says he resigned when Scaramucci was hired because he wanted to avoid a situation in which there might have been "too many cooks in the kitchen."

Former Bush speechwriter Ned Ryun believes we are mostly being governed by the unelected bureaucrats. Leaking classified information on Americans is punishable by ten years in prison. Convict five or six of these deep state bureaucrats, and maybe the leaks will slow down!

Both the Democrats and the media believe staying on the Russian thing is their meal ticket.

One of my favorite pundits is Jason Whitlock, who usually reports on sports. He was on the show responding to a New York Times reporter named Greg Howard, a black man who has a private and a public view of white women. Privately he lusts after white women. Publicly he complains about the fact that they will not get out of his way when he is walking on New York streets. Jason analyzes the psychology of the man's obsession with white women.

Removing gang members

Sundance reports at The conservative Treehouse,
Many people might be familiar with the 2013/2014/2015 “Unaccompanied Alien Children” (UAC) crisis which stemmed from a specific President Obama policy/construct to allow a massive influx of South American migrants to enter the U.S.

Despite most media reports to the contrary, a considerable number of those UAC’s were teen and young gang members from South America, including MS-13 members. The aliens were granted entry by the Obama administration, supported by false assertions of refugee status and shipped to various regional locales.

Senator Ted Cruz, Media personality Glenn Beck and current NRA spokeswoman Dana Loesch were part of the insufferable campaign to facilitate the influx. We know this, because CTH investigated the origin and large-scale purpose of the entire program. As time progressed it did not take long for many of these “UAC’s” to begin reengaging in illicit criminal activity in their relocated areas.

Today Reuters is reporting DHS intends to specifically target these illegal UAC criminal gang members for deportation.

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – U.S. immigration agents are planning nationwide raids next week to arrest, among others, teenagers who entered the country without guardians and are suspected gang members, in a widening of President Donald Trump’s crackdown on illegal immigrants.

The raids are set to begin on Sunday and continue through Wednesday, according to an internal memo seen by Reuters. The teenagers targeted will be 16- and 17-years-old.

The raids represent a sharp departure from practices during the presidency of Barack Obama. Under Obama, minors could be targeted for deportation if they had been convicted of crimes, but were not arrested simply for suspected gang activity or membership.

U.Sg. Immigration and Customs Enforcement said in a statement that a person can be identified as a gang member if they meet two or more criteria, including having gang tattoos, frequenting an area notorious for gangs and wearing gang apparel.
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Taiwan has to pay up

Wilbur Ross is trumping Taiwan. Sundance reports at The Conservative Treehouse,
...The Commerce Department determined that exporters from Taiwan have sold steel concrete reinforcing bar in the United States at 3.50 percent to 32.01 percent at less than fair value based on factual evidence provided by the interested parties.

The Commerce Department will instruct U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) to collect cash deposits from importers of steel concrete reinforcing bar from Taiwan based on these final rates.

“The United States can no longer sit back and watch as its essential industries like steel are destroyed by foreign companies unfairly selling their products in the U.S. markets,” said Secretary Ross. “We will continue to take action on behalf of U.S. industry to defend American businesses, their workers, and our communities adversely impacted by unfair imports.”

...Antidumping laws provide U.S. businesses and workers with an internationally accepted mechanism to seek relief from the harmful effects of dumping unfairly priced products into the United States. Commerce currently maintains 404 antidumping and countervailing duty orders which provide relief to American companies and industries impacted by unfair trade.
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The ‘America First’ Trump-Trade Doctrine upsets the entire construct of this multinational export/control dynamic."

Once again Sundance at The Conservative Treehouse is performing a valuable service to his readers by explaining how the world works economically. Excerpts:
The process of charging the U.S. consumer more for a product, that under normal national market conditions would cost less, is a process called exfiltration of wealth.

It is never discussed.

To control the market price some contracted product may even be secured and shipped with the intent to allow it to sit idle (or rot). It’s all about controlling the price and maximizing the profit equation. To gain the same $1 profit a widget multinational might have to sell 20 widgets in El-Salvador (.25¢ each), or two widgets in the U.S. ($2.50/each).

Think of the process like the historic reference of OPEC (Oil Producing Economic Countries). Only in the modern era massive corporations are playing the role of OPEC and it’s not oil being controlled, it’s almost everything.

Individual flower growers in Florida out of business because they didn’t join the global market of flower growers (controlled market) by multinational corporate flower growers in Columbia and South America, who have an umbrella company registered in Mexico allowing virtually unrestricted access to the U.S. market under NAFTA.

Agriculturally, multinational corporate Monsanto says: ‘all your harvests are belong to us‘. Contract with us, or you lose because we can control the market price of your end product. Downside is that once you sign that contract, you agree to terms that are entirely created by the financial interests of the larger corporation; not your farm.

The multinational agriculture lobby is massive. We willingly feed the world as part of the system; but you as a grocery customer pay more per unit at the grocery store because domestic supply no longer determines domestic price.

Within the agriculture community the (feed-the-world) production export factor also drives the need for labor. Labor is a cost. The multinational corps have a vested interest in low labor costs. Ergo, open border policies. (ie. willingly purchased republicans not supporting border wall etc.).

This corrupt economic manipulation/exploitation applies over multiple sectors, and even in the sub-sector of an industry like steel. China/India purchases the raw material, ore, then sells the finished good back to the global market at a discount. Or it could be rubber, or concrete, or plastic, or frozen chicken parts etc.

The ‘America First’ Trump-Trade Doctrine upsets the entire construct of this multinational export/control dynamic. Team Trump focus exclusively on bilateral trade deals, with specific trade agreements targeted toward individual nations (not national corporations). ‘America-First’ is also specific policy at a granular product level looking out for the national interests of the United States, U.S. workers, U.S. companies and U.S. consumers.

Under President Trump’s Trade positions, balanced and fair trade with strong regulatory control over national assets, exfiltration of U.S. national wealth is essentially stopped.

This puts many current multinational corporations, globalists who previously took a stake-hold in the U.S. economy with intention to export the wealth, in a position of holding contracted interest of an asset they can no longer exploit.
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Friday, July 21, 2017

"Sociopathic, narcissistic side of him," sleeping in the library

On Special Report tonight OJ Simpson's 2008 defense attorney, Yale Galanter, was asked if thought OJ would follow the advice of his attorneys upon his release from prison. His answer surprised me, coming from a former defense attorney: "His sociopathic, narcissistic side of him will probably not let him follow my advice or the advice of his current attorneys." He gets to keep receiving $25,000 a month from the NFL, and he lost a $33.5 million civil suit filed against him by the families of Nicole and Ron. Do you think they will ever see a penny of that?+

Also on tonight's show there is a report on Denver homelessness, which is up 13% from last year. Rents are high, and people are coming there because of legalized recreational marijuana. There are shelters, but they have rules: no drugs or alcohol, and leave your belongings outside. Many homeless people are sleeping in the Denver library.

Scaramucci, Mueller

Yesterday in discussing the case of the baby named Charlie Gard, Rush Limbaugh emphasized that America's health care is the best in the world. Millennials have been told that Cuba's is better! Rush admits that "the federal government gums it up by trying to regulate it, price it, make cozy deals with insurance companies."

Rush also raised a question: why are Republicans not scared that voters will remove them from office for failing to repeal and replace Obamacare? The answer: they are not scared of the voters. They are scared of losing financial support from donors and lobbyists, who are calling the shots on healthcare reform legislation.

Today Rush focussed some time on the appointment of Scaramucci as White House Communications Director. Where have we heard of Scaramucci? CNN had to fire three reporters after they ran a fake story about him being connected to Russia. They retracted the story when he threatened to sue.

Most of Rush's show today talked about the Mueller investigation. Rumor is that the Mueller team is looking at details of Trump's career before he ran for president. There is no crime. The Mueller team is wandering far and wide, with no parameters. Next they will be gunning for Trump's tax returns. They will be leaking all along the way to 2020. Trump's choice will be either to fire Mueller or pardon all of his friends and family, and maybe even himself! If he shuts it down, his voters will applaud. They elected him to fight back against the Left.