Friday, April 20, 2018

Raising questions about Robert Mueller's historical record

Mollie Hemingway writes in The Federalist,
...If there’s one word to describe the media’s relationship to Mueller, it’s “unquestioning.”

...The media and establishment DC who reflexively defend Mueller haven’t explained how they came to trust him so completely. It’s a question worth asking given the bumpy historical record of Mueller’s tenure as FBI director from 2001 to 2013.

The Anthrax Bungling
Shortly after the terrorist attacks in 2001, letters containing anthrax were mailed to media outlets and the offices of Sens. Tom Daschle, D-S.D., and Patrick Leahy, D-Vt., killing five people and infecting 17 others. The FBI quickly focused on an innocent man named Steven Hatfill, relentlessly pursuing him for years while the real killer walked free. As Carl Cannon wrote about the botched case, ridiculous and aggressive methods were used to go after the wrong man.

...Mueller placed Special Agent Van Harp in charge of the initial investigation. He had been “accused of misconduct and recommended for discipline for his role in a flawed review of the deadly Ruby Ridge standoff,” according to a Washington Post report. He had helped “prepare an incomplete report on the 1992 Ruby Ridge siege that had the effect of protecting high-level FBI officials, according to a confidential 1999 report by the Justice Department’s Office of Professional Responsibility.”

As aggressive as Mueller can be about pursuing the wrong man, he showed surprising leniency and laxity when it came to the case of Samuel “Sandy” Berger, a Clinton White House national security adviser. In the run-up to testifying before the 9/11 Commission that sought to examine the failures that led to those terrorist attacks, Berger visited the National Archives to review classified documents with his notes on them.

But instead he intentionally removed and destroyed multiple copies of a classified document the commission should have reviewed for national security purposes, and lied to investigators about it. He was found to have stuffed the documents in his socks and otherwise hidden them. His punishment was that he was allowed to plead guilty in 2005 to a single misdemeanor. He served no jail time but had to give up his security clearance for three years.

Here are the other issues Mollie writes about concerning Mueller's FBI history:
Republican Scooter Libby Charged, But Not The Leaker

Republican Ted Stevens Railroaded

An Israeli Spy Ring That Wasn’t

Incompetent Supervision

She concludes,
The media should not be so quick to gloss over these mistakes solely because of anti-Trump animus. Journalists who take their role seriously should be skeptical of powerful government institutions and how they can abuse their authority.
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Have Columbine's lessons been learned?

Remember Columbine? Those of us who were living in Colorado at the time surely do. Robby Soave laments in Reason's Hit and Run blog that Columbine's lessons have not been learned.
The press, the public, and policymakers are often ignorant, and doing the wrong thing can be just as counterproductive as not doing anything. In the wake of Columbine, so-called experts completely misdiagnosed the causes of the crime, and they decided to implement "safety" policies that gravely undermined students' rights without making schools any safer.

On April 20, 1999, two teenagers, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, marched into Columbine High School in Columbine, Colorado, and murdered 12 students and one teacher. They had planned to use explosives to kill many, many more, but their bombs failed to detonate.

Desperate for answers, the media quickly seized on "bullying" as its preferred explanation: Harris and Klebold were unpopular kids who had been brutally mistreated by their classmates, until finally they snapped and decided to shoot up the school as an act of revenge.

The journalist Dave Cullen has done excellent work debunking this and other myths associated with Columbine. No, Harris and Klebold weren't notably victimized by bullying. No, they didn't want revenge on specific students—they didn't specifically target jocks, Christians, popular kids, or any other group of students during their rampage. No, they weren't part of a cult. Neither comic books nor violent video games nor goth culture were responsible for the attack.

Harris, according to Cullen, was a true psychopath: He enjoyed hurting people because he hated them and thought himself superior. Klebold was depressed and suicidal, and he largely followed Harris's lead. As Cullen wrote in Slate many years ago:

What [Harris] was really expressing was contempt.

He is disgusted with the morons around him. [His diaries] are not the rantings of an angry young man, picked on by jocks until he's not going to take it anymore. These are the rantings of someone with a messianic-grade superiority complex, out to punish the entire human race for its appalling inferiority.
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How long will it take before Google implodes?

In PJ Media, Tom Knighton reports,
Google may now be questioning the wisdom of firing James Damore. While his memo caused all kinds of internal strife at the ideologically restrictive workplace, it seems his lawsuit for wrongful termination may cause bigger headaches -- especially since three new plaintiffs have joined in recent days.

The lawsuit alleges that managers had to undergo a training course called "Inclusive Perf," which was required for some managers and optional for others. A handout from the course reportedly warned managers against "rewarding people when they exhibit values and practices that are part of the dominant, and either punishing or failing to reward people when they exhibit values that are outside the of the dominant cultural norm."

The handout also reportedly listed qualities valued by the "dominant white/male culture" such as objectivity, believing in meritocracy, and being colorblind toward race.

...In a business, meritocracy is the only viable option -- especially for a publicly owned company. People who rise up the food chain on anything other than merit will cause problems for the company, and could cause legal problems for those with fiduciary responsibility.

Objectivity is the foundation of logic. To claim objectivity is somehow wrong, racist, or anything negative is nothing more than postmodernism's ridiculous idea that facts are subjective. That a tech company -- where a product either produces the right output or it fails -- could praise such nonsense is breathtaking.

Right now, Google is an 800 lb. gorilla in the tech industry, one of several. They're thriving despite this training, not because of it. However, sooner or later Google will implode if these ideas guide more and more of its decisions.
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Will colleges collapse under the weight of their own Leftism?

What facts made you a conservative? Bookworm takes the time to answer that question. Here some of the facts she cited that I liked best.
39. The US would be a better place if our colleges and universities collapsed under the weight of their own Leftism. They are a virus that infects all the institutions to which they send their graduates: the media, K-12 education, more colleges and universities, the entertainment world, and corporate America.

37. No Leftist is a true patriot because, as Obama said, all Leftists want to “fundamentally transform” America. And if you want fundamental transformation, you really hate the thing the way it is.

25. Common sense agrees with studies showing that the surest way to leave poverty behind in America is to get educated, get a job, get married, have children, and stay married — in that order.
Read all 39 here.

What does it mean to be human in the face of technological and scientific advancements?

"F" the law" is a bizarre thing to say when you are in law school!"

Kids who are living in an America that doesn't exist. An America that was built for t.v.

Wherever the Left takes power, they become tyrants, because they are living in a false world!

Hillary was the corporate candidate!

When you are living in a fake world, you've got to keep everybody frightened so they don't find out reality.

Andrew's guest is Alastair Roberts, author of Echoes of Exodus. He can be found at a blog called Mere Fidelity.There is an incipient transhumanism at work. The belief that we can transcend humanity. There are technological changes on the horizon that he discusses. We are begotten, not just made! My origin was formed by the love, the bond shared by my parents.

Andrew loves a book called After Virtue by Alastair McIntire. Manipulation is what you have left when you don't believe in a moral order. Henry James is one of the authors Andrew recommends on the subject of the way people manipulate each other.

This is what you get when you have a president of the US who is not an appeaser!

Fox News reports,
"From April 21, North Korea will stop nuclear tests and launches of intercontinental ballistic missiles," the Korean Central News Agency said, according to Yonhap News. "The North will shut down a nuclear test site in the country's northern side to prove the vow to suspend nuclear test."

The announcement comes amid preparations for a meeting later this year between President Trump and the North Korean dictator. During the summit, Trump said he expected to talk with Kim about denuclearizing the hermit kingdom.

President Trump tweeted, North Korea has agreed to suspend all Nuclear Tests and close up a major test site. This is very good news for North Korea and the World - big progress! Look forward to our Summit.
Read more here.

"As we're seeing, it's standard practice for DC swamp creatures to cover up the stink of their falsehoods with the cheap dimestore perfume of sanctimony."

Ace of Spades says that, in a post he titles,
Justice Department "Reviewing" At Least Two of the Memos Comey Leaked to His Pal To Leak to the NYT, For Possible Violations of Classified Material Law
Read it here.

Little wonder that Trump would have questions about which president they were loyal to -- the actual president under the Constitution, or the eternal president-for-life "in their hearts."

From a post by Ace of Spades entitled,
Byron York: Trump's Demand for "Loyalty" Looks Different Now, Given That His First Meeting With Comey Consisted of Comey Basically Saying "We Have a Document Claiming You Paid Whores to Pee on Each Other and All the Media Wants Us to Help Them Publish It"
Read more here.

"F" the law!" So say law students at CUNY!

Today's generation thinks free speech is a shield for fascism or white supremacy. They don't understand why free speech is important!

The intolerant Left has engaged in an aggressive campaign to silence and intimidate speakers they disagree with.

"You're not a target, Mr. President, but who knows what we might find!"

Antipathy to James Comey is healing this divided nation!

Comey quickly set up a culture of corruption when he was appointed by Barack Obama to run the FBI.

Comey may have a legal problem

Alan Dershowitz does not believe a Special Counsel should have been appointed!

He also believes Comey may have a legal problem because he revealed secrets.

"Bring it on!"

"When you erase citizenship, there's no nation!"

"If I were President Trump and Rod Rosenstein came to me and told me I am not the target, I would laugh in his face and tell him, you guys haven't figured it out: You're the target!"

The former FBI Director is going to be the principal witness against the former FBI Deputy Director, and the former FBI Deputy Director is going to be the principal witness against the former FBI Director. Bring it on!

Holder: the most dangerous miscreant

JJ Sefton's Morning Report from Ace of Spades:
Good morning kids. Here comes the weekend and I want to start off with arguably the most radical and hence most dangerous miscreant to have been a part of the eight-year Obama reign of error. Eric Holder's disdain for America as founded, its institutions, traditions and most crucially its people was palpably detectable every time he opened up his pie-hole to blood-libel or otherwise smear the aforementioned.

Obviously alarmed that after having elected a man who is attempting damage control from what he and his boss have wrought, he is now making moves that seem to indicate he wants a shot at 2020. Of everyone in that movement, I cannot think of a more dangerous, twisted candidate that the Leftists could field. And considering who and what occupies that party, that's saying something. A racist and racialist since his days at Columbia University (he led an illegal occupation of its ROTC Center and renamed it after Malcom X), he was involved in the Marc Rich Pardon, the Gestapo-like seizing of Elian Gonzales, the refusal to prosecute the slam dunk case against the New Black Panthers for voter intimidation in 2008, his concocting a massive gun-running operation to Mexican criminals in the hopes of fomenting violence which would lead to the end of the Second Amendment (it only ended the lives of Brian Terry and countless others), was held in contempt of Congress and in his position as the nation's top cop, weaponized law enforcement to go after enemies of Obama and the Leftist movement, culminating in the Deep State coup against PDT and We The People.

Part of me hopes that he does run, given a record of abject criminality that is somewhere in the realm of insurrection and treason. He is part and parcel of the Obama regime that got Trump elected. Then again, out of everyone in that field, Holder does not come off as a drooling, whiney, paste-eating loon. And that makes him dangerous. It would be nice if what is being revealed from Comey, McCabe et al redounds onto this execrable, fish-faced enemy enema of the people.

And that segues us right into the top story which is the release of the Comey memos. So far, the memos show he leaked the memos in the first place to prompt the special counsel, the letter from the DoJ to Congress suggests at least part of the memo was classified, the DoJ evidently lied about the importance of the memos, none of them even hint at obstruction, Comey had it in for PDT and shielded Obama and Clinton and Comey defended McCabe to the hilt - and now the latter faces indictment.

As we all know, the Deep-State protects its own, and many here are right to expect McCabe to get nothing more than a slap on the wrist, at worst. We shall see. In any case Rudy Giuliani has joined PDT's legal team and he is going to go to the mattresses and try to pressure Mueller to shut this shitshow down. Something I doubt he will do since it is a political stunt that the Dems and RINOS are sure to oppose so as to cause as much damage to the midterms, and hence the agenda all the way to 2020.

On the immigration front, a rogue judge on the 7th Circuit has hampered PDT's efforts to have ICE agents round up illegal aliens already imprisoned and send them back to their shit-holes of origin. Why (rhetorical question)? There's a great essay at City Journal about the 50th anniversary of one of Britain's most famous speeches, given by Maggie Thatcher's mentor, dealing with the perils of unchecked migration. And also, it seems that the sane part of California has had it up to the gills with the sanctuary garbage. Something's gotta give in the Golden State so that the golden part can be free of the "shower" part.

And speaking of sanctuary, check out what one county in Illinois did; it declared itself a sanctuary county... from the rest of the state vis a vis gun control. Brilliant! Hit the left right in the Alinskys.

On the international scene, in the wake of Cuba's recent "election," the AP beclowns itself, Romania is doing the right thing and following Americas lead vis a vis Israel and Korea's leaders on both sides of the 38th parallel have set up a hot line in advance of their summit.

Closer to home, with growing unrest in the House GOP, Paul Ryno is maneuvering to have an establishment stooge remain in control after he ankles, and amid the rumors of a Blue Wave, Democrat Heidi Heitkamp is nonetheless scared enough to actually buck the party and endorse Mike Pompeo.

From hither and yon, two Florida cops were ambushed and killed at a Chinese restaurant late yesterday afternoon, while the assailant evidently killed himself at the scene. No word on his identity. Prayers for the victims and their families.

Meanwhile, a black conservative comedian punked a Starbucks into giving him "reparations coffee," the sub-moron DC councilman who thought the Jews controlled the weather visited the Holocaust Museum with predictable results, and finally Natalie Portman wins the self-hating-Joo-of-the-year award.
Click on his links here.

"The man who saved you is sitting there next to you"

Here is another report from Oregon Muse at Ace of Spades.
A bit of context: Some TV show in England introduced a woman in the audience as one of the Jewish children who were saved by Mr. Winton, and after explaining what he did and how they found out (he had never told anyone), then the hostess tells her "And the man who saved you is sitting there next to you." So after they meet, the hostess turns to the audience and asks "And do we have anybody else here tonight whose life was saved by Mr. Winton?"
And that's when every last person in the audience stands up. It had all been arranged in advance by the TV show.

The country of Israel recently celebrated its 70th anniversary. It is also the 75th anniversary of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising. I thought this video would be appropriate.

"God is good!"

Oregon Muse reports at Ace of Spades,
"Here's something uplifting to end the week: Tammie Jo Shults, the Southwest Air pilot who managed to land her damaged plane after a deadly engine explosion earlier this week sent a text message to one of her friends immediately after landing. She simply said, 'God is good.'

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Keep quiet and carry a club!

Did you know that there are 800 U.S. military facilities in 70 countries abroad? Victor Davis Hanson tells us that fact and much more at American Greatness.
Clearly, no one wants another Libyan debacle during an era of $1 trillion annual budget deficits, or the expenditure of blood and treasure in long-term efforts to rebuild Iraq and Afghanistan into Westernized nations.

Reagan’s apparent aim was to show the world, and especially the Soviet Union, that it was dangerous to provoke the United States or its friends. But he did so without having to fight a messy and disadvantageous full-scale war in the streets of Beirut or Tripoli to prove it.

We know that tough talk alone does not necessarily convince North Korea, China, and Iran to abandon their past strategies of aggression, which were often honed during the Obama administration’s “lead from behind” recessionals.

The best course is to use overwhelming military force only when the interests of America and its allies—or the credibility and strategic deterrence of the United States—are on the line, and only in landscapes that are to America’s advantage and will not result in inordinate costs.

For now, Trump should keep quiet, stop tweeting his intentions, and give no indication of what he might do next. If he decides to act again in the future, then he should do it unexpectedly, with overwhelming force and with the intention that he won’t have to do it again very often.

Barack Obama lectured loudly and carried a small stick. So far, Trump has blustered loudly and carried a sizable stick.

But it would be better to follow Teddy Roosevelt’s maxim to speak softly and carry a big stick—or, wiser yet, to keep quiet altogether and carry a club.
Read more here.

The political horsetrading phase.

Sundance writes about Rudy Giuliani joining Trump's legal team today.
If you look at Robert Mueller from the position of trying to protect his cherished Deep State institutions from horrible Trump swamp draining…. things begin to take a more accurate context. The only way for Mueller to protect his Swamp Allies and Institutions was to generate leverage against Trump.

Having established only political leverage, nothing factually unlawful or illegal, the Mueller investigation begins to dry up. Leverage diminishes.

Without direct leverage against President Trump, Team Mueller moved to position leverage against those Trump cares about… that’s a secondary approach, but the secondary leverage approach is fraught with public noting Mueller is on a “witch hunt”… the investigation into outlying Trump allies becomes transparent in motive. Support for Mueller erodes amid independent-minded people.

Enter Rudy Giuliani, a political and legal Subject Matter Expert – with direct knowledge of evidence held by NYPD and NY FBI field office of gross criminal conduct by Hillary Clinton. (Weiner Laptop etc) Buried by SDNY Clinton Allies.

With Special Counsel Mueller having exhausted most of his investigative leverage, Giuliani enters to negotiate Mueller’s exit and discuss his team’s path of retreat and image face-saving.

The discussion from Mueller’s perspective will not center around Trump, but rather center around how much risk to Hillary Clinton, and by extension political allies within FBI and DOJ – including Obama White House, Mueller will permit.

Mueller will be looking to protect the interests of Obama, Clinton, Lynch, Comey, Brennan, Clapper, etc. and negotiating degrees of risk to the institutions each represents. This is the political horsetrading phase. The leverage cards held by each participant are laid on the table for discussion. Low leverage officials will be sacrificed by Mueller to protect those holding more leverage.

Giuliani is a well-qualified person to present the Trump administration position within these negotiations. They are essentially negotiating who faces criminal prosecution and who doesn’t.

Ultimately protecting Obama and Clinton will be of higher importance to Mueller. If Mueller doesn’t protect Clinton, he knows her team will destroy everyone if she goes down. That scorched earth approach is a historic part of Team Clinton’s leverage. The stronger the evidence is against Clinton the more people Mueller will have to give up to protect her. The stronger the evidence against the corrupt institutions, the bigger the officials Mueller will have to sacrifice to save them.

Negotiating all this with Robert Mueller will likely be Rudy Giuliani’s primary job.

Likely the general public will never know the ultimate deal decisions. We will only be able to gauge the scale of corruption by the officials Mueller agrees to sacrifice.
Read more here.

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

The story of the year?

Here is Ace of Spades' coverage of today's huge announcement of Congressional referrals for criminal investigation.
Congress Makes Criminal Referrals to Department of Justice for Hillary Clinton, Loretta Lynch, James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Lisa Page and Peter Strzok
—Ace of Spades
A veritable basket of deplorables.

"We write to refer the following individuals for investigation of potential violation(s) of federal statutes," states the letter obtained by this reporter. "In doing so, we are especially mindful of the dissimilar degrees of zealousness that has marked the investigations into Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and the presidential campaign of Donald Trump, respectively. Because we believe that those in positions of high authority should be treated the same as every other American, we want to be sure that the potential violations of law outlined below are vetted appropriately."

"Accordingly, we refer to DOJ all DOJ and FBI personnel responsible for signing the Carter Page warrant application that contained unverified and/or false information for possible violation(s) of 18 USC 242 and 18 USC 1505 and 1515b," the criminal referral states. It refers to a letter drafted by House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes to Sessions this March.

Comey is referred because he leaked four memos to his pal -- who now claims to be his lawyer, to invoke attorney-client privilege -- out of seven he prepared upon his firing, four of which were found to be confidential. Now, if four of those seven are confidential, and four were leaked to his pal -- I'm sorry, I mean his """"""attorney"""""--- that means at least one of the memos leaked was confidential.

Hillary Clinton is referred because of FEC violations -- she and the DNC claimed they were only paying Perkins-Coie for legal expenses, though we now know a large amount of the money paid to Perkins-Coie was then paid to Fusion GPS not for legal expenses but for oppo research. FEC rules say you can't lie in your disclosure forms about what your money is actually being spent on.

Note that Michael Cohen was raided because of possible FEC violations -- they want to claim Cohen, by paying Stormy Daniels, was actually donating to Trump, beyond the legal limit -- and yet no one's raiding Perkins-Coie for fairly clear FEC violations.

Strange, that.

It seems some criminal referrals are treated by the Deep State as serious enough to violate attorney-client privilege and others are entirely ignored.

Loretta Lynch is being referred for reprisal against a whistleblower:

Lynch was referred after concerns were made regarding her decision to threaten with reprisal the former FBI informant, William Douglas Campbell, who first came forward in 2016 with insight into the sale of the Canadian firm Uranium One, which controlled nearly 20 percent of U.S. uranium mining interests in the United States, as previously reported.
McCabe's Handmaidens, Page and Strzok, are referred for possible "interference" in the Hillary investigations.

The quiet desperation of Leftism

"You can ignore politics, but politics won't ignore you." Comedian Owen Benjamin suggested that perhaps it is not a good idea for a toddler to be pumped full of hormones for a sex change. As a result he lost his agent he had had for twelve years and became an internet sensation. He also says men and women are different, which, of course, is now hate speech. Owen has been banned permanently from Twitter. "Apparently I am worse than ISIS and Farakkhan!"

Conservatives are the only ones having fun now. Owen calls it the Devil's deal: You get the fame, I get the joy.

"They call me a right wing radical now. Why, because I give props to my mom?"

What got him in trouble with Twitter was that he did not think David Hogg should be able to tell grown men what guns they are allowed to have, because Hogg has not physically matured (those were not the words he used). It is a cultural battle, and it is why Trump got elected.

Everyone is making fun of Christianity, but not Islam?

Trump is very good at being alpha. Some guys have a problem with that. When you suppress who you are, it comeback with a vengeance! Owen gives the example of feminists supporting Islamists.

This is how Mexico will pay for the wall!

Sundance writes that Mexico has agreed to pay for the wall!
Mexico making a surprise announcement they will support the U.S. steel tariff against China by shutting down the NAFTA back door on that specific trade segment…. However, the bigger story is Mexico’s admission/concession to the U.S. trade position that Canada and Mexico structure access to the U.S. market inside their trade deals with other nations.

With a Marxist about to win the July 1st election; and with certain nationalization of private industry soon to follow; and with free capital markets anticipating and responding by shifting investment into the U.S.; Mexico proposes to close the fatal flaw in NAFTA.
Read more here.

Congress sends criminal referral to the Department of Justice

Sundance reports that Congress has sent a criminal referral to the Department of Justice.
Led by Representative Ron DeSantis congress has sent a criminal referral letter (full pdf below) to Attorney General Jeff Sessions, FBI Director Christopher Wray and Federal Prosecutor John Huber.

The identified targets of the referral include: •former FBI Director James Comey; •former Asst. FBI Director Andrew McCabe; •former Attorney General Loretta Lynch; •former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton; •current FBI Agent Peter Strzok; and •current DOJ Attorney Lisa Page (former Special Counsel to Andrew McCabe).

The identified reasoning for each of the referrals is outlined in the letter below. However, the risk to James Comey is not simply contained within the letter, but also contained within the non-discussed fact that FBI chief-legal-counsel James Baker is a cooperating witness for IG Horowitz and Huber.

One of the lesser discussed aspects to the ongoing investigative overview is how a few key people, with direct and specific knowledge of the events that took place within the FBI and DOJ activity, remain inside the institutions as they are being investigated.

Those key DOJ and FBI officials have been removed from their position, yet remain inside with no identified or explained responsibility.
Read more here.

Pompeo has already met with Kim Jong Un!

Chutz-pocrisy, An end to the Korean War? Trouble in Socialist Paradise, Indoctrination mills

JJ Sefton's Morning Report at the Ace of Spades blog:

Good morning kids. Midweek already and kudos to the pilot of the that Southwest Airlines jet for her skill and calmness under pressure in bringing the plane in safely. Sadly, one passenger died but it could have been much worse.

In the lead is the absolute chutz-pocrisy on display by the usual suspects in the propaganda mill about Sean Hannity, which is not only a nothing-burger since Hannity is not an official journalist but a pundit (though he is far and away more of a journalist in the true sense of that word than anyone in the MFM) and the more salient point to remember is that we wouldn't even be talking about this were it not for Robert Mueller's near year-and-a-half long Deep-State-sponsored witch hunt to overthrow the President. That said, Rush Limbaugh took virtually his entire show to unpack the conflicts of interest that are part and parcel of not only the Media-Government complex but with the players who are sitting in judgment of this President. Not least of which is Kimba Wood - a Democrat judge, ally of the Clintons who officiated Nazi collaborator George Soros' wedding, and who outed Hannity as Michael Cohen's client for no other reason than to destroy him. In the process, she almost just singlehandedly destroyed the status of attorney-client privilege. Disgraceful is too mild a word. In any case, listen to Limbaugh or read the transcript of the show (linked up top). When you see all of the names in black and white, it's kind of staggering.

Meanwhile, the somewhat disturbing news that Nikki Haley's underling is a big Never-Trumper and a Zuckerberg open borders booster. What the hell? That said, she did endorse Dondi in the Florida primary but she has been stellar at the UN (despite the reported spat with Larry Kudlow over China). At least a rare moment of sanity has prevailed with the GOP who are refusing to bring the blatantly illegal bill to protect Mueller from being fired up for a debate.

Moving along to the international front, first there are reports that Secretary of State Pompeo actually held a secret meeting with Whoa, Fat! just this past Easter and there is also a very surprising report that both the North and South are planning to meet to officially end the Korean War. I am obviously very wary of anything coming out of the North, given the history, especially the utterly failed diplomacy appeasement of Clinton, Dubya and Obama. That said, if this does pan out it would be one of the most significant foreign policy achievements of any President since Ronald Reagan won the Cold War and liberated Eastern Europe from Soviet domination. Here's hoping.

On the political front, the Koch Brothers are going to dumping millions into an ad campaign promoting, get this, Amnesty and open borders. Talk about lawyers having one client. The GOP has only one constituent - the Chamber of Commerce. Time for the NRA party, but that's another story. Meanwhile, Mitch McKochbrother is trying to sabotage a conservative candidate in West Virginia and install a flunky while the Democrats in the Senate are hitting the campaign trail early, and leaving a number of PDT nominees in the lurch. Meh. Recess appointments.

And speaking of Democrats, there is trouble in socialist paradise. Cynthia "Tricky Dick-Less" Nixon just got the endorsement of the barely concealed Marxist "Working Families" Party over Andrew Cuomo. It's a big deal in the State since they attract a significant number of minority voters and it's not coincidentally Bill DeBolshevik's center of power.

On the economic front, teh Ted is leading the charge to make the Trump tax cuts permanent, and yet severe conservatism has led to $4.47 trillion in spending and debt.

As we all know, and has been a pet alarm bell if you will of mine, the indoctrination mills that are our schools are front and center with a report of the latest AP American History book being about what you'd expect in content; that is virtually a screed against Judeo-Christianity, western civilization, Caucasoids, America as founded and the truth. Also, it turns out that Obama's school discipline rules (which resulted in 17 deaths in Parkland, FL) created their own disparate impact in that minority students were allowed to run wild in the halls because, racism. I know I'm hocking a tchainik but taking back our schools and our children has got to be the prime, long-term unwavering mission if we really are to save America from turning into a nation of Camera Hoggs in every corner of society. Because that will be the death of our society.

The Sean Hannity standard, moving toward God, the Constitution

I am a day late blogging this becaue of family business yesterday.

Why move toward God? Because that's where the joy is!

Now we have to have the Sean Hannity standard: journalists and t.v. personalities must reveal their contacts with persons in the news! (Fat chance!) Andrew recommends that Hannity not apologize for not having revealed that he has asked Michael Cohen for advice on real estate. Why not apologize? Because the left doesn't want an apology; they want to destroy him.

Andrew's guest is an expert on the Constitution. He has written a book about the Constitution and its effects on the lives of Americans living under it.

James Wilson is one of six people who signed both the Constitution and the Dethe Sean Hannity standard, claration of Independence. He came to America from Scotland.

Listen here.

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

"They apparently believed they had/have the right to sit in someone else's private property uninvited and unwanted until they feel like leaving."

Ace of Spades explores what happened at a Philadelphia Starbucks.
...But this is of course racism because the people being asked to move on were black. Once upon a time, the civil rights movement was dedicated to ensuring that blacks were treated no differently than whites by police and businesses; now it seems dedicated to ensuring they are treated differently -- with greater latitude and indulgence.

23. Now Starbucks is saying this was all contrary to their policy and, presumably, anyone who wants to sit in their shops and not order anything and use the bathrooms has the right to do so as long as they like.

24. Starbucks, in other words, has just announced its stores are not stores primarily, but are now privately-funded shelters and bathroom facilities for the homeless. You don't have to spend a slim dime in the store to sit as long as you please and use the bathrooms.

25. That'll be great for Starbucks' business. Their yuppie douchebag clientele love the homeless in the abstract, but we'll see how much they appreciate their coffee shops being jammed with them, close-up-like, occupying most tables and chairs.

26. I don't even want to defend Starbucks; I want them to have the full taste of Social Justice Warrior progressivism. If this is the company's ideology, then they should live that ideology to the full.
Read more here.

Who really obstructed justice?

What is seemly? Does anyone even ask?

Monday, April 16, 2018

Twitter Tidbits

Razor tweeted,
Shorter Comey: I felt the extremely careless candidate was leading, so I drafted her exoneration figuring she’d beat the morally unfit candidate, against whom I have evidence of obstruction, which I did nothing with for 11 months but buy my book.

The New York Times tweeted,
The New York Times shares the Pulitzer in National Reporting with The @WashingtonPost for coverage that unearthed possible ties between Russia and President Trump’s inner circle

James Hasson responded,
With all due respect, giving a Pulitzer to a story that unearthed “possible ties” to something that’s still unconfirmed feels a little like giving a Nobel Peace Prize to a newly-elected President based on his campaign.

Ryan Fournier tweeted,
Bill Clinton paid Paula Jones $850,000 after he assaulted her. Does anyone remember the FBI raiding his attorney? Neither do I.

Robert Muller tweeted,
Republicans continue with their false claims that the Steele dossier is 'unverified', here are some details that our investigators successfully verified:

Does Trump pee? Yes
Was Trump in Russia? Yes
Did Trump pee in Russia? Yes
Are there hookers in Russia? Yes

A ping pong game of lower and lower degradation, Controlling the narrative

The media implodes over the bombing of Syria's chemical weapons facilities. The worst implosion was on the right with Alex Jones of InfoWars.

Andrew claims that Comey "stooped to Trump's level." But he believes Trump's governance has been fine.

"Only the right is expected to be civil." If the rules are that Trump has to be faithful to his wife, not lie, always have honor, then those rules have to be applied equally to Barack Obama who lied about the IRS scandal, and Bill Clinton who was not a good standard of faithfulness, and Hillary Clinton's fronting for Bill Clinton has to come home to roost.

The press is only playing for one side in this ping pong game.

Nixon said in his farewell speech, "The people who hate you cannot destroy you unless you hate them, and then you destroy yourself!"

In 2003 James Comey was Deputy Attorney General. He appointed a Special Counsel to investigate the Valerie Plame scandal. The press hated George W. Bush (when he was president). They thought they had him. Valerie Plame was a covert CIA operative. She was married to Joseph Wilson, who was a former diplomat. Wilson went on a fact-finding mission to investigate whether Saddam Hussein was trying to get uranium from Niger. He comes back from Africa and writes an op-ed in the New York Times saying "Absolutely not!" Therefore, one of the reasons given by the Bush administration for the Iraq War was "not true." Turns out, the op-ed was not true! Saddam Hussein was trying to get uranium from Niger! Robert Novak, writing in the Washington Post, mentioned that Valerie Plame worked for the CIA, and it became a big scandal. Comey appoints a special counsel, Patrick Fitzgerald. Who leaked the information about Valerie? It was Richard Armitage of the State Department. Scooter Libby was Chief of Staff to Vice President Cheney. They got Libby on a procedural crime of making conflicting statements to investigators. Bush did not pardon Libby. Eleven years later Donald Trump got justice for Scooter Libby.

Andrew's final segment is Our Crappy Culture. It featured Cory Booker asking Mike Pompeo if being gay is a perversion. Pompeo believes in treating everyone under his supervision with respect, despite his personal religious belief resulting in opposition to gay marriage. The press backs Booker. Going after a person for his religion is unconstitutional!


hat tip Ace of Spades

A stand-up guy!

At PJ Media Spengler writes about Trump's pardon of Scooter Libby.
W. washed his hands and turned his back on Libby because he feared that a pardon might make him look complicit in some way. Bush was at no legal risk, to be sure. He just worried about the optics. The psychiatric term for such behavior according to DSM-IV is "chickenshit."

To the Never-Trumpers who think that our president is a lout and a ruffian who cares nothing for decent standards of behavior, I say: What you call "decent standards of behavior" have become so perverse, so cowardly, so hypocritical and so self-serving that only an outsider, a "lout," a "ruffian" with contempt for your standards will have the courage to do the right thing. Paul Krugman denounced his "deadly narcissism" in the New York Times, by which he means that Trump values his own opinion more than that of Krugman. A better term is "stand-up guy." We used to have those in America. George W. Bush wasn't one of them.

The president acts on his impulses, and the result sometimes is awkward in the extreme. After hearing about the poison gas attack in the Syrian town of Douma he tweeted perdition against Assad and his Russian ally (Germany's right-of-center newspaper Die Welt called this "the first ever declaration of war via Twitter"). The next day the president had to qualify the statement. My guess is that he acted on his gut response to an atrocity. That's not the most prudent thing for a president to do, but it shows the kind of man he is. Of all the American presidents since Reagan, he is the only one to do what he thinks is right in spite of risks that could cow a lesser man.

Another example is his decision to move America's Israeli embassy to Jerusalem. All his top national security advisers--Tillerson, McMaster and Mattis--told him not to. Why buy trouble in the Arab world in return for no tangible advantage? Our enemies were just as mystified. I ran into a Russian diplomat at a political lunch not long ago. We got to talking about Trump, and he said, "The one thing we can't figure out is why Trump moved the embassy to Jerusalem. What was the purpose of this maneuver? Was it to stir the pot and see what sort of reactions he would get?" I told the Russian that he didn't get it. Trump did it because he thought it was the right thing to do. The Russian stared at me uncomprehending. There hasn't been a "right thing to do" in Russia for the past hundred years, just the clever or expedient thing to do.

And that, my Never-Trump ex-friends, is our paradox. We have become so morally timid, so obsessed with the angle, so calculating and so cowardly that we need a Donald J. Trump as a corrective. There's no political advantage to pardoning Scooter Libby on this particular Friday afternoon. The president is embroiled in a battle with the likes of James Comey, who smeared Trump in his recent book while admitting that there is no evidence of illegality. Trump has enough trouble of his own to keep him busy. Why do it? Because he's a stand-up guy.
Read more here.

"The sheep and the wolf are not agreed upon a definition of the word liberty."

At Ace of Spades, Misanthropic Humanitarian reminds us that Abraham Lincoln died on this day in 1865. A quote from Abe that seems pertinent today:
Here are two, not only different, but incompatible things, called by the same name, liberty. And it follows that each of the things is, by the respective parties, called by two different and incompatible names, liberty and tyranny. The shepherd drives the wolf from the sheep's throat, for which the sheep thanks the shepherd as a liberator, while the wolf denounces him for the same act as the destroyer of liberty, especially as the sheep was a black one. Plainly the sheep and the wolf are not agreed upon a definition of the word liberty." Abraham Lincoln

The Clinton landslide, Sabotaging the president, Aftermath of the missile strikes, Blocking Pompeo

Here is JJ Sefton's Morning Report for 4-16-18 from the Ace of Spades blog.

Good morning kids. Start of a new week and first up is the ridiculous spectacle of crooked cop and serial liar James Comey sitting down with pint-sized journalist Clinton hatchet man George Stephanopoulos for an interview, coming on the heels of the former's blockbuster tell-all book (/sarc). The reaction to Comey and his book has been lukewarm at best within Democrat-Left-Media complex circles. In fact, Loretta Lynch is firing back from under the bus where Comey threw her, and Clinton friend and Stephanopoulos colleague Lanny Davis is ripping him a new one. The official story is that they are enraged about his reopening of the investigation into Hillary's e-mail server just a week before the election. They're not necessarily pissed because they thought it was a bombshell of an October surprise (though it didn't exactly help her, did it?) since everyone thought she was going to win in a landslide. As did Comey since he has openly admitted that the reason he did so was as a pretext to clear her before her coronation since an investigation afterward would taint (phrasing) her mercifully never-to-be administration.

The reason for the animus, I think, is that the demonstrably false allegations and criminal behavior of one of the nation's top law enforcement officers and the agency that until recently has had an almost mythical (and undeserved) reputation for integrity has put Robert Mueller and the "Russian collusion" investigation into a truly horrible light. Probably the nail in its coffin, though it won't stop Mueller from going after the President and anyone associated with him over anything and everything just to sabotage him any way they can, but I digress. In any case, as evidenced by last week's Rasmussen poll, a large majority of Americans now believe the investigation into the President is (as we here have known all along) a politically motivated witch hunt. And for Comey to come out with a screed and an interview on national TV that pretty much confirms it , the knives are out for him. The question still remains as to whether or not Mueller and/ Rosensteinpenis will be fired. I say, leave them right where they are. No need to turn them into martyrs when the public sees them as the bad guys, especially before the midterms.

On to foreign policy and the aftermath of the missile strikes at Syrian CW facilities. On the positive side, Assad's chemical warfare research and manufacturing sites were obliterated and that is a good thing, not just because it prevents him from using them on his own civilians but it prevents them and perhaps other, more deadly chemical or nerve agents from falling into the wrong hands and being used in, say, the New York subway or the Mall of America. Tactically, contrary to Russky propaganda claims, the DoD says none of their missiles were shot down and all hit their targets. Russia's vaunted SA-300 and 400 surface-to-air missiles were either ineffective or not in use; analysis is that they did not want to turn on the radar in fear of revealing how they operate. In any case, the strikes send a message to Russia, Iran as well as the NorKs and Chi-Coms and it was a reset of Obama's absolutely disastrous "red-line" fiasco and general torching of the Middle East during his 8 year Reign of Error.

That said, Syria for all intents and purposes is a failed state (thank you, Obama) and there are no good players there that deserve American boots on the ground. Even the Kurds, although I support the idea of supporting them politically in cleaving off the northern part of that country as well as the eastern party of Turkey and their area of Iraq for an independent Kurdistan. And speaking of Turkey, the sooner they are booted out of NATO and Erdogan marginalized, the better. Syria is a dangerous quagmire. Best avoided but dealt with firmly as and when needed.

Back at home, it looks like Rand Paul Luap the Lesser might be joining with the Democrats to torpedo Mike Pompeo's nomination for CIA chief secretary of state (corrected) despite his qualifications, temperament and class. Closeted homosexual and bust out grandstanding jerk Cory Booker was praised by unindicted terrorism co-conspirators CAIR for opposing Pompeo for his truthful remarks about Islam. Funny, though, is that there has been no comment by CAIR on Booker's defense of homosexuals. Hmmm. In any case, even if Rand does torpedo the nomination, McConnell can theoretically bring Pompeo up for a floor vote. Then again, McConnell.

On a positive note, two judges on the SCOTUS shortlist have been nominated for lower court benches and the red tape keeps getting ripped out. On the gun front, the NRA is announcing an ambitious (and considering today's climate, highly attainable goal) of 100,000 new members in 100 days, and hallelujah Wells Fargo. Evidently, they like what we call in the trade "turning a profit."

From hither and yon, a homosexual civil rights attorney doused himself with gasoline and immolated himself because no one was taking so-called "global warming" seriously. When we say liberalism is a mental disorder, here's your proof. Sheesh. Former first lady Barbara Bush is in failing health so, politics aside, prayers up for the family as they cope, and we note (in the sidebar) with sadness the passing of R. Lee Ermey at 74, immortalized on screen as the terrifying Gunnery Sgt. Hartmann from "Full Metal Jacket." Thanks for your service, sir, godspeed and "oo-rah!"
Go here to click on his links.

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Iran and Germany

Carolyn Glick writes at Breitbart,
On April 9, Iran celebrated “Nuclear Day.” Regime officials, including President Hassan Rouhani, threatened the U.S., saying that if America abandons the so-called Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), better known as the Iran nuclear deal, then Iran can restore uranium enrichment to weapons grade levels within two days.

These threats underscore the point, made repeatedly by nuclear watchdogs and nuclear deal opponents, that under the nuclear deal, Iran has expanded its nuclear capabilities.

With the May 12 deadline set by President Trump for the U.S. and its allies to improve the Iran deal, the U.S. and its European allies have less than a month to agree on new provisions that can make the deal worth retaining.

During his Senate confirmation hearing this week, Pompeo said that the Trump administration prefers to amend the deal in a manner that would satisfy U.S. requirements, but the U.S. will consider other actions if it cannot be adequately improved.

In his words, “I want to fix this deal; that’s the objective. In the event that we conclude we can’t fix this deal … then the president is going to be given the best advice, including by me. If there’s no chance that we can fix it, I will recommend to the president that we do our level best to work with our allies to achieve a better outcome and a better deal.”

In his written testimony to the Senate, Pompeo noted that Iran’s illicit nuclear program is just one of many ways that Iran’s actions threaten America and its allies.

In his words, “We cannot let the nuclear file prevent us from acting against Iran’s cyber efforts or its attempts to provide missiles to the Houthis [in Yemen] to attack Saudi Arabia and Americans who travel there. Iran’s activities in Syria, Iraq and Lebanon threaten the very existence of Israel, and the global reach of Hezbollah threatens us right here in the homeland.”

Distressingly, one of the key parties blocking U.S. efforts to curb Iranian capabilities in all areas is one of America’s closest allies: Germany.

Although Germany is a member of NATO and is perceived as a loyal U.S. ally, in practice, Germany is one of Iran’s most powerful protectors and promoters.

For the past several weeks, administration officials have told reporters that Germany is selling Iran technology that Iran is using to help the Assad regime replenish its chemical weapons stocks.

Last week, the Jerusalem Post reported that the Germany’s Krempel Group provided components found on the Iranian rockets used by the Syrian regime in its chemical attack in Douma.

...As for the nuclear deal with Iran, according to administration officials involved in negotiations with the Europeans to amend the deal, Germany is the principle obstacle to substantive changes to the agreement.

According a report in the Washington Free Beacon, a U.S. official said that Germany refuses to agree to apply sanctions against Iran for its development of ballistic weapons.

...In part, Germany’s insistence on protecting Hezbollah and Iranian operations in Europe owes to its economic interests. In 2017, German trade with Iran rose 17 percent, from $3.2 billion to $4.3 billion. The vast majority of trade between Germany and Iran is German exports.
Read more here.

Restoring deterrence, Moving back to the center, While the elitist Progressive cashes in

The Democratic Party imploded under the eight years of Obama. On top of that, Victor Davis Hanson believes they are making the same mistake they made in 1972 when they nominated the farthest Left candidate, George McGovern. Instead of admitting that they should have stressed economic issues and gone more to states like Wisconsin and Pennslylvania, their DNC leadership with Ellison and Perez is whacko Left and their leaders in Congress are geriatric.

Trump is trying to deter our enemies. The last eight years were an aberration. States that were weaker than the US convinced themselves that they were not weaker. Trump is giving the message: "Please dont be provocative any more. It will end badly for you."

Hanson believes, like Reagan's corrective to Carter, we'll be okay.

Democrats have been getting their ideas from on high in the media. Bannon was correct when he said, "there are Republicans and there is the media party."

Meanwhile, people were starved for candor and bluntness. It is very hard to restore deterrence and get back to the center.

Obama was the first president in history never to achieve 2% growth in eight years. He doubled the debt.

Now, though a "progressive," Obama has the elitist cash-in attitude like Clinton.

A purity test all politicians can fake, Zuckerberg goes to Washington, John Boehner embraces weed, Robots fighting our wars

Trump is someone unaccustomed to the purity test all politicians can fake!

What did we learn from Mark Zuckergerg's testimony before Congress? How to ask really stupid questions! It was tough watching Zuckerberg explain how the internet works to people who mistake iPads for cutting boards!
Order "The Zuck" suit now, and we'll throw in a free booster seat!

Jamie Lissow liked the fact that Zuckerberg had to spend ten hours listening to opinions he didn't want to hear, being asked questions he didn't want to hear posed...Hey that is what it's like being on Facebook!

Kat has seen pieces of toast that have more charisma than Mark Zuckerberg, and they didn't even have butter on them! "I got the vibe that he seemed like a teenager being forced to volunteer in a nursing home! The politicians didn't really have much knowledge of what Facebook is, but they DO know they want to regulate it!"

Instead of going to seed, he embraced the weed! John Boehner joins the advisory board of a company that sells legal weed in 12 states. His attitude has "evolved," and Greg is sure it has nothing to do with him getting paid for it! Cheech and Chong: "Am I driving okay?" "I think we're parked!"

Were you lying before the judge, or were you lying in the book?

No one does an opening monolog like Judge Jeanine!

3 countries condemned in the UN Security Council the attacks on Syria's chemical weapons operations: Russia, China, and Bolivia! Well, excuse us, Bolivia!

How would you like to be colluding with Russia? Jim Jordan for Speaker of the House!

Six times. That's how many times Russia vetoed efforts to address Syria's chemical weapons in the Un Security Council!

Russia warned of retaliation, but did nothing. How does that make Syria and Iran feel about Russia?

The Mullahs, according to Dr. Gorka, are more dangerous than groups like ISIS and al Qaeda!

Iran's economy is not in great shape.

A Syrian man who was tortured three times by the Assad regime is a guest. He finally escaped. "All we got from the Obama administration were speeches and promises."

Jim Jordan for Speaker of the House!

Comey: I don't know if the dossier is true or not (yet he used it to get the FISA warrant to spy on Americans associated with Trump!)

Diamond and Silk want to know why Comey didn't write about Hillary and Obama.

Prosecute the criminals and shut it down

Roger Kimball writes in PJ Media,
...Robert Mueller’s excellent adventure will not end until Donald Trump is hounded from office—or until the president shuts down the investigation. Everybody says that it would be “political suicide” for him to fire Mueller. “That’s what Nixon did, and look what happened to him.” But even as Mueller casts his net wider and wider, the public is getting more and more disgusted with this blatant effort to reverse the results of an election and protect the political elite who, assuming Hillary Clinton would win, were totally unprepared for their exposure to negative publicity, not to mention criminal liability. Remember: No one was supposed to know that Susan Rice and Samantha Power had unmasked American citizens so that their private conversations could be leaked to The Washington Post. No one was supposed to know that Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Committee had paid for the “salacious and unverified” (in the phrase of James “higher loyalty” Comey) Steele Dossier. No one was supposed to know that the government’s intelligence services had spied on American citizens, that top FBI officials had actively colluded against candidate and then President Trump. All that was meant to be swept under the table, pushed into the gigantic maw of deep state forgetfulness.

But then Donald Trump performed the impossible and won the election. John Brennan James Comey, Andrew McCabe, love birds Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, Rod Rosenstein, James Clapper, Hillary Clinton, Bruce Ohr and his wife Nellie -- they and many others were suddenly exposed. It’s a felony to leak classified information, to unmask individuals for partisan gain or to turn the FBI against citizens to assure a certain political outcome. Had Hillary been elected, none of this would be news. We’d never have heard of it. Robert Mueller was appointed to make sure nothing comes of it and that the elites, including his good friend James Comey, are protected. It is a disgusting spectacle, dangerous to the the integrity of our institutions, and it should be shut down now.
Read more here.

‘In Germany, you now get rewarded for despising women, glorifying violence and mocking Auschwitz victims?’…

Story here.

200 million eggs? How many chickens must they have?

USA Today reports,
More than 200 million eggs are being recalled over fears of salmonella.

Rose Acre Farms of Seymour, Ind., is voluntarily recalling the eggs due to possible contamination with the bacteria.

According to the Food and Drug Administration, 22 illnesses have been reported so far.

The eggs were distributed from the farm in Hyde County, N.C., and reached consumers in Colorado, Florida, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Virginia, and West Virginia through retail stores and restaurants.

They were sold under the brand names Country Daybreak; Crystal Farms; Coburn Farms; Sunshine Farms; Glenview; Great Value; as well as at Walmart and Food Lion stores.

The egg recall is the largest in the United States since 2010, according to Food Safety News.

The recall involves eggs with the plant number P-105, with the Julian date range of 011 through 012 printed on either side of the carton or package.

Salmonella can cause serious and even deadly infections in children or elderly adults. Symptoms include fever, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting and abdominal pain.

Consumers who have purchased the eggs are urged to immediately discontinue use of the recalled eggs and to return them to the place of purchase for a full refund.
Go here to learn more about salmonella.

One in a million

How many people do you know who get up early, milk a one thousand pound cow, lovingly raise six kids to understand and appreciate American values, work two days a week as an effective counselor in a domestic violence shelter, do everything any other farmer does, sell and rent property, cook supper, sleep a little, then get up and do it all over again?

Saturday, April 14, 2018


How private equity owners endanger newspapers

In Boulder, Colorado, Dave Krieger writes about how private equity owners endanger the future of Boulder's Daily Camera newspaper. Dave was one of my favorite writers when I lived in Colorado and he wrote for the now defunct Rocky Mountain News. Read more here.

Sending some messages

Thomas Lifson brings us at American Thinker the official Pentagon map of the Syrian targets.

What messages were sent last night in Syria? Lifson writes,
The first message is that the use of chemical weapons will not be tolerated. The huge "red line" blunder of Obama has been corrected again. This is more than a do-gooder concern for humanity, even though that is what is being said, for the most part. If these weapons are used and not punished, they will used again and again. Not only can terrorists gain access by capturing them in Syria, but chlorine is not that hard to fabricate. A poison gas attack on Israel or the United States is not out of the question.

But there are other messages being delivered. The second one is to Russia.

It is obvious that the timing of the attack enabled Russia to pull its naval fleet from the Syrian port of Tartus, where Russia has its sole overseas naval base. The message was that the U.S. does not want war and will not knowingly attack Russia unless we are attacked by it. But Russian allies and puppets get no such protection. According to the news conference underway now, Russia was given no special warning of last night's attack. But Russia could read the tea leaves. And now we know how quickly Russia can evacuate its naval (and other) facilities, and no doubt have learned a lot of other precious data from our electronic and satellite monitoring of the Russians' responses to a pending attack.

The third message is to Kim Jong-un and the mullahs of Tehran: that vaunted Russian air defense capability you have purchased for precious hard currency isn't going to do you any good. The B-1 bombers that carried out part of the mission were not even detected, or if they were, the attacks on them were ineffective.

The pending summit between the POTUS and Kim Jong-un probably is of even greater importance than Assad's chemical weapons folly. And Kim now knows that President Trump can and will use American weaponry to destroy what he wishes to destroy, and Russia is powerless to prevent it.

Of course, in war, the enemy has a say, so matters still could turn south. But so far, the needle has been threaded, and the worst fears of critics are unrealized.


Mark Steyn reviews the movie Chappaquiddick.
Chappaquiddick is an excellent film that deserves to find an audience. John Curran tells his tale in a matter-of-fact semi-procedural style, punctuated by moments when Teddy seems to be, so to speak, floating dreamily through his own drama: At the height of the crisis, the camera alights on him flying a kite, blank-eyed and beaming and far away from dad's schemes of greatness. The film's visual language subtly underlines the journey he's on: the Edgartown scenes are bright and airy, all sun-dappled porches and spacious vistas, innocent and optimistic. Back at Hyannis Port, the sitting room is literally smoke-filled, the airless, darkened corridors and landings have turned their faces from the world, the better to construct an alternative reality and impose it on the actual facts. In Jason Clarke's performance, Teddy's self-doubt is his most (only?) human quality. But the aim of Joe's fixers is to get the last son to the point where he stops feeling conflicted and unsure, and understands that he's a Kennedy and that that trumps all.
Read more here.

Catching another deplorable!

My eyes have seen the coming of the glory of collusion

Satirical blogger Manhattan Infidel brings us the latest victim of the Mueller probe, a fourth grader from LaGrange, New York. Go here to read all the gory details.


Clarity in our foreign policy

Leaker Comey and Lying McCabe, Facebook's data harvesting, censorship from the tech giants

Chris Farrell of Judicial Watch does not believe the FBI will recover from this scandal. Lou Dobbs believes it should not survive this level of corruption. Lying, manipulation of the media, controlled, selective leaks, shutting down the investigation of the Clinton Foundation money laundering.

The Obama administration harvested the data of nearly 200 million Facebook users during the 2012 presidential campaign with the full blessing of Mark Zuckerberg. 100 million more than Trump harvested in 2016. But no outrage at all from Left-wing media! Where are the Congressional hearings on that? They are six years late!

Is there a bigger fan anywhere of Donald Trump than Lou Dobbs?

Ann Coulter: "There is an internet now; the New York Times doesn't have the last word on your reputation any more! The censorship being done by Facebook, Twitter and Google's YouTube is more frightening than anything the government can do!

This program was aired before the attacks by the US, Britain and France on Syria's chemical weapons facilities. Lou's guest was Walid Phares, Fox News Middle East and terrorism expert, who said if Trump does not do something now, and get something from the Russians in return, Iran and Hezbollah and Assad will continue to expand and we will have to confront them later somewhere else, such as on the Jordanian border. Do not trust the Iranians!

Phil Robertson commits the terrible crime of dressing a catfish

Facebook censored it, so we could all be "safe."

E. coli outbreak traced to bagged chopped romaine lettuce

Tribune Media Wire warns us,
Chopped romaine lettuce has been linked to dozens of cases of E. coli and anyone who has the leafy green in their refrigerator is told to throw it away immediately, health officials said Friday.

No common grower, supplier, distributor or brand has been identified as the source of the multi-state outbreak, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. So far, the contaminated lettuce can be traced only to the Yuma, Arizona, growing region.

Consumers who have store-bought chopped romaine at home should not eat it and should throw it away, the CDC said. That includes salads and salad mixes that contain romaine lettuce.

“If you do not know if the lettuce is romaine, do not eat it and throw it away,” the agency said.

Before buying romaine lettuce at a store or eating it at a restaurant, consumers should confirm that it did not come from the Yuma, Arizona, growing region. If the green’s origin can’t be determined, don’t buy it or eat it, the CDC said.

Restaurants and retailers are told not to serve any chopped romaine lettuce that comes from the Yuma, Arizona, growing region, and should ask their suppliers about the source of their chopped romaine lettuce.

Thirty-five people in 11 states have been sickened and 22 of those patients were so severely ill, they had to be hospitalized, the CDC said. Three of them developed a type of kidney failure. No deaths have been reported.

he states where cases have been reported are: Pennsylvania (9); Idaho (8); New Jersey (7); Connecticut (2); New York (2); Ohio (2); Virginia (1); Washington (1); Missouri (1); Michigan (1); and Illinois (1).

They all became infected between March 22 and March 31, and range in age from 12 to 84 years old.

The majority -- 26 out of 28 people -- reported having eaten romaine lettuce in the week before they became sick, the CDC said.

"Most people reported eating a salad at a restaurant, and romaine lettuce was the only common ingredient identified among the salads eaten," the agency said, explaining its probe into the illnesses. "The restaurants reported using bagged, chopped romaine lettuce to make salads. At this time, ill people are not reporting whole heads or hearts of romaine."

The number of cases could grow, because it takes an average of two to three weeks between when a person becomes sick with E. coli and when the illness is reported.

While most strains of the bacteria E. coli are harmless, others can cause serious illness. The strain linked to chopped romain lettuce is a Shinga toxin-producing E. coli, which can cause severe stomach cramps, diarrhea and vomiting, the CDC said.

Most people start feeling sick 3 to 4 days after eating or drinking food contaminated with the bacteria, but it can take up to 10 days for symptoms to start. Patients usually get better within 5 to 7 days.

If diarrhea lasts more than 3 days or is accompanied by high fever, blood in the stool or so much vomiting that the patient cannot keep down liquids, a doctor must be called, the agency said.

This current outbreak is not related to the recent multi-state outbreak of E. coli that had been linked to leafy greens in December 2017. In that instance, 25 people were sickened and one person died.

Serious about red lines

Claudia Rosett reports at PJ Media,
...If the SSRC was indeed struck and destroyed, the likely benefits are enormous. That would deprive Assad of one of the most diabolical laboratories of his evil regime, quite likely providing a big setback to his chemical weapons program, with the two-fer that it might also have zapped his bioweapons program. It would also send a useful message to everyone from the SSRC's suppliers, such as Iran and North Korea, to such predatory dictators as Russia's Putin and China's Xi Jinping. Destroying the SSRC with air strikes ought to drive home, in a way that no amount of UN debate and no quantity of sanctions designations ever could, that these days the U.S. and its allies are serious about their red lines.
Read more here.

Another great effect of Viagra!

Peter Dockrill reports at Science alert,
Due to its distinctive effects on male physiology, Viagra is a drug that has changed the lives of countless men around the world over the last two decades.

But an unexpected side effect of the little blue pill hints at even greater transformative potential that scientists never knew about before – and one that could ultimately save thousands of lives.

Researchers studying the effects of Viagra (aka sildenafil) on mice have discovered a small, daily dose of the medication in the animals' drinking water significantly reduces their risk of developing colorectal cancer.

"Giving a baby dose of Viagra can reduce the amount of tumours in these animals by half," says biochemist Darren D. Browning from Augusta University.
Read more here.

Revenge-driven, Make money quick, Hurt your political opponents!

Banks using their financial clout to subvert and undermine a constitutionally protected civil right.

Ben Marquis writes at The Conservative Tribune,
There has been a concerted effort by the left in recent months to undermine the Second Amendment through strict gun control legislation.

However, new legislation is not the sole focus of the gun grabbers. They have also launched attacks on gun manufacturers and gun owners via the corporate world.

According to The Washington Times, Bank of America announced Tuesday that they would no longer conduct business with any firearms manufacturer that produces and sells “military-style” weapons for civilian use.

That means the second-largest banking firm in the United States will drop Remington, Sturm Ruger and Vista Outdoors, and will refuse to provide financial services to any other manufacturers of such weaponry.

That announcement came from BoA vice chairman Anne Finucane during an interview with Bloomberg TV, which coincidentally is owned by billionaire gun control financier and former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

Bank of America will no longer extend loans or underwrite securities for manufacturers that continue to produce and sell “military-style” firearms like the ubiquitous AR-15 semi-automatic rifle and others modeled after it.

“It’s our intention not to finance these military-style firearms for civilian use,” stated Finucane, who added that her firm has had “intense conversations over the last few months” with firearms manufacturers to let them know they will no longer be doing business with them.

Asked about the reaction the firm received from those manufacturers upon learning the news, Finucane said it has been “mixed.”

...USA Today noted that, aside from the corporations that had already cut ties with the National Rifle Association, Bank of America now joins Citigroup and Amalgamated Bank in using their corporate power against the gun industry.

Citigroup recently announced they would no longer do business with retailers that sold firearms to anyone under the age of 21, or any retailer that sold bump stocks or “high-capacity magazines” to anyone at all. Amalgamated Bank announced they will no longer invest any assets “in companies that manufacture or distribute firearms, weaponry or ammunition.”

...This is nothing short of an assault on the Second Amendment, gun manufacturers and gun owners by the increasingly liberal corporate America — a despicable effort to use their financial clout to subvert and undermine a constitutionally protected civil right.
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Russian collusion b.s.

Cillian Zeal writes in The Conservative Tribune,
...We’ve been told over and over again by both the Democrats and the media that Trump is Putin’s pawn, that the Russians worked to throw the election Trump’s way in exchange for an American policy that would be amenable to the Kremlin.

If that was ever the case — and no real evidence to prove collusion or conspiracy has been presented thus far — you can bet that Vladimir Putin and his coterie of oligarchs is having history’s worst case of buyer’s remorse. After all, under the Obama administration, Russia’s proxies in Damascus and Tehran pretty much got to do whatever they pleased without any sort of retaliation that went beyond wagging a finger.
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Friday, April 13, 2018

Video of police contact with the woman the night before she shot four people at YouTube

YouTube has bodycam video of police in Mountain View, California making contact with Nasim Aghdam, the woman who shot four people at YouTube headquarters. She was sleeping in her car in a Walmart parking lot in the early morning hours before her attack on YouTube.

A female officer asks her "you don't want to hurt yourself, do you?" "No, she answers. "You don't want to hurt anybody else" Nasim looks down and shakes her head no. Because she avoided eye contact on that question, perhaps the police should have asked her a few more questions along that line.

A little later the female officer asks her, "Why Mountain View?" "I wanted to get out of San Diego. I have memories I don't want to have." Earlier she had indicated problems with her father.

"I wanted somewhere new."

The female officer tries to help her find her password on the new phone. The officers are very nice to her and she thanks them.

Limited and targeted strikes

Following Fox's live coverage. Jennifer Griffin reports at Fox News that Syria moved some of their military assets onto a Russian airbase. It was almost one year to the day after the last chemical attack in Syria. Hannity says Trump has called for precision attacks.

Two structures in downtown Damascus were struck. Strikes are directed at Syria's production of chemical weapons. France and Britain participating in the strikes. Well coordinated. Destroying Russia's air defense systems in Damascus. However, allegedly 13 incoming Tomahawk missiles have been destroyed.

The Pentagon is now briefing us. Three targets, all chemical weapons facilities. Research, development and production of chemical weapons.

Comey, Syria, and Behar

Comey? President Trump calls him a liar and a leaker.

Syria: Jordan has taken in two million Syrian refugees. Greg notes this civil war in Syria has been going on for eight years.

Joy Behar opens up her mouth again and compares Trump unfavorably to Kim Jong Un and Putin. Greg suggests she needs more Joy in her life and the rest of us need less Joy in our lives. Kimberlee calls Behar's remarks very disturbing and preposterous. Dana believes in foreign policy Trump has put America back in a leadership position. Dana naively assumes that if Trump would just invite the press corps into the Oval Office and explain his strategy, they would talk more about it and more people would understand what he is doing.

Ego, Pretension, Stupidity

The media are the grand arbiters of what you see and hear.

Ben has read the book Comey is hawking, and Ben said Comey has nothing but petty nonsense. Even Chris Wallace called it "bitchy."

The president doesn't have to pay anyone to pee on him; he's got the media doing it full time for free!

Ben says Comey got a million dollar advance to write the book A Higher Loyalty, which 538's blogger Nate Silver suggests should be renamed A Higher Royalty.

Senator Cory Booker wants to talk about gay sex. He keeps asking Mike Pompeio, who says he regards all citizens equally with respect. Booker says if you are a Bible-believing religious Christian, you cannot be Secretary of State!

Joe Biden may be too moderate for the modern Democratic party!.

President Trump pardons Scooter Libby

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First the raid, now the leaks

As Sundance points out in the Conservative Treehouse,
We are now living in a post-constitutional era where the full weight of the federal law enforcement apparatus (FBI and DOJ) has been weaponized for political purposes. The United States Government is now, essentially, a Nicaragua model.
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Silencing every voice of dissent

Daniel Greenfield writes in FrontPage,
...Facebook was the biggest threat to the media’s bottom line. That’s why Mark Zuckerberg was testifying in Congress over data privacy issues that weren’t an issue when Obama Inc. had “ingested the entire social graph.” It was one of a series of fake news stories blaming Facebook for Trump’s victory.

Even the average leftist couldn’t care less about Facebook’s impact on the media’s business model. So the media instead rallied its mobs by accusing Facebook of collaborating with Trump and the Russians.

And the howls, imprecations and regulations began.

The media’s endgame was neutering Facebook and turning it into a profitable safe space for its content. The post-election accusations about “fake news” and the later conspiracy theories about “Russian bots” blamed Facebook’s “unregulated” spaces for powering Trump’s seemingly improbable election victory.

The solution to an unregulated space is regulation.

Facebook was blackmailed into letting the media’s fact checkers decide which stories should be allowed. Then algorithm tinkering wiped out the traffic of many conservative sites, leading several to shut down.

Google, Twitter and other social media companies have taken their own steps to prioritize lefty media views and silence conservative ones. The post-Trump environment in search and social has been rigged to be very favorable to the mainstream media and deeply unfriendly to Trump supporters.

The great media dream is a gated internet news operation completely under their control. But the attacks on Sinclair and the Enquirer show that even with the internet, old media is still in the crosshairs.

The media isn’t just going after websites; it’s also going after channels and print magazines. And it’s targeting them using the blunt tools of government censorship. FBI raids and FCC licenses are an escalation from pressuring Facebook into hiring its fact checkers to censor conservative media.

It’s the difference between monopolistic abuses and totalitarian ones.

The media has been using corporations to do its dirty work. But it’s never going to be satisfied with oligarchy if it can grab the brass ring of tyranny. Crackdowns by Citibank and the Bank of America on the Second Amendment or by Facebook and Google on the First Amendment are effective, but unsatisfying. The left didn’t spend over a century dying and killing just to have the Bank of America do its work for it.

As a dog returns to its vomit, the left returns to government repression.

The media will not accept any monopoly that is a hair short of total. FOX News, Sinclair and even the National Enquirer must be destroyed. Corporations and governments will be used as hand puppets to silence every voice of dissent. And it will be done for freedom of the press and the First Amendment.

The free press is a threat to freedom of the press, read about it in the mainstream media.
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Lest we forget, Gestapo-like tactics,

JJSefton's Morning Report at Ace of Spades brings us links to the following stories.
Good morning kids. The weekend is here and what a week it's been. Isn't it strange that I seem to start off this column every Friday morning with those exact same words? In any case the big story remains the absolutely disgusting display of Robert Mueller, Rod Rosensteinpenis and soon-to-be-a-major-motion-picture James Comey. The big question is will the President fire the former two. As I have stated, I think it's a mistake despite being 100% justified after all we have seen lo these past 16 months. I think and hope this is what PDT will do. The more Mueller goes after more unrelated and trivial things from the President's past with which to try and take him down, and the more he does so with the Gestapo-like tactics he displayed with the midnight raid on Manafort's home and the engineering of the SDNY prosecutors to do his dirty work by raiding Michael Cohen's office, the more he looks like the petty thug that he is. For what it's worth, a recent poll (I forgot by whom) showed a majority of Americans believe Mueller is a petty thug.

And speaking of giant tits, Stormy Daniels' alleged hush money is not an in-kind campaign contribution according to the former chairman of the Federal Elections Commission. Meanwhile, Rich Lowery writing in the NY Post had this to say about Mueller and special prosecutors:

"...In his famous dissent in the Supreme Court case of Morrison v. Olson upholding the independent-counsel law in 1988, Antonin Scalia wrote, "Nothing is so politically effective as the ability to charge that one's opponent and his associates are not merely wrongheaded, naive, ineffective, but, in all probability, 'crooks.' And nothing so effectively gives an appearance of validity to such charges as a Justice Department investigation and, even better, prosecution."

Scalia relied heavily on a speech from FDR's attorney general, Robert Jackson. The future Supreme Court justice warned against prosecutors picking a person, not a crime, to investigate.

It's still worth quoting Jackson at length: "In such a case, it is not a question of discovering the commission of a crime and then looking for the man who has committed it, it is a question of picking the man and then searching the law books, or putting investigators to work, to pin some offense on him. It is in this realm" - the ability to pick and choose targets - "that the greatest danger of abuse of prosecuting power lies..."

Lowery's cuck-servative pedigree as an acolyte of Kristol Blue Persuasion is naturally on display in the balance of his piece, but the pull quote still has cromulence to the situation.

On the political front, with the theatrics of Paul Ryno's departure as Speaker of the House (naturally delayed until next January because that's the kind of guy he is - a Chamber of Cucks stooge) the question of who will replace him comes into focus. Yes, the usual gang of traitors, flunkies and sellouts are logically next in line, including Eric Cantor sock-puppet Kevin McCarthy. That said, there is talk that Jim Jordan might be a dark horse candidate. I'm sure that won't be permitted to happen but it's nice to dream.

Mike Pompeo, who was already confirmed by the Senate in his previous role as head of the CIA was subject to the typical pornographic showboating and camera-hogging (heh) by the Democrats who attempted to smear him. The most risible comes from Cory Booker, the bald-headed stooge/goniff from New Jersey who bellowed at Pompeo - three times - does he think homosexuality is a perversion? Aside from the fact that Pompeo stood his ground masterfully, one wonders if Booker wanted to follow up with "what are you doing after the hearing, big guy?" Overcompensate we much? Meh. Poor man's Obama, and that's not saying a whole lot.

Meanwhile, as Mick Mulvaney - the anti-Cory Booker in every way, shape and form - beat the rhetorical crap out of both Max-Ob-Scene-Dirty Waters and Fauxcahontas about the CFPB, we are finding out that former head and socialist stooge Richard Cordray's handpicked successor, who has been successfully ousted but still persists at pretending to run the joint, spends her days on full government pay working, not to protect the finances of consumers but on her lawsuit against the President. By everything good, just and fair in this world this slag should've been given the heave-ho ages ago. Oh well, here's hoping Mulvaney is wrecking the place end to end, brick by brick.

And across town, Ajit Pai at the FCC told the Dems attempting to persecute Sinclair Broadcasting to go pound sand; they will not be "investigated" for exercising their free speech rights. Unlike the conservative law professor who attempted to give a lecture at CUNY here in DeBolshevik town, where the brownshirted Krylon hair brigades attempted to shout him down, but I digress.

Domestically, Tennessee has voted to defund Planned Parenthood and the President has announced a commission to investigate the US Postal Service in the wake of his recent confrontation with Amazon. California sinks further into the abyss with new laws set to completely hamstring police and a look at San Francisco's homeless crisis that perfectly encapsulates the failure of socialism writ large. And despite the staggering fraud reported with Medicaid the GOP is finally introducing a "Balanced Budget Amendment." "Balanced" having the same meaning as "Affordable Care" - the thing is an absolute lie wrapped in a fraud inside of a felony. Read it and weep. Or grab the tar and feathers.

Shifting to foreign policy, the President is huddling with his national security team to discuss what the response will be to the chemical weapons attack in Syria. There is a lot at stake here and it does require a response. I have faith that with minds like Bolton, Pompeo and Haspel, PDT is in good hands. Shifting gears, the President has alarmed conservatives and the base of his seeming backtrack on the Trans Pacific Partnership, but his qualifying statement about it makes me think it's dead in the water. We've seen this before with DACA and gun control so I'm not worried.

Lastly, yesterday was Holocaust Remembrance Day, and in Israel, the entire nation paused for two minutes of silent prayer to remember the over six million Jews murdered at the hands of the Germans and their collaborators. Just like our World War Two veterans, the last of the survivors are in their late 80s/early 90s and passing into history. And yesterday, I read that a shocking percentage of young people in this country have no idea what the word "Auschwitz" means. Considering what we are experiencing here in this country, and what is going on in Europe, we forsake the memory of the victims and those who fought and died for their freedom at our peril. Special thanks to the guys of the 11th Armored Division who liberated my family.
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