Saturday, June 10, 2017

Jeff Sessions the new target, Comey a tragic figure, the Left does not like our democratically elected president.

The Left has come up with a new angle: "Let's get rid of Jeff Sessions. He may be the brightest, most principled member of the Trump team, and he clearly intends to do his job as Attorney General of the United States. Therefore, he is a threat." Nancy Pelosi, "never one to wait for facts," is on board with her recommendation to get rid of Sessions.

What is it all about? "Toppling a democratically elected government that the Left doesn't like!"

Victor Davis Hanson says that Comey is a tragic figure. The more he tries to salvage his reputation, the more he denigrates it! Loretta Lynch gave him a direct order not to call it an investigation of Hillary Clinton, but to use the word "matter." He obeyed her. President Trump did not give him a direct order - just "hoped" he would soon conclude his investigation of Michael Flynn. Comey immediately grabbed a government computer in a government car to write a memo of his conversation with Trump, then released it to a friend to release to Leftwing media.

Barack Obama famously said there was "nothing there" in the Hillary email scandal. He had his intel agencies surveilling and unmasking members of the Trump transition team, looking to see what was "there."

Unlike shows such as Hannity, which are stocked with people on the right, Tucker welcomes people on the Left. At first, it made for great television because no one else was doing that. Sometimes though it gets reduced to Tucker and his guest interrupting each other, and it becomes simply annoying. I prefer it when Tucker gives us his own analysis of events, or guests like VDH, or humor.

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