Saturday, June 10, 2017

Bottom man on the totem pole

Mark Steyn opens his mailbag and answers requests from viewers.

Someone asks Mark if he has ever met Tommy Robinson. Yes, he had, for just a moment or two. Mark notes that the less the European authorities do about the real threat (Islam), the more they harass the people (Tommy Robinson) who point out the threats. Robinson was holding a protest, and it went three minutes too long, so he was arrested and thrown into the Muslim section of a British jail. Were the authorities hoping the Muslims would kill him?

Mark believes we have changed too much in too short of a time. He mentions our smaller families who are, at age 38, having one boutique designer child, as we import unskilled Latin American peasants to keep the birthrate going. We have eliminated work as the thing that gave purpose to our lives. So many people now have no sense of purpose, so it is easy to turn to meth or heroin. The biggest cause of death for people under the age of 50 is drug abuse.

Why doesn't Mark interview Christian leaders? Because they have very little to say about the issues Mark cares so much about. From the Pope on down. What is our civilizational inheritance? Today's protesters have no clue, and neither do their teachers.

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