Thursday, June 29, 2017

Illegal immigrant criminals day in Congress

Trump gives voice today to victims of illegal immigrant crime. We actually have a president who wants to protect American citizens from criminals! Two bills are coming up for vote in Congress today. One is Kate's Law, and the other is No Sanctuary for Criminals. Bill O'Reilly is a guest on Laura's program, as is Eric Bolling. Both cannot see how any politician would be able to vote against either of those laws and still be re-elected.

I have noticed that every time Rand Paul meets in private with the president, he comes out in praise of how open Trump is to his ideas. Rand Paul is obviously very sharp. He has suggested that the healthcare bill be divided into two parts. One would be repeal of Obamacare, which would get support from Republicans. The other would be spending, which would get support from Democrats.

Even though the two bills on illegal immigration are going to be big winners for Trump, he spends time this morning talking about Mika Brzezinski's face lift. Laura believes the White House, from Trump on down, needs more message discipline. When she worked for Reagan, they agreed on a "message of the day," which was enforced at every cabinet department.

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