Thursday, June 22, 2017

"Revenge of the Swamp!"

Another jam-packed Laura Ingraham Show. Trump left D.C.'s sound and fury (signifying nothing) last night, and went to the heartland, where it all started! Laura thinks he should get out of D.C. at least a couple times a week. Not just for big rallies, but to have direct contact with Americans of all walks of life.

An historian compared Trump with North Korean dictator Kim Jon Il, which, a caller points out, if true, the historian would now be in jail doing hard labor!

Trump is criticized for joking that he does not want to put a poor person in charge of the economy. Roger Stone reminded us that Obama sent a social worker to do the deal with Iran!

How can we know when Trump did well? By the ferocity of the media response!

Stone points out that people like Zuckerberg and Bezos, when they cannot argue on the merits, fall back to censorship!

Stone refers to Comey, Mueller, and Rosenstein as the three amigos, who have worked together through the Clinton, Bush, and Obama years. Where is the crime? There is no reason for a prosecutor if there is not a crime! Mueller met with Comey to prepare him for his Senate testimony, in which he admitted that he leaked in order to get a special counsel appointed! The Mueller investigation is the "Revenge of the Swamp!"

Establishment Republicans have been appointed to high positions. Elaine Chow is McConnell's wife. Dina Powell is a close friend of Valerie Jarret and Huma Abedin! Powell is now Deputy National Security Advisor!

Laura takes a close look at the Muslim girl in Virginia who was killed by an illegal immigrant from El Salvador with a baseball bat. The media is downplaying the fact that he was here illegally.

Mueller was head of the FBI when they investigated Fox News's James Rosen and his parents! Mueller also tried to coordinate with Lois Lerner in prosecuting conservative groups Lerner was targeting at the IRS.

Tom Fitton is a guest on today's program. Russia collusion? How about when Hillary was Secretary of State and her husband was paid huge sums of money for a speech, money which was deposited in Bill and Hillary's joint bank account.

Where was the FBI held accountable after 9-11? The circumstances of Mueller's appointment were corrupted by Comey's testimony.

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