Friday, June 30, 2017

Stay on message! Trade imbalance with South Korea, missionaries in Uganda, Syria, Iraq, and Burma

Laura admits that media like MSNBC and CNN have been obsessed with ridiculing Trump since the day after he was elected, but she begs Trump not to give them oxygen. Joe and Mika are desperately trying to get attention. They lied to their viewers about their relationship, all the while having an affair cheating on their spouses.

Anyway, the media branding machine has been seeking to Get Trump since the day after he was elected. Trump's team should thwart their efforts by staying on message. Focus on what you are doing for the American people.

Laura notes that words matter, actions don't. By that she is referring to the behavior of the impeached Bill Clinton, who took action against many women. Trump uses words to tear down Mika, and the press goes berserk! What did the press and Democrats do with Bill Clinton's sexual escapades?

Trump has the South Korean president in DC today, and he is telling him that the trade imbalance has got to end.

Laura ends the program with interviews with a former special ops guy who is now a missionary to the people of Burma, Iraq, and Syria.

Her final guests are Christians working in Uganda, which has taken in hundreds of thousands of refugees. Uganda is 86% Christian.

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