Friday, June 09, 2017

Comey the drama queen, the media's unnamed sources

Of course, the main topic covered by Tucker Carlson's show last night was the Comey Hearing. Tucker did a good job of ferreting out the salient points, in my opinion. He did that in the first six minutes and thirty seconds.

Then he invited two Democratic congressmen to give their take on the hearing. As usual, it descended into a match of who could talk over whom. Very annoying!

Joe Concha from The Hill made the astute observation that for five months we have been hearing the media quote unnamed sources.

James Comey said, "It wasn't my place to decide if there was obstruction of justice." What? You are the head of the FBI, and it's not your place? Whose place is it, wonders Andy McCarthy.

Trump and Brexit supporter Nigel Farage commented on the British election. He said Corbin is an anti-American communist, while Theresa May appeared wooden and robotic. He said many younger Britons supported Corbin, just as they did the communist Bernie Sanders in America.

Dana Loesch liked Marco Rubio's observation that everything has been leaked except Trump not having colluded with the Russians!

DC bars opened to long lines at 9:30 in the morning. Well, at least the bureaucrats were not harming us.

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