Thursday, November 26, 2015

They will get even

A Turkmen soldier with a machine gun is seen as taking aim in the Bayirbucak region in northern Latakia province of Syria Photo: Anadolu Agency/Getty Images

About that Russian plane shot down by Turks, David Goldman writes,
The Russian Su-24 probably was attacking Ankara-backedTurkmen militia in northern Syria, notes the Telegraph. That helps explain why the Turks wanted to shoot it down. Now a lot of Russian-language media suggest that Russia will back an independent Kurdish state (which Turkey is hard put to stop). There will be no DIRECT retaliation, just a proxy war where the demographics are on the Kurdish side.

This is not a day care. This is a university!

Dr. Everett Piper, President of Oklahoma Wesleyan University wrote,
This past week, I actually had a student come forward after a university chapel service and complain because he felt “victimized” by a sermon on the topic of 1 Corinthians 13. It appears that this young scholar felt offended because a homily on love made him feel bad for not showing love! In his mind, the speaker was wrong for making him, and his peers, feel uncomfortable.

I’m not making this up. Our culture has actually taught our kids to be this self-absorbed and narcissistic! Any time their feelings are hurt, they are the victims! Anyone who dares challenge them and, thus, makes them “feel bad” about themselves, is a “hater,” a “bigot,” an “oppressor,” and a “victimizer.”

I have a message for this young man and all others who care to listen. That feeling of discomfort you have after listening to a sermon is called a conscience! An altar call is supposed to make you feel bad! It is supposed to make you feel guilty! The goal of many a good sermon is to get you to confess your sins—not coddle you in your selfishness. The primary objective of the Church and the Christian faith is your confession, not your self-actualization!

So here’s my advice:

If you want the chaplain to tell you you’re a victim rather than tell you that you need virtue, this may not be the university you’re looking for. If you want to complain about a sermon that makes you feel less than loving for not showing love, this might be the wrong place.

If you’re more interested in playing the “hater” card than you are in confessing your own hate; if you want to arrogantly lecture, rather than humbly learn; if you don’t want to feel guilt in your soul when you are guilty of sin; if you want to be enabled rather than confronted, there are many universities across the land (in Missouri and elsewhere) that will give you exactly what you want, but Oklahoma Wesleyan isn’t one of them.

At OKWU, we teach you to be selfless rather than self-centered. We are more interested in you practicing personal forgiveness than political revenge. We want you to model interpersonal reconciliation rather than foment personal conflict. We believe the content of your character is more important than the color of your skin. We don’t believe that you have been victimized every time you feel guilty and we don’t issue “trigger warnings” before altar calls.

Oklahoma Wesleyan is not a “safe place”, but rather, a place to learn: to learn that life isn’t about you, but about others; that the bad feeling you have while listening to a sermon is called guilt; that the way to address it is to repent of everything that’s wrong with you rather than blame others for everything that’s wrong with them. This is a place where you will quickly learn that you need to grow up!

This is not a day care. This is a university!

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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Getting serious

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Not who we are

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Coming to America

Nina Lakhani reports at The Guardian that people from all over the globe
follow the well-trodden routes used by Latin Americans to reach the United States.

Over the past decade Colombia has become a major hub for non-Latin American migrants headed toward the United States because of its strategic position and abundance of criminal trafficking networks.

One US Immigration and Customs Enforcement official in Colombia called the smuggling organizations along the route a “federation of independent operators” who hand groups of migrants off to each other, each charging for one leg of the journey.

The voyage from Asia or Africa to the US via these routes can cost as much as $12,000, Colombian investigators have found.

...Most often, smugglers tell migrants that if they are caught they should request refugee status. Once asylum is requested, authorities grant them a safe conduct pass for five days to present their case to the foreign ministry. Most never show. They use the reprieve to continue their journey northward.

...The number of migrants from the Middle East, Asia and Africa pale in comparison to Cubans who have chosen to take the land route to the United States rather than the traditional sea journey toward the Florida coast. The number of Cubans entering the US has surged since President Obama announced a renewal of diplomatic ties with the Caribbean country last December following more than 50 years as cold war enemies.

This recent exodus is promoted by fears that the so-called wet-foot, dry-foot policy – which fast-tracks legal residency for undocumented Cubans in the US as long as they arrive by air or overland – could soon come to an end.
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Will they lose?

Have you noticed what has been happening in Oakland? The Golden State Warriors have become the first NBA team to start a season with 16 straight wins. Read more here.

Four-hour old baby left in church nativity scene

four-hour old baby with his umbilical cord still attached was found alive in a New York church’s nativity scene. Police say they have video of a woman entering the church with a baby and leaving without one. Thankfully, the baby is in good condition. (Yanan Wang)

h/t The Daily 202

Is the end of daily injections in sight?

Good news for people suffering from Type 1 Diabetes. Sarah Knapton writes at The Telegraph,
The end of daily injections for diabetes sufferers could be in sight after scientists showed it is possible to restore insulin production for up to a year by boosting the immune system.

The disease attacks insulin-secreting cells in the pancreas. Healthy people have billions of ‘peacekeeping’ cells called ‘T-regs’ which protect insulin-making cells from the immune system but people suffering Type 1 diabetes do not have enough.

Now researchers at the University of California and Yale have shown that the ‘T-regs’ can be removed from the body, increased by 1,500x in the laboratory and infused back into the bloodstream to restore normal function.
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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Vigilance high for Thanksgiving travel week

Are we already in World War III?

Mass produced cultured meat

How cultured chicken would be produced. Image courtesy of Modern Agriculture Foundation

Abigail Klein Leichman writes in ISRAEL 21c,
An Israeli foundation is first in the world to research mass production of cultured chicken breast, a real meat product starting from a single cell of a real bird.

Modern Agriculture Foundation cofounder Shir Friedman in Holland. Photo via Facebook

“Today, the meat, dairy and egg industries are among the major contributors to climate change. They consume huge amounts of valuable resources such as energy and fresh water, contribute to the outbreak of pandemics such as swine flu and are the cause of deaths of billions of animals every year,” Friedman tells her audiences.

About half the earth’s land area is taken up by livestock and the crops that feed them, she reveals. A third of our freshwater is used for livestock and their food, and half the world’s greenhouse gas emissions come from cattle headed to slaughter.

Cultured meat production would require between seven and 45 percent less energy, 90% less fresh water and 99% less land, and would result in 80 to 90% less greenhouse gases emitted to the atmosphere.

“If 2.5 billion people join us in eating only cultured meat by 2050, we get all those resources back. It’s truly a magic solution,” Friedman tells ISRAEL21c.

One of the MAF’s biggest challenges is to convince people that cultured meat is not “Frankenfood” and involves no genetic engineering. It is not a meat substitute, but 100% meat. When produced on a mass scale, cultured meat won’t be made in a lab but in a factory just like any other processed food from ketchup to cornflakes.

Cultured meat production begins by incubating stem cells in a nutrient-rich medium that helps the cells grow and divide. Scaffolds and other technological aids help the cells form a thin layer of muscle tissue, a.k.a. meat.

“We are simply letting biology do its thing, letting cells create the muscle tissue they know how to create. The meat will be identical in taste and flavor and ingredients to meat from an animal — if anything, healthier because we can control the amount of cholesterol and fat,” says Friedman. “It will be a very sustainable way to feed the planet.”
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You can’t get to the point right away, everyone wants a little dance first.

Not all of us are born salespeople. Oded Golan writes in Medium about what he learned sitting next to a pro salesman.

Passivity is no protection from landing ass backwards in a quagmire

Richard Fernandez writes at PJ Media,
The administration's greatest weakness was failing to realize that inaction was also policy. Not doing something could also be "stupid shit" and passivity was no protection from landing ass backwards in a quagmire.

Robert Kagan adds in the Wall Street Journal,
...The multisided war in the Middle East has now ceased to be a strictly Middle Eastern problem. It has become a European problem as well. ... The spillover of the Middle East crisis into this weakened Europe threatens to undermine the continent’s cohesion and sap the strength of trans-Atlantic ties. ...

There is a Russian angle, too. Many of these parties, and even some mainstream political movements across the continent, are funded by Russia and make little secret of their affinity for Moscow. ...

Where does the U.S. fit into all this? The Europeans no longer know, any more than American allies in the Middle East do....

The president has also been inclined to reject options that don’t promise to “solve” the problems of Syria, Iraq and the Middle East. He doesn’t want to send troops only to put “a lid on things.”

In this respect, he is entranced, like most Americans, by the image of the decisive engagement followed by the victorious return home. But that happy picture is a myth. Even after the iconic American victory in World War II, the U.S. didn’t come home. Keeping a lid on things is exactly what the U.S. has done these past 70 years. That is how the U.S. created this liberal world order.
Read more here.

Fernandez concludes,
The most lasting contribution of Barack Obama to history may be to retire the phrase "Vietnam syndrome" from the lexicon and replace it with a single new word: in future years to completely tie yourself in knots will be to "Obama" something. It's a genuine claim to fame though perhaps not quite the immortality the administration hoped it would be remembered for.
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Monday, November 23, 2015

Lipstick for men

First we got skinny jeans. Now it's lipstick for men?

You can get yours for 52 dollars on Black Friday.
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University shuts down free yoga classes

From the daily

A free yoga class has been suspended after student leaders at a Canadian university are concerned the practice of it could be seen as 'cultural appropriation'.

Jennifer Scharf, who has been offering the weekly yoga class at the University of Ottawa campus for seven years, said she was notified in September that the program was being ended.

She told the Ottawa Sun that the complaint that caused the program to come to an end came from a 'social justice warrior' with 'fainting heart ideologies' in search of a controversial issue that would attract public attention.

Scharf claimed people are just searching for a reason to be offended by anything they can find, according to the website.

'There's a real divide between reasonable people and those people just looking to jump on a bandwagon,' she said.

'And unfortunately, it ends up with good people getting punished for doing good things.'
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Do you know what you'll be eating Thursday?

Modern Farmer brings us six oddball facts about turkeys.

People have been eating them for a while now.
Researchers discovered the earliest-known instance of turkey domestication in a Mayan archaeological site in Guatemala, many miles from turkeys’ native habitat in Mexico. The turkey bones—presumably from a ceremony, sacrifice, or feast—were more than 2,000 years old.

All turkey species originated in Mexico.
Which is a surprise, since Chipotle doesn’t even offer a turkey burrito.

You won’t find their eggs in a store.
Have you ever seen turkey eggs at Trader Joe’s? Probably not. They lay significantly fewer eggs per year than chickens do. “Turkey eggs are very valuable,” said Nick Zimmerman, an associate professor of animal/avian sciences at the University of Maryland, College Park, in an interview with Discovery News. “They have a higher value for making new baby poults, so we can grow them up into nice large turkeys and make meat for people.” Zimmerman estimates the market price of one turkey egg at $3.50, more than twelve times that of a chicken egg.

They change color.
Well, the heads and necks of males do. Naturally a grayish blue, their skin can turn a deep red-purple when they’re feeling feisty (think mating/fighting). “When they’re breeding or when they’re aggressive, more blood goes into their head—it’s sort of like people who get flushed when really excited or mad,” says retired ornithologist (a person who studies birds) and author Roger Lederer. “During breeding season, their heads could be red all week!”

The name turkey happened because someone didn’t know their birds too well.
It’s theorized that Europeans originally misidentified the gobblers as guinea fowl, which they believed hailed from the country Turkey. (They’re not. They’re from Guinea in Western Africa, but that’s another mistake altogether.) Turkey and guinea fowl are not the same thing, but that doesn’t mean anyone bothered to change the name to something correct, like “Mexico.” Example:

Bob: How much Mexico did you eat on Thanksgiving this year?
Jane: Dude, so much Mexico. Like eight slices of Mexico with stuffing. I gotta learn some self-control.

Facial boners are a thing.
A floppy, fleshy piece of skin above the beak called the snood gets engorged with blood as an ornamental way of attracting females. Research shows that female turkeys are most attracted to larger snoods, and that if you’re going to be a male turkey, it’s best to be the one with the biggest snood of the bunch: Not only does it help you get the girl, but other males avoid fighting with and defer to you.

Will this be the next scandal? Kicking the can down the road

Catherine Herridge at Fox News reports,
Analysts at U.S. Central Command were pressured to ease off negative assessments about the Islamic State threat and were even told in an email to “cut it out,” Fox News has learned – as an investigation expands into whether intelligence reports were altered to present a more positive picture.

...Those emails, among others, are now in the possession of the Pentagon inspector general. The IG’s probe is expanding into whether intelligence assessments were changed to give a more positive picture of the anti-ISIS campaign.

Similar intelligence was included in the President’s Daily Brief, or PDB – the intelligence community’s most authoritative product -- during the same time period. Yet the official, who was part of the White House discussions, said the administration kept "kicking the can down the road." The official said there was no discussion of the military involvement needed to make a difference.

...The president’s call for a thorough investigation was greeted with cynicism by those involved in the 2014 intelligence assessments, since the administration did not act on the earlier raw intelligence that painted a dire picture of developments, especially in Iraq.

How many so far?

h/t Mike's America

Conveyor belts of talking points

Michelle Obama's Mirror writes,
How many facts would a fact checker check if a fact checker would check facts?

That’s a rhetorical question of course, as we all know that early 21st century “fact checkers” are nothing more than conveyor belts of talking points set up to further advance the narrative.

John Hindracker documents a day in the life of Washington Post fact checker Glenn Kessler (here) who dismissed The Donald’s statement that on 9/11, “thousands and thousands” of American Muslims in Jersey City celebrated the successful terrorist attacks.

Fact Checker Kessler calls the claim “outrageous” and wrote: Trump says that he saw this with his own eyes on television and that it was well covered. But an extensive examination of news clips from that period turns up nothing. There were some reports of celebrations overseas, in Muslim countries, but nothing that we can find involving the Arab populations of New Jersey.

Only problem, Kessler’s own newspaper, the Washington Post, reported the following on September 18, 2001:

In Jersey City, within hours of two jetliners’ plowing into the World Trade Center, law enforcement authorities detained and questioned a number of people who were allegedly seen celebrating the attacks and holding tailgate-style parties on rooftops while they watched the devastation on the other side of the river.

Which demonstrates that the WaPo fact checker - and bestower of Pinocchios on those he finds to be liars - is not so much a “fact checker” as he is a fact trekker: going where no man has gone before to prove that lies are true and truths are lies. Because how else do you explain a “fact checker” who claimed that “Hillary didn’t lie about Benghazi but Carly Fiorina lied when she said she started out as a secretary when in fact she started out as a secretary.”

Sunday, November 22, 2015

"Exercise caution at soft target sites such as restaurants and theaters"

From Michelle Obama's Mirror:
Meanwhile, ISIS says they’re coming for America next. And we are told to “exercise caution at soft target sites such as restaurants and theatres.” And how, exactly, do they expect us to do that in cities like New York, Washington D.C. and Chicago where guns are banned?

"Don't shoot! I've got a knife and fork!"


h/t Michelle Obama's Mirror

Did you know Tony Rezko is out of jail?

From the blog Michelle Obama's Mirror:
Oh, and by the way, did you know that one of Barry’s early Chicago benefactors, Tony Rezko, got out of jail earlier this year (felony charge, nothing serious). From the Chicago Tribune:
Rezko was sentenced to 10 1/2 years for extorting millions of dollars from firms seeking state business or regulatory approval while he was a top fundraiser and adviser to then-Gov. Rod Blagojevich.

And I just remembered, he’s Syrian! Isn’t that a coincidence?

Anyway, don’t worry, we are in the best of hands.

Nothing to worry about

Trump will not be afraid to do what is necessary to win this war we are in

Roger L. Simon writes at PJ Media,
as the events of the last few days have underscored, if we were too stupid not to know it -- we're at war. And in war, you don't look to, say, Bernie Sanders to lead you. You look to George S. Patton. You're not interested in nuance á la John Kerry, pathological dishonesty á la Hillary Clinton, or a president whose sympathy might really be for the other side. You want a real commander in chief, a fearless leader -- you want.... Donald? Well, yes, Donald. He may have to do. He won't be afraid to do what's necessary.

...The truth is PC doesn't hack it in war. PC is a rich liberal's plaything, a luxury item. It works best as a subject for ridicule on South Park. And it's not the way we really think. It's the way we pretend we think. So just who is it that is blowing innocent people to smithereens in Paris, Beirut, Sharm, and Mali, and who knows where else next? Zen Buddhist monks? The Little Sisters of the Poor?

Everybody knows who it is. Islam has a big problem and although people want to be polite or deliberately lie about it to look "good" to their neighbors or to their cousins at the Thanksgiving table, when they get into a voting booth, many of them are guiltily going to be pulling the lever for someone with the you-know-what to put an end to this global homicidal insanity -- and it's not going to be John Kasich or Rand Paul or Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders. It's going to be Donald Trump. And if not Donald, possibly Marco Rubio or Ted Cruz, both of whom seem to be able to find Raqqa on a map. And none of these people are racists, not even faintly, no matter what some NBC reporter wants to imply.
Read more here.

Euphemisms for appeasement

Daniel Greenfield writes at Sultan Knish,
Obama doesn’t win wars. He lies about them.

The botched campaign against ISIS is a replay of the disaster in Afghanistan complete with ridiculous rules of engagement, blatant administration lies and no plan for victory. But there can’t be a plan for victory because when Obama gets past the buzzwords, he begins talking about addressing root causes.

And you don’t win wars by addressing root causes. That’s just a euphemism for appeasement.

Addressing root causes means blaming Islamic terrorism on everything from colonialism to global warming. It doesn’t mean defeating it, but finding new ways to blame it on the West.

Obama and his political allies believe that crime can’t be fought with cops and wars can’t be won with soldiers. The only answer lies in addressing the root causes which, after all the prattling about climate change and colonialism, really come down to the Marxist explanation of inequality.

...Obama knows that Americans won’t accept “war just doesn’t work” as an answer to Islamic terrorism. So he demonstrates to them that wars don’t work by fighting wars that are meant to fail.

In Afghanistan, he bled American soldiers as hard as possible with vicious rules of engagement that favored the Taliban to destroy support for a war that most of the country had formerly backed. By blowing the war, Obama was not only sabotaging the specific implementation of a policy he opposed, but the general idea behind it. His failed wars are meant to teach Americans that war doesn’t work.

The unspoken idea that informs his strategy is that American power is the root cause of the problems in the region. Destroying ISIS would solve nothing. Containing American power is the real answer.

Obama does not have a strategy for defeating ISIS. He has a strategy for defeating America.

...Obama responded to ISIS by denying it’s a threat. Once that stopped being a viable strategy, he began to stall for time. And he’s still stalling for time, not to beat ISIS, but to wait until ISIS falls out of the headlines. That has been his approach to all his scandals from ObamaCare to the IRS to the VA.

Lie like crazy and wait for people to forget about it and turn their attention to something else.

This is a containment strategy, but not for ISIS. It’s a containment strategy for America. Obama isn’t trying to bottle up ISIS except as a means of bottling up America. He doesn’t see the Caliph of the Islamic State as the real threat, but the average American who watches the latest beheading on the news and wonders why his government doesn’t do something about it. To the left it isn’t the Caliph of ISIS who starts the wars we ought to worry about, but Joe in Tennessee, Bill in California or Pete in Minnesota.

That is why Obama sounds bored when talking about beating ISIS, but heats up when the conversation turns to fighting Republicans. It’s why Hillary Clinton named Republicans, not ISIS, as her enemy.

The left is not interested in making war on ISIS. It is too busy making war on America.
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War on Women: We had a rapist in the White House

Breitbart has a story and a NBC News video of Juanita Broaddrick.

"Did you think his interest in you at the time was personal or professional?"
"I thought it was professional...completely."

"Did you have any qualms at all about him coming to the room?"
"I was a little bit uneasy, but I felt a...I felt a real friendship toward this man, and I didn't feel any...any,um, danger in him coming to my room. And I sort of ushered us over to the coffee. I had coffee sitting on a table over by the window. It was a real pretty view looking down at the river. He came around me, and sort of put his arm over my shoulder to point to this little building, and said that he was real interested if he became governor to restore that building...and then all of a sudden he turned me around and started kissing me...and that was a real shock."

"What did you do?"
"Uh, I first pushed him away, and just told him no, please don't do that. He said something like, Did you not know why I was coming up here? I said I'm married, and I have other things going on in my life."

"Had you that morning or at any other time given him any reason to believe that might happen?"
"No, none whatsoever."

"Then what happened?"
"He started kissing me again, and the second time he tries to kiss me, he starts biting on my lip." At this point Juanita covers her face and starts to cry."

Watch the full NBC interview:

The streets of Greensboro, North Carolina are safer today

Jazz Shaw reports at Hot Air about a turn-in-your-guns event in Greensboro, North Carolina in which over one thousand people signed a pledge of non-violence. One slight problem. In the two photos below, you can see the total number of weapons turned in.

A knife and a BB gun.

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"Thank you Planned Parenthood"

Doug Powers brings us the news that Planned Parenthood has announced that it plans to spend $20,000,000 trying to defeat Republican Senatorial candidates in Ohio, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, Nevada and Wisconsin in 2016.
That’s just the latest argument for cutting off Planned Parenthood’s public funding — if they want to help Democrats let ’em skip a couple of Lamborghini payments and do it on their own dime. PP should instead be considered a Dem Super-PAC that performs abortions and dabbles in the baby parts market while supporting Democrats who accuse Republicans of hating children.
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Institutions of higher moaning

Michelle Malkin tells us there is a new website called, which Michelle prefers to call
the Social Justice Warrior Entitlement Mob Tracker. It’s a useful database of progressive brats who are part of a clearly coordinated “Black Lives Matter” hijacking of American colleges and universities (with a few Canadian groupies tagging along). Whatever legitimate complaints these privileged — yes, you are privileged to be attending college in America in the 21st century — students may have had, they’ve utterly beclowned themselves with their over-the-top hysterics.

...At Amherst College, the “uprisers” are pressuring the president to make — take a deep breath — a “statement of apology to students, alumni and former students, faculty, administration and staff who have been victims of several injustices including but not limited to our institutional legacy of white supremacy, colonialism, anti-black racism, anti-Latinx racism, anti-Native American racism, anti-Native/ indigenous racism, anti-Asian racism, anti-Middle Eastern racism, heterosexism, cis-sexism, xenophobia, anti-Semitism, ableism, mental health stigma, and classism.”

Alas, there’s no safe space from coddled, overly verbose narcissists.
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Self-destructive Hubris

Tunku Varadarajan writes at Indian Express
the world faces a monumentally greater threat today from the adherents of Islam than it does from the followers of any other religion — or from any cult of any kind, barring, perhaps, the Cult of Kim in North Korea; and even that lot doesn’t send footsoldiers into our cities to murder us as we eat and breathe and love each other.

...It hardly needs stating, also, that the Islamist terrorists are as brutal to those Muslims who aren’t of a hardline Salafi creed as they are to non-Muslim infidels. Turn your gaze to neighbouring Pakistan or Afghanistan, or Nigeria or Mali, or the territory under the control of the Islamic State, and you will see a running horror-show of slaughter, each episode more disgusting and stomach-churning than the last.

The West — Europe, in particular —is in a terrifying bind, for it has living in its midst substantial populations of Muslims, the majority of whom are poorly integrated into Western society. And by integration I don’t simply mean a case of Abdul or Cherif or Aicha getting up every morning to go to work with other citizens of Belgium or France or Denmark, but an embracing of the civic and social and constitutional values of these countries — what might, by useful shorthand, be called the Western “way of life”.

To the extent that we have the full facts, we know that every single perpetrator of the carnage in Paris was home-grown. That is a chilling fact (and phrase), conjuring visions of a venom that eats away at the body-politic, with echoes of a cancer in the human body. The fault, I fear, is that of Europe’s elites. For decades, they ignored — and even actively worked against — integration, scorning it as unfashionable, old-fangled, and, worst of all, racist. Is Our Way, they asked, with impressively self-destructive hubris, really better than Their Way?

That question now has an answer. It’s an answer the West must live and, increasingly, die with.
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Denying words their meaning

Rex Murphy writes in the National Post,
It’s an odd world. Glamour magazine recently named the former Bruce Jenner as its Woman of the Year. In all respectable circles, she is of course now recognized as Caitlyn Jenner, after coming out as a woman. In this context, coming out is simply to be understood as an act of self-declaration. If a person self-identifies as X, Y or Z, then he, she, ze or hir has to be what he, she, ze or hir professes to be. If it’s a nightmare for grammarians, just think of the chaos in biology departments.

Upon hearing of the award to Jenner, Germaine Greer uttered these words,
“I’ve asked my doctor to give me long ears and liver spots and I’m going to wear a brown coat but that won’t turn me into a fucking cocker spaniel,” she said.
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Happiness is an inside job

Read what Dr. Joy Bliss has to say on the subject here.

No First Amendment rights in this place

"The Italian constitution guarantees the right to information and expression but the Vatican is a state with no right to information,"
Read more here.

No surrender!

A Frenchman lost his beautiful wife whose body was riddled with ISIS bullets. His little son lost his beautiful mother.

Chateau Heartiste has a warning for this man:
Dear beta males afraid to hate,

CH has a message for you that I hope will stir as many hearts as your message has lulled to sleep:

There is no virtue in denying your hatred of those that would kill you and yours.

...Hate is the yang to love’s yin. Your refusal to allow a healthy hate to course through you, and enliven your spirit to action, is surrender. It is retreat from a vital emotion that, when welcomed as circumstances require, will motivate a man to protect his family, his friends, his countrymen.

Maybe that’s the cause of your descent into hollow calls for impassive stoicism in the face of grave threat from outsiders.

...If all you have is desolate ego validation from faceless, deracinated defeatists on social media, then it follows naturally to throw the memory of your pretty wife under the bus for the reward of the one thing that matters anymore in your shattering world… your grandiloquent moral rectitude.

...Refusing to hate murderous aliens in your midst who laugh at your haughty self-righteousness as they draw the knife across your throat is not noble

not heroic

not admirable

not morally superior.

It is the payment of meekness for comfort. Of weak-minded shibboleth for solace. Of saccharine platitude for avoidance of conflict.
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Mike Flynn writes at Breitbart,
A Super PAC tied to Ohio Governor John Kasich is annnouncing a new multi-million dollar effort to torpedo Donald Trump’s campaign for the Republican nomination.

Trump’s continued dominance of national and state-level polling has vexed the GOP establishment and pushed it to near-panic as voting nears.

A recent survey of public attitudes by Reuters/Ispos, though, suggests caution for the GOP establishment.

...According to the Reuters survey, 58 percent Americans say they “don’t identify with what America has become.” While Republicans and Independents are the most likely to agree with this statement, even 45 percent of Democrats share this feeling.

More than half of Americans, 53 percent, say they “feel like a stranger” in their own country.

...The reasons for their alienation are both cultural and economic. The economic anxiety sparked by the financial crisis in 2007-8 has likely pushed them further away from the mainstream political parties. This isn’t solely a phenomenon on the right, as the resurgent popularity of explicitly socialist policies on the left attest.

...Its zeal to derail his campaign carries huge risks for the party, however. The Trump phenomenon is not simply the product of a media-savvy, hyper-personality candidate. It is drawing strength from very real sentiments of a huge block of voters. The Republican party may take out Trump, but it alienates these voters at its peril.
Read more here.

Is China Heading to a 1930s-Style Crash?

That is the question looked at in this post at Gatestone Institute by Gordon G. Chang.
Since coming to power as China's leader, Xi has been reversing Deng Xiaoping's policy of "reform and opening up." He has, for instance, been closing off the Chinese market to foreigners, recombining already large state enterprises back into formal monopolies, increasing state ownership of enterprises, and shoveling more state subsidies to favored market participants.

Xi has also strangled his country's financial markets in order to keep share prices high and currency values elevated. For example, this summer his government restricted stock-index futures because it considered these derivatives a source of downward pressure on stock prices, but the restrictions killed activity. China's stock-index futures market, the world's largest in mid-June when the slide began, was devastated, with transactions down 99% by September.

Even when Beijing has summoned the gumption to announce reforms, there has been more show than substance. For instance, late last month the People's Bank of China, the central bank, announced it was eliminating the caps on deposit rates, but officials are now informally dictating to commercial banks the deposit rates they may offer.

Let us not be surprised by the end of liberalization in China. Xi Jinping's signature initiative, encapsulated by the phrase "Chinese dream," contemplates a strong state, and a strong state does not sit easy with the notion of market-oriented reform. Unfortunately for Xi, also the Communist Party's general secretary, there are no solutions that are possible within the political framework he will not change.
Read more here.

ISIS wannabees are staying home in America to kill Americans

FBI Director James Comey Photo: AP

Paul Sperry writes in the New York Post,
President Obama boasts he’s “made some progress in trying to reduce the flow of foreign fighters” traveling from America to Iraq and Syria. He cites this as a key success in his much-maligned Islamic State strategy.

While it’s true fewer American Muslims are joining ISIS abroad, hold the applause. More are staying at home and plotting terrorist attacks here.

Since July, the FBI has seen just a half-dozen US travelers trying to reach ISIS’ caliphate, a trickle compared with the dozens the agency was detecting in the preceding months. All told, more than 250 Americans have gone to Syria and Iraq to fight with ISIS.

At the same time, investigators have seen a spike in the number of homegrown ISIS cases.

FBI Director James Comey recently warned that his caseload of ISIS suspects has exploded to more than 900 in all 50 states, with hotspots in the New York-New Jersey area, as well as Chicago, Detroit, Cleveland and Minneapolis.

These are active, open investigations and don’t include the 66 Muslim men and women around the country the bureau has already charged with alleged ISIS activities over the past two years.

The huge caseload is overwhelming the FBI’s capacity to conduct surveillance and disrupt terrorist plots. Making matters worse, ISIS suspects in the United States are switching to mobile and gaming apps with encryption that thwarts the FBI’s ability to monitor their communications. If suspects have gone “dark,” agents may not be able to track their plans.

...One part of the change is ISIL urging people not to travel but to stay and kill where you are,” Comey said, cautioning, “We’re not sure exactly what’s going on.”

Federal agents have apprehended almost 30 American Muslims in recent months before they departed for the Middle East.

That, in turn, has convinced many ISIS recruits it’s no longer worth the risk.

Take Terrence J. McNeil, a Muslim convert from Akron, Ohio, who wanted to travel to Syria to join ISIS, but feared arrest at the airport. He decided to stay home instead and allegedly helped the terrorist group carry out attacks inside America.

“I hate living in Dar-ul Kufr,” or land of the infidel, McNeil said earlier this year on a Tumblr account, according to court records. “I want to make hijra [voyage] to be with the true believers.”

However, he said if he tried to go “to Iraq or Syria,” he would “probably get arrested before I step foot on the plane.”

Agents collared McNeil last week for helping ISIS by allegedly distributing a file containing the names and addresses of more than 100 US service members, along with the command: “Kill them in their own lands, behead them in their own homes, stab them to death as they walk their streets thinking that they are safe.”

Wouldn’t it be better to let such homicidal monsters leave the country and die as “martyrs” in the Middle East, where they have less chance of killing Americans? Blocking their hijra appears only to close off a relief valve for homegrown terrorism.

Of course, there’s a risk in letting them go overseas: Many could return with military training, though that’s become less critical with each publication of Dabiq, the ISIS Webzine that shows jihadists how to make their own bombs in their kitchens.

Still, around 40 American ISIS travelers already have returned from Iraq and Syria, with five arrested and the other 35 being tracked by the FBI. Investigators hope their surveillance will tip them off to terrorist plots in the pipeline, as well as lead them to bigger fish in the terrorist chain.

Monitoring returning fighters doesn’t always help disrupt plots, however. Just ask the French.

On Aug. 11, French police were tipped off to an ISIS plot to attack a Paris “concert hall” and cause mass casualties by a French Muslim they questioned upon his return from Syria. The ISIS recruit, Reda Hame, revealed the plot was personally ordered by ISIS leader Abdelhamid Abaaoud. This is the same Abaaoud who police now say masterminded the Nov. 13 Bataclan concert hall massacre.

All pose and attitude

Mark Steyn pours his heart into this post:
Our world seems atrophied. Kathy Shaidle describes the scene in the photo above as "why Paris is doomed, in one image": a man drags his piano, decorated by a "peace" symbol, by bicycle to the Bataclan theatre, and proceeds to play John Lennon's "Imagine".

What kind of parochial solipsist would think that an appropriate response a day after mass murder?

Answer: Apparently everyone in the western world, because, of course, it "went viral".

It is somewhat reassuring that most of those standing around him are media hacks desperate for something to photograph. One would like to think that, were a crowd of survivors and grieving relatives present, they would smash the piano into kindling, save for the peace-symbol lid, which they would thwack the pianist over the head with.

John Lennon wrote "Imagine" in 1970. From the look of him, the pianist was only in short pants back then, or perhaps not even born. Yet his response to a very 21st century atrocity is to assure the world that the ancient peacenik bromides still apply.

...The European Union doesn't need to imagine John Lennon's "Imagine" because it lives in it. As I wrote nine years ago in my book America Alone:

"Imagine there's no heaven." No problem. Large majorities of Scandinavians and Dutchmen and Belgians are among the first peoples in human history to be unable to imagine there's any possibility of heaven: no free people have ever been so voluntarily secular.

"Imagine all the people/Living for today." Check.

"Imagine there's no countries." Check. The EU is a post-nationalist pseudo-state.

"Nothing to kill or die for/And no religion, too." You got it.

And yet somehow "all the people/Living life in peace" doesn't seem to be working out.

Nothing is a more reliable indicator of a lack of imagination than singing "Imagine". We sing the same crappy songs but we do not live in John Lennon's 1970. For example, what has changed since the year Lennon wrote his apparently indestructible talisman? Also from America Alone:

Here's what did happen between 1970 and 2000:

In that period, the developed world declined from just under 30 per cent of the global population to just over 20 per cent, and the Muslim nations increased from about 15 per cent to 20 per cent...

Just to recap those bald statistics: In 1970, the developed nations had twice as big a share of the global population as the Muslim world: 30 per cent to 15 per cent. By 2000, they were at parity: each had about 20 per cent.

And by 2020...?

Well, you can't really measure those distinctions anymore. "Imagine there's no countries"? It isn't hard to do: "Citizens" of some 11 "nations" were supposedly involved in the Paris slaughter - native-born Belgians, immigrant Frenchmen, "refugee" Syrians. It makes no difference. Because the Islamic State has come up with something greater than their nominal citizenship, something that commands fierce allegiance and provides them with a real identity.

While we were "living for today", Islam was playing for tomorrow. When you sing "Imagine", you're saying you can't imagine anything beyond the torpor of the moment. You can't imagine that there are people who don't think as you do, and who regard the cobwebbed boomer-pop solidarity as confirmation of nothing more than your flaccid passivity.

Our enemies understand how myopic we are. They attack a concert by Eagles of Death Metal, which is not without a certain blood-soaked irony: In our world, "death metal" is a genre at iTunes. [UPDATE: Those who know these things tell me Eagles of Death Metal is not a "death metal" band, which I suppose makes the name an ironic commentary upon a genre at iTunes.] In our enemies' world, the term is literal: They bring real death metal to our "death metal" concerts, and pile high the corpses. In our world, it's all pose and attitude. In theirs, these words still have meaning.

Speaking of which, I see a Canadian "journalism instructor", whatever that is, doesn't care for my attitude:

U know what I'm sick of Mark Steyn, "tough" guys like u hiding behind a keypad while others do the fighting, killing & dying.

I'm not sure what point Mr Mitrovica is making here. I have not called for more bombing raids, more boots on the ground, more war. Because, I regret to say, it's not worth brave soldiers "fighting, killing & dying" for a home front as enervated as ours. As I said a few hours ago, war is merely the sharpest tool of national strategy, and so, if you have no national strategy, there's no point going to war. It's a complete waste of time bombing some guy in the Iraqi desert when Angela Merkel is forcing a German village with 120 people to take 750 "refugees". The overseas and home fronts have to be in sync.

What I have called for, for 14 years now, is more civilizational confidence - as opposed to incremental surrender, of free speech, of women's rights, and much else. And the absence of that civilizational confidence is why we're reduced to waving obsolescent talismans like "Imagine". Am I a "tough guy"? No. I was nervous, to put it very mildly, when I landed in Copenhagen a month ago to speak on the tenth anniversary of the Motoons - in part because four of the five people who'd appeared on stage with me on the fifth anniversary had been shot at, firebombed or forced into hiding and I had no wish to be added to their number; in part because both the US State Department and the UK Foreign Office had issued travel advisories warning their citizens that it was dangerous to be anywhere near our event; and in part because the same kind of social-media types who gloried in the Paris attack were promising to attack Copenhagen. But I was humbled and honored to join genuinely brave friends like Katrine Winkel Holm and Douglas Murray in a European capital where free-speech events are shot up and their speakers forced from public life. And I note that you never see the likes of Andrew Mitrovica standing up for freedom of expression in Copenhagen, or Paris, or during Maclean's battles over Section 13 in Canada, or anywhere else. Which is a shame - because right now the freedom to use the "keypad" is in danger. So I'll take lessons in toughness from Lars Vilks, Charb, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Lars Hedegaard, Oriana Fallaci and others - but not from "journalism instructors" who won't even defend their own "keypad".
Read more here.

Did you do the reading?

Seth Godin writes,

It's absurd to think of going to a book group meeting and opining about a book you didn't even read.

More rude: Going to a PhD seminar and participating in the discussion without reading the book first.

And of course, no one wants a surgeon operating on them if she hasn't read the latest journal article on this particular procedure.

It makes no sense to me to vote for a candidate who doesn't care enough to have read (and understood) the history of those that came before.

A first hurdle: Are you aware of what the reading (your reading) must include? What's on the list? The more professional your field, the more likely it is that people know what's on the list.

The reading isn't merely a book, of course. The reading is what we call it when you do the difficult work of learning to think with the best, to stay caught up, to understand.

The reading exposes you to the state of the art. The reading helps you follow a thought-through line of reasoning and agree, or even better, challenge it. The reading takes effort.

If you haven't done the reading, why expect to be treated as a professional?


In what is becoming an annual tradition here at Bob's Blog, we herein post the thoughts of Suzann Darnell as we begin another Thanksgiving week. Suzann lives in San Antonio, Texas, and is the daughter of Curt Dale, whose posts we are delighted to publish here from time to time.

At this time of year my thoughts naturally turn to thoughts of gratitude, religion, and patriotism. I guess it is because one thing I am most grateful for is that America was founded upon the idea of religious freedom. I cherish this. In part because I am a Mormon . . . and let's face it, we haven't always been the most tolerated of church-going communities in the world. But, now Christianity has become a target for intolerance throughout the world. Even within the borders of our own country!

I am also thankful for freedom of speech, although I sometimes fear that it is slowly being leeched away with government and societal intrusion into our lives with ever-increasing political correctness.

I am grateful for the right to bear arms. I look at history and realize that an armed citizen is a free citizen. Those nations which have taken away the right to bear arms are those countries which eventually have people without rights. Gun control is nothing more than a way to enslave a population bit by bit. Or, even kill off portions of the population.

I am grateful for freedom of the press. It allows me to learn what is happening throughout my country and the world. It allows me to have WoolyMammoth.Org and express my opinions in a way that can spread across multiple states and even the world, if people choose to access the website. But, I fear, that like so many rights, it too is being eroded. Censorship is becoming more prevalent. The liberal press has become chained to the Left as if it is a dog on a leash, seemingly doing what its Progressive masters want, without any real thoughts of telling either the truth or both sides of the story.

So, while I am extremely grateful for much about our country, I am also extremely concerned for those same blessings. The blessing of liberty comes with an obligation. An obligation to be vigilant. Ever vigilant. Lest our liberty be stolen away by the despotism of greed. Greed for political power. The kind of power that does not allow anyone to live outside the box of what is deemed best for the greater good. The sort of greater good that has been tried over and over in places like France during their bloody revolution, Russia under the Communists, Germany under the Nazis, Iran under the Mullahs, and far too many other places and dictatorships to list.

I am afraid my gratitude has become increasing tinged with an attitude of skepticism and concern. Concern for what the future might hold for me, my family, my neighbors, and my country. Concern that far too many of the things I am grateful for will disappear into the giant abyss where the Progressives are throwing all those freedoms of which they do not approve. Let us make preparations not just for this week’s feast and celebration, but for the coming fight to save our rights. Rights important enough for the Pilgrims and pioneers to leave their homes, travel across the seas and the land, and eventually establish communities and a country all across what became a great nation. A nation we must not allow to fade into the obscurity of the failure of socialism.

So, as we celebrate this most American of holidays, please let us give thanks for what we have, while making a promise to both defend and regain those rights which have allowed us to prosper. As we celebrate this November, let us prepare for all the Novembers to come, when we must vote to oust those who would oppress us and deny us the liberties that some of our forefathers came to America to achieve. As November 2015 winds down, we are facing many trials that will be forced upon us by those who misuse their power, ignore our laws, and deride our traditions. Let us be strong, band together, and find strength in the Lord. God bless America and may all y'all have a happy Thanksgiving!

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Going where Obama has not

French jets took off a week ago for Raqqa,
the Islamic State group's de-facto capital in Syria on Sunday night, destroying a jihadi training camp and a munitions dump in the city of Raqqa. (Nov. 15)
From AP

Have you received your new "chip" credit cards?

Dave Taylor writes at Lifezette about the new "chip" credit cards. They are a big improvement in fraud protection for in-store or in-gas-station purchases. Taylor writes,
What you should have received when you got that new “chip and PIN” credit card from your bank was also a 4-digit PIN. It’s the combination of the secret code and the chip that make the transaction much more secure. Also, the data on these chips is actually encrypted, making it a lot more secure than the simplistic mag-stripe, which is easily swiped, read and duplicated.

However, Taylor warns,
Don’t get too complacent, however, because none of these technologies offer much protection against online fraud. When you buy something at, or, you’re simply typing in your credit card number, expiration date, and CCV, all of which are easily duplicated.

And that’s a problem. American consumers only account for about 25 percent of all credit-card purchases worldwide, but are the victims of more than 50 percent of the world’s credit-card fraud. Indeed, not a month goes by without reports of another huge data breach from an online merchant.

Not enough to worry about? Turns out you can also have your credit-card data stolen by simply having someone too close. Criminals can use RFID scanners to reap your digital bounty in a practice known as “skimming.” You can protect your cards by wrapping them in foil when not being used, or, if you don’t want to look like a crazy person, by purchasing a special foil-lined wallet.
Read more here:

It's Trump night on You Tube

Well, this is a "yuge" night for ABC and Donald Trump. ABC has posted three videos. The first one is Barbara Walters with Trump the candidate. The second one is with Barbara Walters, Trump, and Trump's wife Melania. The third one is excerpts repeated from the first two videos, plus Barbara Walters interviewing Trump's children.

Traveling to the welfare state

Anjem Choudary (center), a prominent British Islamist, has urged his followers to quit their jobs and claim unemployment benefits so they could have time to plot holy war. "We [Muslims] take the Jizya, which is ours anyway. The normal situation is to take money from the kuffar [non-Muslim]. They give us the money. You work, give us the money, Allahu Akhbar. We take the money."

George Igler makes some interesting points at Gatestone Institute:
The United Nations, in 2000, advocated the "replacement" of Europe's population by Muslim migrants.

...Even in a country with an established Islamic population such as Britain, Muslim unemployment languishes at 50% for men, and 75% for women.

Furthermore, Muslims in Britain represent the demographic with the highest birth rates. Coupled with their levels of unemployment, these imagined saviors of a moribund European social welfare model are, as a group, the recipients of the state's revenue, rather than contributors to it.

...The "blind eye" turned towards polygamy in Britain, France, Belgium and Germany has ensured that some Muslim men have upwards of 20 children by multiple wives, almost always at state expense. This suggests that families with fundamentalist views are outbreeding their more moderate coreligionists.

A recent study in Denmark pinpointed that, of the full range of backgrounds of migrants who had settled there, Syrians had the lowest levels of employment of all (22.8%). A separate longitudinal study from Denmark also showed that, of those Muslim migrants who had come to Denmark claiming to be refugees: only one in four had actually succeeded in finding a job after a decade.

...Those using an economic rationale to implement Europe's demographic transformation, fail to recognize the complexities of Islam: they ignore the fundamentalist revival that has been ongoing for over a century. One feature of this growing embrace of literalism is a belief -- validated by scripture -- that Muslims are entitled to idly profit from the productivity of infidels. This view puts the entitled conduct of a great many migrants into an unexpected, but much needed, context.
Read more here:

If you’re not determined to win at any cost, you’ll lose.

Ralph Peters writes in the New York Post,
The Obama administration has tried to spin its timidity and ineptitude in the face of Islamist terrorism as a clever policy of “strategic patience.” With eyes closed and fingers crossed, the president hoped that, miraculously, the mortal threat from ISIS would wither away.

You might as well hope that malignant tumors will cure themselves.

...Obama wouldn’t go to Raqqa. So the jihadis went to Paris.

Friday’s thoroughly planned and boldly executed attacks not only brought darkness to the City of Light, but scored an enormous propaganda victory for ISIS. With almost 500 Western casualties, a quarter of them dead, the carnage will prove electrifying to potential jihadi recruits around the world.

Just as important, our dithering also gave ISIS time to refine its techniques and strategies. Less than a year ago in Paris, a struggling al Qaeda staged a shocking, if crude, attack on the offices of Charlie Hebdo, the satirical magazine. That incident now seems bush league compared to the latest attack, with its near-simultaneous strikes on six symbolic “lifestyle” targets packed with infidel victims.

The first attack was savage. Friday’s attack was savage and sophisticated.

Last week’s attack was planned in Syria. Three strike teams then infiltrated back into France or were activated in place. A support network supplied them with weapons and cars.

Limiting their communications to the bare minimum (and encrypting them), they relied largely on the techniques terrorists used a century ago: small cells, minimal contact, low profiles and deep planning (real strategic patience).

The result? A handful of men with small arms and home-brew explosives stunned the world.

Technically, the Paris attacks were the result of intelligence failure. But that label’s just too easy. The French are quite good at surveillance. But they’re restricted by law (as are we) in what they can do domestically; they’re overwhelmed by the number of potential threats; and they face an adaptive, elusive enemy.

The ugly truth is that ISIS and its affiliates have been allowed to put down such deep roots that more attacks are inevitable. Here, too.

What can be done? The answer is easy to mouth — and unwelcome to those who conduct foreign policy by platitudes (such as “there’s no military solution”). The base line is that you can’t win by playing defense. You must take the war to the enemy — without restraint. If you’re not determined to win at any cost, you’ll lose.

Our military has the resources to shatter ISIS, but political correctness has penetrated so deep into the Pentagon that, even should a president issue the one-word order, “Win!,” our initial actions would be cautious and halting. We’ve bred a generation of military leaders afraid of being prosecuted by their own government for the kind of errors inevitable in wartime. Instead of “leaning forward in the foxhole,” our leaders lean on lawyers.

If lawyers had had to approve our World War II target lists, we couldn’t have won. War is never clean or easy, and the strictures imposed on our military today just protect our enemies. Collateral damage and civilian casualties are part of combat and always will be. The most humane approach is to pile on fast and win decisively — which results in far less suffering than the sort of protracted agony we see in Syria.

The generals who won World War II would start by leveling Raqqa, the ISIS caliphate’s capital. Civilians would die, but those remaining in Raqqa have embraced ISIS, as Germans did Hitler. The jihadis must be crushed. Start with their “Berlin.”

Kill ten thousand, save a million.

Unthinkable? Fine. We lose.

What is the world's most dangerous ideology in 2015?

Demanding special privileges

What is the role of Affirmative Action in the current protests by black students at our universities? Could I.Q. be a significant factor? Michael Kennedy writes at Chicago Boyz,
Why does this movement insist that its members’ mental health is in jeopardy? The fact that someone, somewhere on a sprawling campus used the “N” word seems like an insufficient explanation. The fact that these students are competing with students who have a built-in advantage seems like a better one.

Why has “white privilege” become such a catch-phrase? It’s minority students who have the privilege of attending a college that, but for their race, they would not be admitted to. For that matter, it’s minority students who apparently have the privilege of verbally abusing white students in explicitly racial terms without, from all that appears so far, facing disciplinary consequences.

...To be sure, the typical white student had more advantages growing up than the typical black student, and these advantages in some cases are for life. But as I understand it, the “white privilege” mantra claims that the privilege adheres in “whiteness” itself, regardless of economic or family circumstances.

I feel sorry for these students because, due to white leftist orthodoxy, they have been placed in a situation where they cannot succeed. They know it and demand special privileges. All this does is to degrade the accomplishments of black students who are far enough to the right in the curve to succeed in math or engineering or medicine.

Biology can be merciless at times but it does rule.

So much for executive experience

David Drucker writes in the Washington Examiner,
So much for executive experience.

The first three Republicans to exit the presidential race were governors. Among them, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, a conservative hero for taking on the public employee unions and originally predicted to be a finalist for the 2016 nomination; Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, a one-time rising GOP star who led his state's recovery from Hurricane Katrina; and Rick Perry, the former Texas governor who presided over the best economy in America amid the Great Recession.

Pacing the field are a celebrity businessman, a retired pediatric neurosurgeon, and two 44-year-old first-term senators whose resumes are about equal to that of President Obama when the then-first term senator launched his 2008 White House bid at the age of 45. That runs counter to what Republican voters thought they would want after eight years of a president they deride as an amateur whose lack of having ever run anything is painfully evident.

According to Pew Research polling, Republicans favored experience and track record over "new ideas" and "new approach" in March by a margin of 57 percent to 36 percent. By late September, just after Walker become the second Republican to drop out, those numbers were reversed, with 65 percent preferring a change candidate, and only 29 percent wanting know-how. It's an unusual dynamic for the GOP.

Since World War II, the five Republicans elected president had previous executive experience. They were drawn from the ranks of governors (George W. Bush of Texas and Ronald Reagan of California) and vice presidents (George H.W. Bush, who served under Reagan, and Richard Nixon, who reported to Dwight D. Eisenhower.) Eisenhower, though not previously elected to public office, was a five-star U.S. Army general and the supreme Allied Commander during WWII.

... maybe the problem is that some of them have placed too much value on their resume, and not focused enough on a "compelling" agenda. Republican pollster David Winston said many candidates make the mistake of leading with their resume as validation that they are qualified to serve, rather than emphasizing ideas to make voters' lives better, and then pointing to their professional experience as proof that they have the skills to implement them.

"Candidates who have records need to understand that a record is something that can show that they have the ability to implement ideas," Winston said. "But if they don't have compelling ideas, what is the point of discussing your record?"
Read more here.

The Trump wall needs to be just as solid along the Canadian border as the one on the Mexican border

That wall? Don't forget the northern border! Daniel Chaitin reports in the Washington Examiner that Canada is going to be taking in over 6000 Syrian refugees a week starting December 1!
The refugees will fly out of Jordan as early as Dec. 1, and will land in Toronto and Montreal, after which they will be relocated to sites across the country.

The United Nations will identify the Syrians to be transferred, and they will be subject to a screening process by Canadian officials upon landing. Syrians who pass security and health checks will immediately become permanent citizens.

A government document leaked to local media last week revealed the details about "Operation Syrian Refugees."

...Last week more than 30 governors challenged President Obama's plan to take in refugees. On Thursday the House passed a bill that would install strict background checks on all Syrian refugees entering the country, which could make it more difficult for many to qualify.

The State Department said in September it would accept 10,000 Syrian refugees next year.
Read more here.

A welcoming address

Fred Reid writes about an aging professor welcoming new college students:
In all likelihood you will waste these four years of your time and mine in this institution, which once was a university—during which you will take absurd courses of your own devising, courses having nothing to do with the purposes of education, of which you know nothing. You may already have discovered English 205, Batman and the Legacy of Patriarchy, and Sociology 202, Subliminal Oppression and the Frontiers of Resistance. You will study such nonsense in a spirit of tiresome self-adulation. I will have to babysit you during this sorry process. I do not know who is getting the worse of the deal.

This state of affairs is not entirely your fault. Here is something else you need to know: This university is interested only in collecting your tuition and, having no spine, will accede to whatever your little hearts may desire. You will find that nothing is too silly, imbecilic, or pointless to engage your attention, and nothing too absurd for the faculty to permit. You will make fools of yourselves protesting about the rights of transgendered endangered hermaphrodites of color with AIDS and, like three-year-olds, you will throw fits over imaginary racism, rape, microaggressions, and all the other embarrassing gewgaws, glass beads, and shiny objects of the undeveloped mind.

Your time here will be wasted because you do not know what you need to learn to enjoy a cultivated existence. In the past professors acted in loco parentis. They would have guided your progress toward civilized maturity. This goal has been forgotten. Today the younger faculty do not themselves know why they or you are here. You are the leading edge of a dark age. You will not notice because you will be pecking at smart phones.

You have been sold a bill of goods. In exchange for going into lifelong debt, or draining your father’s bank account, you will pass time in a university-shaped place. It is not a university. You have been had.

When you graduate, a terrible shock awaits you. You will find that employers have no interest in your wearisome righteousness. They will not pay you for Victims’ Studies or contemplation of grievances. They will not care about the high GPAs you got through grade inflation or sleeping with the professor. They will expect you to do your job, if there is a job for you to do.

Which is by no means certain. You are going to debouch from this institution onto a world that is already grim and becoming more so. Jobs are scarce and the scarcity intensifies. The qualified struggle. You are unlikely to be among them. It is a sorry age to be setting out into life, to be half-schooled and unaccustomed to the shocks the flesh is heir to.

The world will not treat well your fragilities and sensitivities. In real life you don’t have “safe spaces” in which a subservient institution does everything possible to protect your alert sensitivities from the slightest offense. I wonder whether you have any idea how risible your safe spaces are, how comic are the boiling little concerns that will occupy you? In the world that awaits, you will not be able to run to mount a protest march every time someone says a word that you do not like.

A few of you—a very few—will perhaps discover the pleasures of knowledge and even of the attempt to understand life and the world to the extent that they can be understood. These unusual students will concern themselves with literature, the sciences, the arts, music, history, and languages ancient and modern. The university will not encourage you. It will instead tell you that such studies are elitist, that they deal too much with Dead White Men. Except for a few aging professors such as I, your instructors are no better than you. Those who do remember the purpose of a university will not subject themselves to attack to try to rescue you from the zeitgeist. They will quietly despise you.

Any interest you might show in, say, philosophy or classical antiquity will be ferociously condemned as elitism. So will almost anything of substance outside of the school of engineering. If you want an education, you will have to acquire it on your own.
Read more here.

Bill Clinton a biter?

Roger Stone claims here Bill Clinton is a biter.

How one family is addressing complex, societal issues

Manhattan Infidel shows how one family is coping with all the changes going on in the world.

Get your ticket now

This blog post is being written now in order for you to hitch a ride on a satellite between now and January 16, 2016. You see, Al Gore predicted in 2006 that the end of the Earth from global warming would arrive on January 16, 2016. Whom do we have to thank for this warning? Rush Limbaugh, who started a countdown clock on January 7, 2006.

Is Charlie Sheen the latest hero/victim?

You may have heard the news about Charlie Sheen being diagnosed HIV-Positive.

Jamie Wilson writes at PJ Media,
''We're talking about shakedowns," Sheen said about hush-money paid thus far. "I've paid people, not that many, but enough to bring it into the millions and what people forget is that's money you've taken from my kids." Yep, it's always all about the children, isn't it? Of course, money's more important than parenting or setting a good example, anyway.

So that's the story, or what we've been told of it. But the unsavory and insipid Sheen will be held up as a hero-victim, just like Bruce Jenner, just like Lamar Odom. This convenient sentimental fiction will recreate Sheen as a liberal media hero. He'll star in a movie extolling the evils of war -- sort of an anti-Platoon -- and talk about his support for Hillary Clinton. Thus he will be redeemed and become a media-anointed hero. His medical status, his bankrupt personal morality, his self-destructive behavior will all be swept away in the cleansing fire of a newfound Progressivism. All the women he may have harmed, all their subsequent sex partners and their family, his terrible life choices and the impact they've had on the people who love him, they will be forgotten.

...Promoting restraint, of course, won't be part of Sheen's rehabilitation. He's already made that clear by talking about having doctor-approved HIV-positive sex without a condom. Because we all know that will work out well in the end.
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Meanwhile, satirical blogger Manhattan Infidel also posts about this here.

ISIS planning attacks Sunday?

David Gilbert reports at International Business Times that a hactivist group calling themselves Anonymous released information to the FBI and CIA, as well as foreign intelligence agencies, that the Islamic State is planning attacks Sunday at a WWE event in Atlanta, three events in Paris, one in Indonesia, one in Rome, one in Milan, and one in Lebanon. Anonymous later backed off the claims, perhaps because they are worried about being attacked themselves by the Islamic State.

Anonymous declared war on the Islamic State group last week, vowing to track it down online as part of its Operation Paris (or OpParis). It has since released a guide for all those looking to take part in the operation, which already has identified tens of thousands of Twitter accounts it said are associated with the militant group while also taking some websites offline. The Islamic State group has responded to the threat by Anonymous, warning of a retaliatory attack on the activist group.
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Odell's catch

This is the play my two high school football-playing sons practice emulating as they fall into the bales of hay that mark the end zone.

Self-Driving Google car gets pulled over

You think you've had a frustrating day? How about this cop in California, who pulled over a car that was driving too slowly, causing traffic backups?

It turns out that the car was a Self-Driving Google car. No ticket was issued.
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Conceptual Lincoln Logs and Tinker Toys.

Jonah Goldberg continues to be amazed at the many ways the Left deceives itself and those who fall for their lies. He writes at National Review,
...This is why so many liberals are far, far, far more comfortable calling tea-partiers “terrorists” than they are talking about actual, you know, terrorists. This is why in the wake of the Paris attacks we hear so much about “Christian terrorism” and why so many lefties have raced to arguments about gun control. That is why the supposedly smartest argument among the supposedly smart set these days is to build a time machine and stop Bush from invading Iraq.

Barack Obama is so eager to respond to the Paris attacks with a rhetorical fusillade against Republican bigotry. It is a ploy as brilliant as it is disgustingly cynical. Obama is a co-author of this refugee crisis. As Walter Russell Mead writes, “No one, other than the Butcher Assad and the unspeakable al-Baghdadi, is as responsible for the humanitarian catastrophe in Syria as is President Obama.” Somewhere deep inside Obama’s supposedly Niebuhrian conscience even he must suspect there is some truth to this. And even if his denial is total, he must understand that a great many historians will side with Mead in this appraisal.

Rather than face this unthinkable truth, Obama seeks to change the story line so that he is the noble and besieged martyr fighting the forces of reaction at home, rather than the hapless and bumbling nutty professor who let the world go to Hell on his watch. “Sanctimony over refugees is Obama’s way of restoring his own moral superiority over people who’ve been complaining for years, entirely correctly, that his Syria policy is FUBAR and has contributed to the disaster,” as Allahpundit writes.

But it goes further than that. Obama never tires of telling us that he was elected to end wars, not start them (how’s that going?). His real ambition was transformation at home, and that was only possible if foreign policy stayed out of the headlines. His entire foreign policy has been geared towards that goal -- not safety, and certainly not what he considered to be the risible concepts of “American leadership” and “American strength.” That’s why he announced a withdrawal date the same day he announced the Afghan surge. That’s why whenever there’s a terror attack, the White House works assiduously to deny it was a terror attack for as long as possible. That’s why were are drenched in the Orwellian sludge of terrorism euphemisms -- “overseas contingency operations,” “man-caused disasters,” “workplace violence,” etc.

When Obama does talk about terrorism, he’s only comfortable when he frames the issue in a way that puts the blame on America. That’s why we are constantly hearing that ISIS is inspired by Gitmo. I wonder: Is there a jihadist anywhere in the world who will pause in his desire to behead an infidel, never mind drop his scimitar mid-swing, upon the glorious news that a prison in Cuba has been closed? When John Ashcroft warned Americans that conjuring false fears of lost liberties helped the enemy, the entire New York Times editorial board got its dress over its head. But when Obama and his fans routinely say that “Republican rhetoric” is a recruiting tool for ISIS, they all nod like a crate of bobbleheads in an earthquake.

Acknowledging that the threat is still real only empowers those bitter-clingers who don’t want to transform our country. (They don’t want to transform our country, by the way, because they actually like our country the way it is -- or was. And it is now a given among most of the Left that this is a racist and bigoted desire.) Obama subscribes to the mainstream liberal view that there’s nothing wrong with America that making us more like Europe won’t fix. That’s why terror attacks in Europe are so cruelly inconvenient.

I should say that I am perfectly willing to concede that Obama has some good points on his side in the debate over Syrian refugees. Tourism rules, visa waivers, and homegrown radicalism will likely deliver more terror attacks to our shores than the refugees currently in the pipeline. But that doesn’t make the concerns about refugees unserious, illegitimate, or bigoted. Obama has complete confidence in the screening procedures. Well, okay. He also had complete confidence in the IRS, the VA, and the team building When Obama declares complete confidence in a government agency, that’s a good time to buy gold.

But his remarks this week should remove all doubt that he’s not interested in persuading anybody. He’s interested instead in propping up the walls of his comfortable ideological bunker, where he’s a hero beset by irrational, cowardly, and evil men. I for one am sick of seeing this country go down the tubes just to salve the ego of this vain and cynical man.

What are the costs of forgiving? What are the costs of not forgiving?

Leslie Leyland Fields writes,
...I found the yoke of forgiveness, then, lighter than the yoke of hurt and hate. I found the yoke of caring for him easier than the burden of abandoning him.

And love came back. Yes, in small doses. He called me “amazing,” one day. He phoned on my birthday. When I came to visit, he didn’t want me to leave. All of this was new. All of this broke my new-found heart.

Forgiving my father has changed me. The broken and bitter parts of me are healing.

One forgiveness has led to others and to my own apologies from those I know I have hurt. I am moving toward the person I hope to be.

My father was touched as well. In the last two years of his life, my “worthless” father was surrounded and blessed by the very ones he had harmed.

I believe he felt loved, perhaps for the first time. We cannot heal all the broken families of the world, but we can begin here: with ourselves and our own families. With God’s forgiveness and love, anything is possible.
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Do homeschooling parents have only the Left to fear?

Apparently not. No less a man of the right than Antonin Scalia recently expressed his view that
there is no U.S. constitutional right of parents to direct the education and upbringing of their children.

The nation's charter document is "not a perfect Constitution," and many "important rights are not contained there," Scalia told an auditorium of first-year law students at Georgetown University Law Center here.

"For example, my right to raise my children the way I want," he said. "To teach them what I want them taught, not what Big Brother says. That is not there."

..."The notion that everything you care a lot about has to be in the Constitution is a very dangerous notion," Scalia continued. "Because it begins with stuff we all agree upon. 'Oh, sure, we ought to be able to educate our children the way we want.'
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Hollywood: one of the last bastions of condoned, flat-out, in-your-face sexism

Ed Driscoll asks at Instapundit,
...why are leftwing enclaves such hotbeds of racism and sexism?
Ed links to a column by Maureen Dowd noting that less than 2% of Hollywood movies have a female director. Scott Ott adds at PJ Media,
Since a hacker sprung an email leak at Sony Pictures in 2014 — revealing, for example, that Jeremy Renner made more than Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Adams for American Hustle— it's become clear that one of the last bastions of condoned, flat-out, in-your-face sexism, is the place where Progressives, Liberals and Democrats have worked diligently to craft a culture that will finally elect America's first woman president.

...Meanwhile, we all look forward to Hillary Clinton's news conference when she decries the discrimination and income inequality in Hollywood, sends back all of their political contributions, and calls for federal oversight, and steep financial penalties on this cesspool of sexism.
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Meanwhile, commenter jag20 notes at Instapundit,
Newsrooms are hardly diverse, colleges are rape and racist pits and now Hollywood is sexist, not only underpaying females but also baring them from significant positions. Why even liberal Democrats underpay women as well as (like Bubba) often abuse women (and their relationships with their wives) sexually.

Its almost as if liberals cannot convince even the MOST liberal institutions to behave "liberally". How is that possible from THE most intelligent people in society? The most "compassionate" people in society?
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Palestinians celebrate Paris terror attacks

"God, honor, homeland"

Theodore Shoebat reports that on Wednesday of last week,
Tens of thousands of Christians in Poland took to the streets to fight Islam and leftism, crying out “Stop Islamisation” and the most beautiful words of “God, honour, homeland”.
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Mass murder of innocent civilians

Siding withthe Shiites: Obama's catastrophic error

Mona Charen writes at National Review,
Perhaps President Bush was wrong to topple Saddam Hussein. I don’t think the verdict is clear. But excepting the original decision to invade, Mr. Bush’s errors were recognized and corrected before he left office. Barack Obama’s mistakes, by contrast, have been far more consequential and far more threatening to world order and American security than George W. Bush’s were. There is zero evidence that Mr. Obama even recognizes them, let alone that he plans to correct them. Nor have the Democratic candidates been asked about them.

The Iraq that President Obama inherited was, by his own reckoning, “sovereign, stable, and self-reliant.” Obama used those words when announcing the complete American withdrawal of forces in 2011. He went on to say that Iraq had “a representative government that was elected by its people.”

Not quite. There was a free and fair election in 2010, in which a moderate Sunni alliance led by a secular Shiite received a plurality. But the loser, Nouri al-Maliki, hijacked the election and took power. President Obama looked the other way, perhaps because he wasn’t interested in Iraq’s fate, or more likely because Maliki was Tehran’s man, and President Obama has consistently leaned toward Iran’s interests in the Middle East.

...What came next was even worse. Acquiescing in the stolen election, Obama then backed Maliki even as Maliki brutalized Iraq’s Sunni minority. Jobs and salaries promised to Sunni groups who had cooperated against al-Qaeda when Bush was in office were never paid by Maliki. Dozens of Sunni leaders, many of them moderates, were driven from office, others were arrested, and some, including the staff of Iraq’s vice president, were tortured. Shiite militias were permitted free rein in Sunni regions of Iraq, committing rapes, murders, and arson. As one Sunni activist told the New York Times, he didn’t like ISIS, but “ISIS will be the only Sunni militia who can fight against the Shiites.”

...All the while, President Obama could not bestir himself to utter a word of condemnation or warning to Maliki. On the contrary, he praised “Prime Minister Maliki’s commitment to . . . ensuring a strong, prosperous, inclusive, and democratic Iraq.”

Nor would Mr. Obama consider steps that would unseat Syria’s Bashar Assad — again, probably because Assad is Tehran’s man. And so ISIS has metastasized — a direct outgrowth of Obama’s decisions.

The Sunnis are key to defeating ISIS. They cooperated with the U.S. under President Bush. It was called the Sunni Awakening. Now they can read the signs — America is siding with the Shiites in Iraq, Syria, and Iran. That blunder has fed and nurtured ISIS to become something al-Qaeda could only dream about. If it weren’t for the Iran nuclear deal, we’d say it was Obama’s most catastrophic error.
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