Sunday, June 18, 2017

"See what happens when Hillary's not around?"

Greg Gutfeld had another wonderful show last night. Lots of good humor. For example, that congressional baseball game took place, and the Dems won 11-2. "See what happens when Hillary's not around?"

Walter Kirn said, "They won't allow smoking on t.v. because they're afraid kids will see it and smoke. But they will allow assassinations to take place in Central Park with no fear.

Kirn also said, "Trump is us!"

Hillary will never surrender her obsession with gender. She compared herself with Wonder Woman last week. Greg said, "If you think about it, she is like Wonder Woman. She is not real!"

Kat Timpf then added strong, powerful women don't blame all their problems on somebody else!

Have you signed Mark Ruffalo's petition to keep white conservatives off t.v.?

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