Saturday, June 24, 2017

What is the new way to be clever and virtuous?

I was only able to listen to 41 minutes of this Mark Steyn interview with author Douglas Murray, but I enjoyed it, and I plan to finish it ASAP.

Politicians in Europe are totally changing the societies they are supposed to be looking after!

Murray says Europe suffers from thought diseases. "It's about us! It is about Islam, but it could have been anything that is assertive." Europeans need to "shake off the guilt!" No one predicted any of this. No one asked any of the serious questions.

Europeans are indulging in masochism. "The great problem for masochists is what happens when they meet a real sadist! We are meeting our sadists. You're in the bondage section, and you suddenly realize there is no safe word!"

"On the minus side, we've got a bit more gang rape and beheading than we used to have, but on the plus side, we've got a wider range of cuisine!"

The way millennials are persuaded to look at the world, everything is about "I'm great, you're Hitler! I'm good, you're evil. Hear me roar!"

What happens when two things thought to be virtues are in competition? Take mercy and justice. In the search to be merciful, we've grown up on the idea that there should not be any justice for the people of Europe. You've inherited something that is not being passed on. You've destroyed the whole thing for your short-term misunderstanding gains.

Traditions? Our students are taught mainly how to war on traditions. That is the new way to be clever and virtuous.

American youth do not think free speech matters.

Once you recognize there is a hole inside you, you don't necessarily turn back to what you've lost!

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