Wednesday, June 28, 2017

God, Family, Country

Guest post by Suzann Darnall

My husband and I just got home earlier this week from a visit with my parents. We are now in the process of preparing for a visit from one of his older sisters. So, family is very much on my mind. And, with thoughts of family always comes thoughts of how much my family has been blessed, so God comes right along for the ride on my brain-train!

As we are heading into the start of July, I naturally think of Independence Day, too. A visit to my folks was a definite preparatory event for celebrating the Fourth of July! Mom and Dad have a home bedecked with antiques, art, family history, military memorabilia, Christian keepsakes, various collectibles, and Americana. It is like going to a miniature museum. There is something fascinating in pert near every corner of just about any room. Even the front porch and backyard are bedecked with mementos and crafts. There are so many memories and new experiences each time I walk through their door. But, above all else one is reminded of God, family, and country.

We are a very patriotic bunch. My family very much values freedom. It is freedom that allows us to worship our God as we will. It is this great country and its founding which allows us the freedom to live where we chose and raise our families as we wish. Our family literally spreads from coast-to-coast of this beautiful and bountiful land. We have a niece who lives in Maryland and I have a brother who lives in Oregon. My husband has siblings who reside in West Virginia and I have family living in Colorado. We then have more siblings, nieces, and nephews scattered about, as well as our children and grandchildren living right here in Texas.

My parents are preparing to celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary. I made them a quilt as our gift. Its theme is “Somebody in Texas loves you.”. I included pictures of my husband, our daughters, our sons-in-law, our grandchildren, and myself. I also had each member of the “Texas contingent” share a message for my folks. The quilt has pictures on one side and messages on the other. It is done in all red, white, and blue Texas or western-themed fabrics. It reminds me of family and freedom.

Why? ‘Cause not only do my husband and I now live in Texas, as well as both our daughters, but two of my brothers were born in Texas, as well as all of my grandchildren. Also, as I grew up, we lived in Texas three times when the Air Force stationed my father here. And, I can never think of Texas without being reminded of the Alamo, another fight for freedom from oppression. It strides side-by-side in my mind with the American revolution. People willing to give their all to achieve liberty. Not just the men, but the women and children sacrificed as well. We must never forget that families lived where battles were fought on American soil and families were inside the Alamo walls. The cost of freedom is a family expense. Always!

So, as I savor the memories of my recent visit with my parents in their home which is such a charming and interesting tribute to God, family, and country, I will also be sharing Texas and our family with my sister-in-law and her oldest grandson. We will do lots of familial visiting, go see the Alamo, and celebrate Independence Day a bit early by attending the Annual Wimberley VFW July 4th Pro Rodeo. We will attend church together on Sunday. We will, in short, celebrate God, family, and country! We will just do it a tad more Texas-style!

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