Friday, June 23, 2017

"There might be tapes," Nancy Pelosi is not going to go silently into the night, the big issue with healthcare is cost

Laura Ingraham loves how Trump outfoxed Comey by saying, "There might be tapes."

Was Mother Theresa right when she said, "Americans have too many things?" Do we all need to set aside quiet time every day for prayer and meditation?

A judge stopped the deportation of some Iraqi Christians.

Nancy Pelosi, "I'm an ardent Catholic," is not going to go silently into the night. The Dems don't have enough votes to get rid of her as party leader. She is very good at fundraising, and what is more important to politicians? Trump is having fun saying, "let her stay!" He also wants "Cryin Chuck" Schumer to stay.

We the people want good jobs, rule of law, secure borders, the pursuit of happiness!

Senators Ron Johnson of Wis., Mike Lee, Ted Cruz, and Rand Paul are holding back on endorsing the health care "reform and replace." Laura had as a guest a Cardiologist who writes for Lifezette. He says the big issue is with cost. If you own stock in health insurance companies, pharmaceuticals, or hospitals, then you are happy with this bill. It is just one indication of how corrupt our government has become.

Obamacare did absolutely nothing to address the cost of healthcare, and neither does this repeal and replace bill.

Larry Sabato was Laura's last guest. He notes that at age 77 Nancy Pelosi is actually middle age when comparing her with her peers in Congress! He also notes that between the time when they are elected and being sworn in, Congress people have already had to do lots of fundraisers!

Sabato also thinks there will be a third party candidate who will be a force in 2020.

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