Monday, June 05, 2017

Are your strengths the same as your weaknesses?

I like the fact that Andrew Klavan uses humor to discuss the thought leaders of the Left. He refers to Barack Obama as Barack Pajama, for example.

Andrew says that we have been living in a PC china shop for way too long. Fortunately, we have a president who isn't afraid to break the china. His weakness is also his strength. He has changed the way we talk about terrorism

How about you? Are your strengths the same as your weaknesses? Hey, Muslims: Nobody cares how many times a day you pray. The issue is, can you remove the evil from Islam? Can you stop fat old men from marrying little girls? Can you stop gays from being thrown off tall buildings to their deaths? Can you stop treating women as second class citizens? Can you stop fanatics from killing innocent people in the name of your god?

Listen to today's program here.

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