Sunday, June 04, 2017

Britain's election is Thursday. Will it make any difference?

Mark Steyn writes,
Meanwhile, even as the politicians trot out the rote response that these attacks "won't change us", everything changes: more armed police, more soldiers, more bollards, more security checks - and smaller lives, fewer liberties, less free speech. London Bridge still stands, but everything else is falling down, in Britain and Europe.

... If you've lost your only child because she went to an Ariana Grande concert, that's 100 per cent of your kids who are dead. When it comes to deceased loved ones, the only statistical pool that counts is your family, not the nation or the planet.

This is a heartless sophistry from, in large part, the very same people who supported the policies that imported these pathologies to the west. It seems, at a certain level, incredible that you can have two major terrorist attacks in Britain's capital and second largest city in the days before a general election - and yet it will make no difference to Thursday night's result. For who among the major parties is offering any alternative to the disastrous, destructive conventional wisdom?
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