Monday, June 05, 2017

Is someone holding the US Constitution upside down?

Mark Steyn hosted the Rush Limbaugh Show today so, of course, I made a point to listen. Here are some things I remember from today's program.

Mark observed that someone must be holding the US Constitution upside down. "You've got the legislative branch pretending it's a courtroom. You've got the judicial branch pretending it's the lawmaking branch."

We're way beyond a sophisticated plot like 9-11. Although the mayor of London says, "There's no reason to be alarmed," the fact is that the terrorists focus on killing innocents like little girls and people walking across London Bridge. Unless the mayor has a plan to stop the next murder of innocent people, he's part of the problem! But people like the London mayor and the New York City mayor have only one solution: to get their citizens used to it, so they'll put up with it.

Kathy Griffin wants to keep it real. Why doesn't she parade around with a severed Mohammed head?

Bill Maher was invited by Senator Sasse to come to Nebraska this summer to work in the fields. Bill replied, "I'm a house nigger." HBO thought he said nigga and demanded he apologize for cultural appropriation. But some website tested the audio and found that he said nigger, not nigga. So now what will HBO have to say?

Will sporting events and concerts ask spectators to clear out in single file at the end of events?

The French are planning to enclose the Eiffel Tower in glass, so terrorists cannot blow it up.

Did you know that today is the 75th anniversary of the Battle of Midway? I believe Mark said it took place just 6 months after Pearl Harbor. It was such a decisive victory that the Japanese navy never recovered.

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