Saturday, June 24, 2017

'The Clintons are the acid reflux of the Democratic Party," Using speech to hide truth, the Hollywood left's assassination fetish, why North Korea did not keep Dennis Rodman.

Greg Gutfeld says the Clintons are the acid reflux of the Democratic Party. Hillary may lose her security clearance. Greg points out how Democrats use speech to hide the truth. Investigation? No, "matter." Terror? No, "man-caused disaster'" or "workplace violence."

Considerable discussion about Johnny Depp's remarks that "maybe it's time" for an actor to assassinate a president again. Greg pointed out that if Depp really wanted to say something dangerous in Hollywood, he could say something good about Trump! Kimberley points out that Depp does have a history of domestic violence, including throwing his phone at his wife. His threat should be taken seriously.

Dennis Rodman also got a lot of air time on last night's program. Greg wondered aloud why North Korea didn't keep him. Probably because it wouldn't have been possible to put him in a coma. Get it? You have to have a brain to be put in a coma.

Jesse Watters gets under Jesse Ventura's skin. That will be on tonight's Watter's World.

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