Monday, June 05, 2017


Kurt Schlichter writes at Town Hall,
President Trump did something that has caused the liberal elite and the conservative Wormtongue contingent to wet their collective Underoos. He chose democracy, science, and normal Americans over the elitist twits of the pagan climate cult.

...The Paris Accords were apparently such a big deal and so mightily important that there was no need to submit this proposed radical restructuring of our economy and the crippling costs it would impose upon us to the representatives of the people. Consent of the governed? No time for such technicalities! In a hundred years it might – might – be slightly warmer!

To argue for the Paris Accords is to argue against democracy – incredibly, they wanted to deny us any say in our electric bills tripling and in hundreds of thousands of our citizens being tossed out of work to please the Chardonnay-swilling swells of San Francisco and Manhattan. They all know this treaty would never pass so they decided to make a treaty without having it ratified – senators have to answer to actual voters, and when you vote to give Third World dictators billions of bucks from your constituents’ pockets, they resent it. Plus, it’s super hard to explain why we’re meeting one standard and China gets to meet a different (and much lower) one. And all to attain – maybe – a fractional decrease in the temperature a century from now. Maybe. Unless a volcano erupts or something else happens that changes things, in the way temperatures changed long before Exxon came along.

...Basically, it was a bogus goal based on a fake crisis designed to justify a massive transfer of wealth and power away from us and to the liberal elite. They call that #science.

The other big deal came on the cultural front when Kathy Griffin forgot that normal people have an aversion to beheading political opponents – though how long that will last if liberals keep changing the rules is unknown. She then apologized and then unapologized at a press conference with Gloria Allred’s lawyer daughter. I’m not sure why Griffin needed a lawyer, unless she feels compelled to file a class action suit against normal people for malicious decency.
But then arose the usual nasal whines of the usual wusscons about how responding to Griffin’s head games was “beneath us” and how we conservatives shouldn’t “stoop to their level” by actually talking about what every single person in America is talking about.

Baloney. These wimps whimper and wail about our cultural decline and then, when presented with a golden opportunity to make our conservative case and run up the score, they go AWOL because they don’t want to get their soft, girlish paws dirty by actually fighting for what they say they believe in. They are frauds and scammers. They were happy to sit in their donor-funded sinecures waving their fingers at liberalism’s relentless march through our culture, but all of a sudden it turned out that we normals expected them to actually fight. And when that ginger geriatric cryptkeeper of a comic gave us a blood-soaked opportunity on a platter, they turned tail and ran rather than jam it down our enemies’ collective throat. Losers.
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