Saturday, April 15, 2017

Opioid crisis, North Korea, the wall, MS-13

Tucker paid close attention to North Korea on his show last night. As you know, today is the 50th anniversary of Kim Jong Il's death, and it is often an occasion to celebrate by shooting off their latest weapons. Tucker had on Michael Malice, biographer of Kim Jong Il, who does not think China can prevent Kim Jong Un from doing something crazy. Mike Pence is in South Korea, and an American battleship is nearby. Malice worries that Kim will feel like his back is against the wall, that he is feeling cornered. Solution? It will have to involve both Koreas, Japan, China, and the US at a minimum.

Another guest was a California contractor, who has an elaborate plan for a wall on our southern border. He has been criticized by liberal politicians in California, and he has offered to take down their walls and gates on their properties for free!

Tucker also has more on the MS-13 criminal gang and the final segment of his week-long review of the nation's opioid crisis.

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