Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Impeachment, obstruction of justice and the "corrupt" motive?

Laura asks, if Ossoff comes close to winning in Georgia today, how will the media slant its coverage? "A massive Trump defeat?" Ossoff blames his girlfriend being enrolled in medical school for why he does not live in the 6th District, where today's election takes place. He says it is only ten minutes away. Why can't his girlfriend commute the ten minutes?

Gordon Chang is a guest on the program, talking about tomorrow's high-level meeting with China. After refusing one cargo ship of North Korean coal right after meeting with Trump in Florida, the Chicoms have been buying North Korean coal and other minerals. Chang says it is time for Trump to put some severe costs on China. Chinese banks money launder for North Korea in the US. Chang believes the Chinese economy is fragile. North Korea has at least three more Americans in custody. We have a 309 billion dollar trade deficit with China. Their economy is geared to trade with America, whereas our economy is not geared to trade with China.

Laura talks about the purchase of Whole Foods by Amazon. She prefers cashiers to machines. "There is nothing like an engaged cashier to help you enjoy your shopping experience." I completely agree! A caller brought up the issue of so many people not being able to pass drug and background checks as being a reason why so many stores are automating check outs.

Judge Napolitano came on to talk about impeachment and obstruction of justice. There must be a "corrupt" motive. Can someone please explain this to me? Napolitano did, but I still don't get it.

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