Monday, June 19, 2017

Will Russia attack us? Should government decide how old one must be to own a smart phone? The GOP Congress is the resistance! What are the legal steps whistleblowers can take?

A Syrian plane that was attacking the "good" rebels was shot down by the US. Russia doesn't like it, and says it will shoot down a US plane.

Islamophobia? When have you heard the media talk about Christophobia?

Colorado is debating whether government should decide when someone is old enough to own a cell phone! 13 is the age being recommended. Younger than 13 would be prohibited.

Chaffetz says the Trump justice department has been worse than the Obama justice department in terms of providing Congress with requested documents.

Andrew McCarthy says we are now in the impeachment process, even though there is no corrupt underlying action. The president has a right to fire the FBI Director or anyone else in the executive branch. If it is legal, it cannot be corrupt!

Our destroyer was rammed by a cargo ship that made a u-turn to come back and ram the USS Fitzgerald.

Laura believes Marco Rubio would be much happier working with a President Pence. Rubio has "no reason" to question Mueller's integrity, even though Mueller's star witness is one of Mueller's closest friends! That friend, James Comey leaked information from a government document on a government computer. Comey violated his oath!

In short, the GOP Congress is not lifting a finger in support of Trump. They are the resistance!

Bryan Dean Wright is a former CIA officer who tells us about the oath to protect and serve, and the proper whistleblowing procedures. Go to the Inspector General. If that doesn't work, go to the FBI. If that doesn't work, go to one of the congressional oversight committees. If that doesn't work, go to a member of Congress. Corey violated his oath by leaking it through a friend to the New York Times.

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