Thursday, June 29, 2017

Donald Trump's tweets, Wonder Woman, Women keeping fit to please their husbands

Here is a podcast featuring Mollie Hemingway and David Harsanyi, both of whom are senior editors as The Federalist, which is one of the best websites on the internet. Mollie is clearly one of the most knowledgeable people analyzing politics. I have enjoyed following David since his days at the Denver Post. I am sorry David is having such a hard time appreciating the Trump presidency, although he does like the Gorsuch nomination. I like his sense of humor.

On this podcast they discuss Donald Trump's tweets and the bad way the media has functioned for many years. Now every Republican will be asked by the media to comment on Trump's tweet about Mika's facelift mishap. My reaction was to immediately chuckle when I saw the tweet. However, it detracts from the other things Trump is doing, such as today's immigration legislation.

A woman named Inez wrote a story at The Federalist about the importance of married women keeping fit to please their husbands. We are supposed to pretend that sex itself doesn't exist. The media has had a big fit over the Inez article.

Mollie liked the Wonder Woman movie!

"Be lovers of freedom and anxious for the fray!"

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