Saturday, June 10, 2017

The Tweeter versus the Leaker!

Someone on The Five said Donald Trump has his mojo back. When did he ever lose it?

Greg Gutfeld says that Comey's leak proves he cannot be trusted!

Hillary was under investigation. Loretta Lynch told Comey to refer to it as a "matter," not an investigation. Comey obeyed. Trump was not under investigation. Comey did not go public with that fact. Comey is supposed to hunt leakers, not be one!

Juan Williams sanctimoniously laments that civil discourse in this country is at a low ebb, then he starts shouting over everybody!

Dana Perino says Reality Winner is a huge consequence of President Obama pardoning Chelsea Manning. Greg has a simple solution. Ms. Winner says she wants to live with the Taliban. Let her go!

Jesse Watters gives several examples of how the Left lionizes traitors.

Leading Democrats New York Senator Gillibrand and DNC Chairman Perez are increasingly using obscenities to show how hip they are. Greg notes that "people who live in glass houses, like Pelosi, shouldn't throw botox." "She has all the charm of a rug burn."

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