Friday, April 28, 2017

ESPN mass firings, black students segregated housing at Oberlin College, cruelly enveloping students in propaganda

Andrew Klavan begins his show today by poking fun at the people who run ESPN, which has just fired over 100 on-air personalities and many more. Klavan said surely their ratings dip has nothing to do with their Leftist slant on sports.

Most of the program is devoted to Andrew's trip this week to Oberlin College in Ohio, where all 300 posters announcing the event were taken down by leftist students. At Oberlin, black students are segregated into a safe space entitled "Building A," for African Americans (shouldn't that be AA? Every bathroom at Oberlin is gender neutral, and Andrew said he hasn't been to the bathroom in three days.

Andrew correctly notes that it is an act of cruelty to envelop these young people in propaganda. They know they must either echo back the professor's political opinions or fail! Klavan notes how the left silences our side, but is in control of Hollywood, academia, and the media.

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