Monday, June 26, 2017

Escaping Leftist nannyism

Cumberland Astro writes at Ace of Spades,
Since Donald Trump was elected I have seen a spate of local news stories about companies building, expanding, or investing in manufacturing plants within a 50-mile radius of Chattanooga. With these new plants, there will be hundreds of new manufacturing jobs. Although pundits in Washington who are much smarter than me (just ask them) keep saying that manufacturing in America is dead, I'm observing a multitude of companies behaving otherwise, including several foreign companies. I don't think the Acela crowd is aware that manufacturing is expanding in business-friendly states.

A semi-skilled worker could live fairly well in Dayton, TN for $45k per year, especially if his spouse is also bringing home a paycheck. Even better, Dayton is so far from DC that the factory's employees can work at their factory job without hearing Democrats call them "deplorables" or having Acela Republicans shrieking at them "YOUR JOB IS NOT COMING BACK!" Donald Trump wants these working class Americans employed, but it genuinely seems that a lot of politicians in both parties want to see them contrite, broken, and out of work. Many Republicans would rather a Chinese peasant be lifted out of poverty by one of these jobs than have it stateside so a small-town Alabaman can live a middle-class life.

Below is a sample of what I am referring to.

400 new jobs coming to Dayton, TN as Nokian Tyres opens plant


Mohawk creating 380 jobs, investing $70 million in new Alabama fiber operation

Walmart to invest in 442 textile jobs at Renfro Corp. in Fort Payne, AL

Mohawk building new Tennessee plant, creating 245 jobs

Wacker starts work on $150 million plant expansion in Bradley County (Cleveland, TN)

Aerotek to hire over 200 more production workers for VW plant (Chattanooga)

My wife and I (age early 50s) moved from Austin (our hometown) to Chattanooga in 2016 in part because we could no longer tolerate the suffocating left wing nannyism of the Austin ruling class. The evangelists of the Sustainable Organic Church Of The Carbon Apocalypse have taken control of Austin city government and were closing roads, evicting Uber, criminalizing grocery bags, downsizing parking spots, and engaging neighborhood volunteers to train/spy on residents' recycling and composting compliance. There is another whole story about how Americans are self-segregating themselves into politically compatible locales. I've ceded Austin to the fascist left, and I want to live in a community where I can fight to preserve the conservative-liberty culture.

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